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Pg2 and PeG  tools are intended for licensed owners of  Panzer  General  II and/or Peoples General,  copyrights of SSI strategic games

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Open General Version Last updated Remarks To know more
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All-in-One Installer Change-log page This is the easiest and recommended method to install/update. The installer allows to pick a game folder and installs everything needed to play (icons, campaigns for different equipments, etc.) so you only need to click the desktop shortcut to play. Please notice that you should not pick as the game folder any of the folders Windows uses for its special purposes like "Program Files", "Program Files (x86), "Documents", "Downloads" and "Users", use instead an HDD's root folder like C.\OpenGen or similar.
OpenGenTest 0.91.3.- Test version This package includes features under development and testing, with last reported glitches fixed.
Only the executable is included, renamed as OpenGenTest.exe so it doesn't overwite official version
OpenGenDD DirectDraw version This package include the last version using DirectDraw (only the executable renamed as OpenGenDD.exe), which will be update only to fix bugs, in case someone cannot run the version using SDL2.

Open Suite Mar 14, 2018 Needed to edit Open General new formats
Graphic Modding Kit 1.0 Ago 2010 Graphic modding kit for efile makers, by Juankar
OpenGen Intro (25Mb) 1.0 2010 New intro video made by Drag Dasan
check codecs needed on main OpenGen page.
IconsTool 3.51.2 Apr 16, 2017 Ultimate version to work with icons.
(PG2 Shp Toolis available using this link yet
How to create a new scenario using the Suite 1.0 7 May, 2012 Guille's step by step document explaining how to create a new scenario using the Suite. Easy to read and understand, including lot of screen-shots.
Stock PG2 MAPS - Apr 1, 2013 All maps (.map and .png) included in stock PG2 CD.
Unpack into you MAP folder using:&nbsp7-Zip
Panzer General II Version Last updated Remarks To know more
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Suite PG2 English 4.294 Sep 6, 2013 Suite PG2, cannot be used anymore to edit Open General files
PG2 Suite Español 4.294 6 Sep 2013 Esta Suite PG2, tya no se puede usar para editar ficheros de Open General
Launcher for PG2 1.0 Jan 9, 2009 This is latest Gilestiel's handy program based on his Alternate Datup Switcher..
This tool can be used as a launcher of Panzer General 2 program with specific EFILE, allowing to have separate folders for each EFILE related scenarios/campaigns,save,user scenario (similar as the gameset concept find in the Suite but working with just one executable.
Gilestiel's LauncherPG2 page
Sounds Added 2004-2008  AutoInstall 2008 Mar 10, 2008 Includes all the new sounds added from soundup 2004 up to now. This auto-install package will create all MEL files in the folder you choose with a single click.Warning: it doesn't work under Vista 64 bits
Full Sounds package (up to 2008)AutoInstall 2008 Mar 10, 2008 Includes all the sounds, either those included on soundup 2004, as the new ones added from 2004 to now. This auto-install package will create all MEL files in the folder you choose with a single click. Warning: it doesn't work under Vista 64 bits
Mels 1xxx (21 MB)
Mels 2xxx (32 MB)
       Mels 3xxx (3 MB)
2009 Jan 7, 2008 WinRar packages including all the sounds in MEL format- ready to use.
Those running Vista 64 bits, must use these packages.
Latest Panzer2.dat (Datup) May 24, 2010

This is the latest Panzer2.dat

Graphics Switcher 2.0d May 24, 2010 This tool switches Dossier, Start Screen & Flag graphics in your panzer2.dat for different Equipment Files
Alternate Datup Switcher 1.3 Oct 20, 2008 The latest Gilestiel's tool to switch Dossier, Start Screen & Flag graphics in your panzer2.dat.
Can work on different modes: quiet, normal and minimized and can also launch a program after switching. Check Gilestiel site to know more details
Patch 2.20 Package 2.20 Dec 3, 2006 Includes all the files (exe, dll and folders) needed to run the new 2.20 patch without updating first to 1.02. Just extract on your game folder and replace files when asked. Be aware than after replacing files your panzer2.exe wont work anymore, run instead  PG2UK220.exe.  Technical document for 008's patches can be found below
All PG2 files specifications 1.00 Dec 09, 2005 Compiled document including all the known specs for the different PG2 files.
Updates Lasse's docs with  latest fields added by the new patches.
Lasse's Scen & SaveGames Spec 1.01a Feb 2, 2002 This is original Lasse Jensen document, but without any reference to fileplanet, for those who cannot enter that site.
Patch 2.20 Tech Document PDF 2.20 Dec 3, 2006 PDF tech document made by 008 but updated with patch 2.20 features.
Patch 2.20 Tech Document (on line) 2.20 Dec 3, 2006 Same Tech document but converted to HTM  so you can read it using the link without downloading anything.
PG2 UK Manual PDF 1.01 This is PG2's manual UK release as PDF
Guia para instalar campañas 1.00 2 May, 2008 Breve guia sobre instalacion de nuevas campañas. Incluye una breve descripción de los distintos componentes del juego y links a las herramientas necesarias. Puede consultarse on-line.
Stock PG2 campaigns Nov 4, 2006 Include all stock campaigns, scenarios and mapfiles (.map)
Unpack into you SCENARIO folder using WinZip.
Stock PG2 MAPS Nov 4, 2006 All MAP*.shp included in stock PG2 CD.
Unpack into you MAP folder
Smaker 4.1c (zip) 4.1c Mar 18, 2003 This is the proper smacker release to make new smacks. Also can be used to extract sounds and video  from an existing smack to different formats. Rad Game Tools
Virtual Dub 1.7.8 Feb 12, 2008 VirtualDub is a video capture/processing utility streamlined for fast linear operations over video with batch-processing capabilities. Availabe at
PG2 Sound Converter 1.00 Jun 7, 1999 This is PGII Sound Converter v1.00 by Lasse Jensen, just in case you cannot get it from Builders Paradise.
Programer's Dat Tool 3.1.1 3.1.1 May 6, 2004 This is the lastest pre-release of the wonderful tool from Progi. It allows to extract & replace single SHP files into panzer2.dat (without unpacking/repacking). It is not a full installable package, so you need to have installed a previous release to work. Can also be used for Peoples General
PG2 Mel/Mus Player 1.00 Feb 15, 2002 This is PG2 Mel/Mus Player made by Programmer, a nice and friendly tool to listen PG2 sound & music files.
David Bird's Excel Editor 2.20 2.20 Ago 25, 2008 Excelent David Bird Excel 97 editor updated to last PG2 patch 2.20
David Bird's Excel Editor 1.00 Dec 16, 2004 Original Excel 97 spreadsheet that can create and compare PG2 Equipment lists Reports. You can also edit the Equipment Unit lists with it
Peoples General Version Last updated Remarks To know more
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Peg Suite 4.19 Jan 6, 2012 Ultimate tool to edit files for Peoples General
Peg Dat Tool 1.4 Oct 26, 2007 Tool to edit icons for Oeople General modgen.dat
Peg MapTool 2.01c feb 19, 2008 Full screen Map editor for Opeople general maps
Shp to S16 converter 1.21 Jul 22, 2004 Tool to conver maps made for PG2 (.shp) to be used by PeG (.s16)
Excel Equipment editor 1.1 Aug 29, 2007 Easy to use equipment file editor based on David Bird's PG2 Excel Equipment Editor. It is really just a slightly modified version developed by Narayan Sengupta and myself with permission of David
Stock Peg S16 Renamer 1.00 Apr 24, 2005 To rename stock S16 files within MAP folder to be the same as PG2 map numbers, so conversion between PG2 and Peg is possible.Unzip into MAP folder and run the .BAT file
Peg mapfiles renumbered 1.00 Apr 24, 2005 To change stock .MAP files into compatible PG2 system.
Unzip into your SCENARIO folder and extracts overwriting existing files.
Fred Chlanda Peg Util 0.03a Nov 30, 2000 This is Fred's PeG Util Version 0.03a. It allows extract S16 files from modgen as s16 or bmp and also lets you reinsert once changed.
OPEN GENERAL and PANZER GENERAL II * PBEM (play by e-mail) *
Die Panzerliga  Online and PBEM League site, can use Geramn or English
Kampanie Open General  Polish OpenGeneral site, home of Gustlik equipment stuff. Can use Polish or English
lvjtn's mod page for Open General Csaba web site, home of Spring Of Nations (SON) EFile.
The MG Bunker Home of COMWW2, OPENPG and OPENPEG equipments
Campaigns from old Steve's
PG2'a campaigns page
Kowdar set up a new web to hold all campaigns from Steve's PG2's Clearinghouse site which is down definitively.
AdlerKorp Can find here the latest PG2 patch, the lates panzer2.dat and the flag & dossier switcher tool
Robert Mary's site This is a site mainly focused for WW2 on Peoples General engine, but you can find here many interesting stuff and links.
Michas's site This site mainly focused for Peoples General engine, including mods for WW1 and WW2
5 Stars Narayan's Site This is also a very interesting site to find PG2, Peoples General, PacGen and much more stuff..
Herr General Dick Cremer site host many tools for PG2, but you can also find some for Panzer General, Allied General, Pacific General and even for Peoples General. Most of the old tools can be found here if you don't like fileplanet conditions. Last updated: April-2005
Microsoft  DirectX Control Panel When using Windows XP the built-in screenshot feature doesn't work as expected. But you can fix that by installing MS DirectX control Panel. Unzip on c:\windows\system32 folder to extract directx.cpl file. Click on that to open and go to DirectDraw to enable"PrintScreen". Exit the tool and now you should able to take Screenshots using the Print Screen key on your keyboard.
D3DWindower D3DWindower is a handy tool to play any directX game on a window
D3DWindower English I have found a new translate version, so I've updated the package.
More help on how what pptions are available can be read from D3D Options
DxWnd4PG New utility by SFB7 & Waitsnake to fix NVIDIA latest graphics cards issues under XP  (Not tested under Vista yet). 
Mirrored from Raiders's PG2 Downloads
Slide Show Movie Maker It is a freeware tool to create an .avi vide slideshow from a series of .bmp or .jpg images.
GoldWave Inc GoldWave is a comprehensive digital audio editor.

And do not forget to visitJP's Panzers Forum (new)  if you want to know the state of the art for these games.