Version 4.10

Peoples General Suite

© Luis Guzmán

This is a windows program to edit SSI
Peoples General files.

This program was made to help on developing new campaigns, scenarios, maps and equipment files, using a windows standard interface and gathering all tools needed for that purpose. Many people has made suggestions and most has been included, some are very seldom used, others very often, but all they was included anyway, as I have tried to keep the program growing up to be useful to as many people as possible, either if you are a very expert designer or a newbie.

It includes 5 full featured editors:

  1. Equipment editor

  2. Campaign editor

  3. Scenario editor

  4. SaveGame editor

  5. Map editor

And some other tools to allow checking, viewing and accesing all data we know about this game.

To install, just copy the executable file wherever you like, no additional files are required to run.

First time you run, you should configure some settings as folders and files locations used. Those settings are stored on windows registry so the program will “remember” most of the files you used normally, avoiding browsing  for files all the time. But if are not sure what answer, do not worry you can change any setting at any time later.

The package does not include any other file to make it as smaller as possible, but t is highly recomended that you download from my site all of them to full enjoy all features included into the Suite.
Below I've included a brief description of each one and a link to read and dowunload it.


Read PeG_Help

Download PeG_help (chm)

This is the main help file describing all features and options. It is available as a compiled CHM file for download.
Store it on your main game folder or on your Suite folder and configure its loaction on Setting, Files and Folders window.

You do not need really to download into your HDD, because Suite will look into the web for the htm version if it cannot be found on your HDD.

Read MODGEN.txt
Read WW2gen.txt

Download PEG TextFiles (zip)

This text file area worth  to download as it allows to read text descriptions for icons included into your Dat file

That text file is editable from within the Suite so you can update if necesary. You can place anywhere you want, but I suggest you store all Suite files together on main game folder or any one else, but do not forget to configure their location of Setiing Folders and Files window.