Peoples General Suite

PeG suite, is a windows editor for SSI Peoples General files.

This tool is intended for licensed owners of  Peoples General  copyright from SSI strategic games.
If you found any bug or want to make any suggestion, please
  e-mail me

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Requires Windows 95 or higher and a minimal screen resolution of 800x600
To install simple unzip the executable file wherever you prefer,  that's the only installation needed

  • Campaign editor
  • Scenarios editor
  • Savegame editor NEW
  • Equipment editor
  • Map definition files editor (no graphics) can create new maps from a bmp, and all S16 tiles needed. NEW
  • Browser to see scenarios & maps included on campaigns while checking if any files are missing.
  • Allows to renumber all stock PeG maps into PG2 compatible system, renaming all *.S16 files and changing mapnumber to all stock *.MAP files.
  • Viewer to see picture icons and maps
  • Gamesets IMPROVED, allow to use export/import using SET files and also SCH (schema files)
  • Can create campaigns & scenarios from scratch

  • Cam import and export from PG2 scenarios & equipments

  • True picture map and units icons while editing scenarios.

  • Easy purchase, deploy units on scenario editor

  • Can move units just dragging to a new position

  • Can convert directly SHP files to S16.
    I does
    by checking on PG2'a MAP folder and updating PeG's MAP folder with any map
    not existing.
    And it does not need any further tool to do it.
    Click here to know more: Readme
    Or here to read : Suite Help on line

  Download To see on line
Latest Release 4.19    Suite PeG
Suite Help compiled
Changes from 3.16
Gamesets 4.0
Previous English release: 4.18    Suite PeG 4.18

Robert Mary's site
Narayan's Site


Icons descriptions are complementary text files to see a descritive text along with the icons pictures within the Suite.

PeG_Icons Text zipped

MODGEN text 
Joost Icons text
Robert WW2gen.txt
Game Set Schemas (needs 4.0)

PeG-WW2 Green Schema package

PeG-WW2 Green Schema.txt

    Remember !

  • You have to create a MAP folder under your main game folder and copy all S16 files into that MAP  folder
  • Check and remove the "Read-Only" attribute to all the S16 files
  • CAM, SCN and MAP files should be located  on SCENARIO folder
  • SSI built-in editor (but not the game) will surely crash if you have more than 200 MAP files into the SCENARIO folder.
    To avoid this, use the Suite  or create GameSets.
  • Though not required, I would advice to change map numbers used with PeG  to be the same as with PG2, so you can convert PG2 maps into PeG. 
    You can do it using the Suite or with this two small utilities:
    PeG_Maps_S16_Renumber To rename stock S16 files inside your MAP folder.
    Just unzip into MAP folder and run the .BAT file (it is the only file included)
    Peg mapfiles renumbered To change stock .MAP files into compatible PG2 system.
    Unzip into your SCENARIO folder and extracts overwriting existing files.

Changes & fixes summary

2009 ... 2012

Jan 2012

  • Now it is possible to filter by sounds in equipment global changes
  • Modified browser for files, now SaveAs should work fine also in Windows 7

Dec 2011

4.18j displayed incorrectly (in a fact irreversely) values in fields: "must capture all VHS".
Now they have been reversed

Feb 2009
There was an error when saving a CSV file using the Suite which is fixed now.
Also there was no way yo change Core/Aux status for any unit while editing CSV files. It's fixed also.
And two minor new features are added:
  • On Equipment global editing, you can type an equal sign =  on movement icon to make the unit use same main icon also for movement
  • There is a new report on Equipment Usage Tool (this tool allows to mark equipment items with a usage count). Now after updating units usage (either for a single campaing or for all campaigns in a folder) you can get a report including all items and its usage.
Icons report tool, now allows to filter by country, so you can get the icons used by any country
AAR was missing some played scenarios sometimes. Now it is fixed and scenarios appear in the order they are played.
No transports (neither ground, air or naval) were included as to be purchased, even if you selected that class. That was obviously senseless and it is fixed.

Fixed more issues and glitches:
  • Must capture all hexes check box was working the reverse it should.
  • From game set editor export/import movement cost tables was importing wrong if movement type label was longer than 22 chars
  • From game set editor, when you changed any movement type label, Gui file was not properly updated.
Fixed a couple of serious bugs when importing text gamesets. Apart of a bunch of "unsupported operation was attempted" data was wrongly imported on the gameset. I've revised, fixed and tested
4.18c Scenario report was using 1900 instead of the base year defined on the executable. It is fixed

Fixed a bug when pasting an id name from Map View (didn't happen from Units Viiew) to a unit who has already that id name.
Fixed a bug on units global changes ... setting random experience didn't work properly
 Revised deploy radio functionality on Units View, fixing a minor issue with reinforces deploy status, so units belong only to HQ, Reinforce or Deployed.

Just a new feature to replace unit's side on Unit Global Changes tool. Also when changing side for main contry on Scenario Summary View, it will prompt you to change player2 side and to reset all units side automatic.
Fixed some issues when importing description files on Show Modgen tool
Fixed a bug on Equpment global changes tool
Fixed asmall bug on After Action Report, showing incorrect prestige when prestige modifier is not 100%
Air mission point was set to 0 during scenario conversion from PG2 (instead of 50), now is fixed.
Suite wont use anymore so much CPU time when running - Thanks to Gilestiel for pointing me out the way to fix this issue.
I Forgot to document but Suite has changed the way it loads icon descriptions files. As there are some different datfiles over there (modgen.dat, unigen.dat, napgen.dat, ?)  I thought it would be better to keep icons descriptions sorted out by naming these files same than the datfile to which it is linked, so if you use standar modgen you should use modgen.txt (or csv) but if you use napgen or unigen then you don?t need to reconfigure the Suite, just rename the proper descriptions file as napgen.txt (csv) or unigen.txt (csv). This implies the current setting on Settings and Folders have changed to be an alternative (or default) descriptions for icons is no file matches the datfile name.
I released 4.16 but I forget to include half the changes needed ?.

Fixed a bug on core Army cost because Suite used unit's over-strenght  regardless of unit's experience bars.
AAR has been improved and now it shows better info on units and prestige management, so it can show if a unit is green, silver or gold, the adjusted campaign prestige cap per victory type, the accumulated prestige on trigger hexes, and the amount of prestige  you will get at start of next scenario.

There is a new field available on  Equipment View for custom usage.It is intended as an auxiliary free text  linked with each efile item to store any info you can need. You can sort and filter by the new AuxData field and a dropdown combo is also included so you can fill it by picking an already existing value. Its content is stored as EQUIP97.AUX file which has the same struct as EQUIP97.txt file


Icon tool can sort any column just by clicking on column's header.
Fixed a bug on AAR showing incorrect army cost.

4.15j Icon tool shows also icons used by e-file.
Removed Air Missio assigned from AAR
4.15i Icon tool (show modgen icons option) has been improved,. Double clicking on a item raises a form where you can edit
* by picking another values (selecting from already existing values from a list).
* by typing so you can enter whicever new value you want. As you are typying a  list will drop showing all matching values, starting with the letters you had typed.

There is also a new global replacements option. The idea is to allow quick changes cery easy as to change all instances of "brown" with "dark brown"


Can edit air mission experience from Summary View for savegames (not standalone scenarios).
AAR can include also air missions status (if you check the option)

4.15g Fixed a very recently issue related on how PeG save-games stores air missions and air superiority, which Suite didn't read from the proper fields.

"AAR"  text is included on menus and tooltips to remaind how to get it.

4.15e Fixed flag selection on gameset editor
Fixed the first terrain item on combos, which now is read from the MISC*.txt file
Equipment cost is sorted properly now (so 60 comes before 100 from now).
Revised "Prestige on Map" calculator which had some errors. Player's country is shown also on combo
4.15c AAR can be get also for standalone scenarios, and now includes more info and options, as :
- can show units for all the player
- can show AirMissions points and Air superiority
- can show unit's attachments
4.15b Fixed some issues when creating new scenarios from scratch.
Tooltips for bits 2 and 3 withing byte 2 are changed.


Testing attack sound now works again.

For those who use gamesets extensively, I've include a "recent gameset list" menu on main toolbar, to allow quickly switching.
 I?ve improved also saving & restoring ini files, including all the settings as an alternative to using gamesets to develop under the Suite.
 And for those who like to have different game folders, now they can put a copy of the Suite on each one and create a SuitePeG.ini file to avoid read settings from windows registry, so each instance can be use a different settings (a specific .ini file).
Gameset icon is properly replaced also on Alpha 3.0
4.14a There were a bug when "Refresh list at start" was used making Suite crash when exiting. It is fixed.
Sep 2006

Full compatible with newest Redball's alpha 3.0 patch, as soon as you configure to read settings from a gameset made upon a patch 3.0 alpha.
It will read 20 or 31 flags based on the gameset you use and will load proper country names and lables according the GUI file.

Dot locator graphic editor also supports old SSI style or the much better new one included on alpha patch 3.0, which works for any place on the world.

Gameset editor includes now the possibility to configure default infantry overstrength units for 3 countries

I have expanded also the possibilities for editing units data from pop up windows, either on scenarios or e-files.
E-files can be loaded manually a different GUI and also a different flagset from an external .s16 file. This is specially useful when importing, creating conversion tables or comparing e-files.

I've included also most of the new tools made for Suite PG2 as:

  • Save the icons list of all the units of the Efile which is loaded to a text/csv file
  • Replacement of icons as defined on this text/csv file.
  • When importing E-Files source country can be changed on the fly avoiding to make a global replacement later.
  • Create conversion table tool has been enhanced (se Suite PG2 4.16)
  • There is a campaign remover tool under campaign menu
  • There is also an option to hide all scenarios included on a campaign from scenario list on game, to get a cleaner list on game.

All the links to the help files on-line are now properly pointing to my new site.

4.13h Removed all new stuff on attachment cost included on 4.13G, once Redball has figured out all instances Peoples uses the formula.
This release will detect if you had changed something on attacment cost and will fix parameters automatic to the proper values. Be aware now you cannot set values as 45 you should set 40 or 50 but nothing between.
May 2006
Attachment cost was supoused to be the same when buying units than when selling, but Redball has figured out Peoples uses two different formulas, so it can be configured different, and so I've included on this update. See on Gameset editor, Misc tab
Abr 2006
"No purchase AI" bit is available from main equipment form.
4.13e Used to test extended countries
4.13d Importing PG2 e-files tool will pop up a file dialog to choose the converted filename

Importing PG2 e-files tool allows to import saving the file to disk without loading it or converting to memory to be saved later.
There is also a new sort key (and so a filter) to see e-file items assigned to Air Missions.

4.13b When importing PG2 e-files, 1 additional items was created at the beginning of the file. This is fixed
4.13a Changed how global changes replacement codes was default.
Mar 2006
New option to create conversion equipment tables.
There are also matching options to apply conversion tables to a single scenario and to every scenario on a campaign
Revised global changes for scenario/save-games units. Now it is easy to see what units will be changed.
Equipment items now show both icons when a transport is define, though scaled to fit into same area
New option to see all 9 icons for a units, showing slightly zoomed out
Importing empty or just with 1 name text files from PG2 now works as expected
Feb 2006
Now it is possible to load a different icons file from the "Show modgen" option.
Icons file was labeled as "shp" instead of "s16"
Gameset editor allows editing those movies hard coded into the executable (intro, credits, chinawin and uswin)
Fixed a bug when converting PG2 scenarios without unit's names.
4.12a I've changed the way attachment cost is edited, to make it easier - according Redball suggestion.
Jan 2006
New campaign converter, allows to convert a full PG2 campaign. It will allow converting just the campaign file, a single scenario or the full campaign according a customizable set of parameters like attachments per unit class, country replacement, etc. It takes care of text files also and replaces .smk and .mus  into cine o wav files.

I've merged on Campaign View the options to show campaign flow and campaign details into a common option.From this new option you can see on a table dates for each scenario and how it will jump depending on each type of result. Campaign texts can be read easily and you can also get a report either as a text file or as a CSV file - this last option will launch Excel to edit the report automatic.

Icons descriptive uses now a table layout including 3 new columns to hold country, class and units keys. Filters are provided for each column so now is possible for instance to filter icons used less than 3 times or more than 4 times.
In addition you can convert to Excel CSV format and so edit the file using Excel just by clicking a button.

GameSet editor can modify units attachment cost for each side,  thanks to Redball's research.

Dec 2005
On Units "edit bytes" form, you can edit unit leaders for testing purpouses.
4.11 When loading an e-file Suite now checks if e-file is below 1000 items and 400 icons.
Nov 2005
New S16 tab page for S16 files on Gameset Editor. It allows picking interface files much easier and quick.
Though current strenght is reset to be same as base strenght when a scenario is loaded, Suite does  allow from now to edit whichever value you want - so it is not forced to be the same no more.
New dialogs for browsing Files & Folders includes a recent used history combo.In addition, folder's browser allows now to create, rename or delete folders.
Oct 2005
Game sets can customize the ICON. It is on Misc page within GameSet editor.
You can only use any icon as it matches size and resolution that is 32 x 32 - 16 colors (4 bits). First image with that size and reslution will be used
Sep 2005
  • Game sets can customize WAVS folder also
  • I've fixed that annoying behavior when auto maximizing map view. Now it  works properly.
  • I've also fixed an error when importing PG2 files countries were not translate properly.
  • Map View has been tidy up
  • Units show its country flag inside the picture, same as with equipment.
Jul 2005
.Free Image Hosting at  Improved S16 selector for GameSet configuration, allows watching S16 image when pciking files
  • Global units changes is spliited on 2 options (same as Suite PG2) so more options are available as globla changing player or country. Moreover there are a specific form to change e.file codes, all over a full campaign or limited to a single scenario/savegame
  • New Dot locator tool, to configure by setting longitude and latitude, or by clicking on a view for Start.s16.
    On next updates iy will include more formulas to set latitude and longitude for different pre-defined start pages. By now you can do it by clicking on the point you desite to show
  • is editable now,  so you can change settings before running the game (as sounds, voulume level, etc)
    Changes on Scenario CheckerRename SSI map files according PG2 has been reworked to use a different renaming routine much more secure
  • I've remove second option for renaming maps, as it is not necesary (you can use above BAT tools to do)
  • Scenario List option (on Scenario Tools menu) has been improved to show the picture map and to chek if scenario will show on game
  • Changed the way Rename SSI maps to PG2 system. works, as on some computers it didn't work properly.
May 2005
Improved GameSet features:
  • It can be defined most of S16 files to use making up the game interface.
  • Can use also SCH (schema) files to easy change S16 file names inside a Game Set, just with 1 click.
  • Settings can be exported to a special SET file (very small one), which serves as back up copy or to , to send by email
  • And also you can import settings from a SET file. It is thought as a way to update your game sets when a new patch is released, but it can be used also for restore or share purpouses
New Savegame editor for SAV and CSV files (no EML editing allowed) with full access to campaign dossiers and unit's medals.

On Map view now is possible to Load or Create a MAP definition file as an standalone editor.

  • Image map can be created from a BMP or any other S16 map.
  • When saving you have the option to create all S16 tiles as needed.
  • Mapnames can be created, imported or exported to a text file when editing a standalone MAP file.
Icons can be globally replaced on Global Equipment changes option in addition to Icon re assignment option.

Equipment item number 0 was not counted when reporting how many icons was used. It is fixed.

3.16 k
Jan 2005
  • Added the ability to listen to wav files in the CAM view.
  • Movies can be watched also also  using windows player.
3.16 h
Dec 2004
  • When converting scenarios fromPG2 to PeG, desert latitudes were converted to "sub-tropical" instead. It is fixed now.
  • By default Suite will maximize when you switch  from strategic map to full size. It restores to default window size when returning to strategic map size or you switch  to another view. Anyway you can configure that default behavior on Settings and Folders dialog Mouse wheel is also available to scroll.
3.16 g New features for Icons descriptive management.
  • Editing single icon description is now possible.
  • And of course  you can save changes.
  • You can save filtered items to a text file (for example empty descriptions ).
  • In addition to create a new Icons text file from all "Credits" files found in a folder (as provided with Lasse's datup) now it is possible to update (import) from a single text file much more flexible formated, so you can add or replace some descriptions without starting from scratch (it lets you keep your changes also).
  • When updating you will get a log file with all changes, so you can decide if you want to save or discard those changes.
  • This log file can be further edited to remove/modify some text and be used again to update from it.

This text files are quite flexible now, allowing remarks as in

* Tactical Bombers                            this is taken as a remark, as it starts with a *
GA103 : Ju88                                     this is taken as pair icon-description as :  is used

and any of this separators chars (  : - * = , ; ' # + > / ! Tab Space):

* Tactical Bombers                           please note first *
GA103 : Ju88                                     please note : as  separator

/ Misc                                                    please note first /
DR118 - Bunker                                please note - as  separator

' Armored Trains                               please note first '
JWB6 , Rail gun, grey                     please note ,  as  separator

So it is easy to copy any list posted in a forum to update your Icons file. Empty lines are skiped and no sorting is necessary.

More operators to use on Global Equipment changes.
In addition to [+]  [-] and [%] operators now you can use [*] [/] and  [#]. Samples:
  • [*2] will double existing values matching filter
  • [/2] will half existing values matching filter
  • [#1-10] will set a random value between 1 and 10