Version 4.0

Peoples General Suite

© Luis Guzmán


Changes from release 3.16

Improved GameSet features:

Savegame editor for SAV and CSV files (no EML editing allowed) with full access to campaign dossiers and unit's medals.

On Map view now is possible to Load or Create a MAP definition file as an standalone editor.

 Icons can be globally replaced on Global Equipment changes option in adition to Icon re assignment option.

Equipment item number 0 was not counted when reporting how many icons was used. It is fixed.

When converting scenarios fromPG2 to PeG, desert latitudes were converted to "sub-tropical" instead. It is fixed now.

By default Suite will maximize when you switch  from strategic map to full size. It restores to default window size when returning to strategic map size or you switch  to another view. Anyway you can configure that default behavior on Settings and Folders dialog Mouse wheel is also available to scroll.

New features for Icons descriptive management.

        This text files are quite flexible now, allowing remarks as in:

* Tactical Bombers       this is taken as a remark
GA103 : Ju88               
 this is taken as pair icon-description

        and any of this separators chars (  : - * = , ; ' # + > / ! Tab Space):

* Tactical Bombers    
GA103 : Ju88     

/ Misc                          
DR118 - Bunker

' Armored Trains
JWB6 , Rail gun, grey

        So it is easy to copy any list posted in a forum to update your Icons file. Empty lines are skiped and no sorting is necessary.
More operators to use on Global Equipment changes.
In addition to [+]  [-] and [%] operators now you can use [*] [/] and  [#]. Samples:

Changes from release 3.15

Not a lot of changes, just a few improvements.


Changes from release 3.14