Peoples General MapTool

PeG MapTool, is a windows editor for SSI Peoples General Map files.

This tool is intended for licensed owners of  Peoples General  copyright from SSI strategic games.
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 e-mail me

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Requires Windows 95 or higher and a minimal screen resolution of 800x600
To install simple unzip the executable file wherever you prefer,  that's the only installation needed
  • Full screen Map editor with a friendly interface, easier and faster to use
  • Can be run under Windowed mode, directX full screen mode 800x600 or 1024x768
  • Can create picture maps starting with Bitmap 8, 16, 24 or 32 bit
  • Can create picture maps starting with any PG2 picture map file, converting automatic to PeG pictures.
  • Includes a browser to check existing map files, either S16 based or Shp based
  • Can create all S16 tiles as neeed,  checking and asking for that if you forgot it íto do it before saving.
  • Can create or import map names files, so naming hexes is even easier. Can assign, add or remove map names at your convenience and export as standar map name file, before exiting.
  • True picture map and graphical aids to show grid, roads and filtered terrain types

  • Strategic view and nornal true size view with easy scrolling same as used by the game

  • Can assign terrain types, roads or names to single hexes or using hexes groups made up on a  hex by hex base, a rectangular blocks areas or dragging over the map to change any desired hexes very quick.

  • New automatic Auto-Road feature to make roads very quickly but perfectly linked on all sides.

  • Global changes for terrain types

  • Can report all maps is a folder, sorted both by name or map number

Latest release: 2.0x




    Remember !

  • You have to create a MAP folder under your main game folder and copy all S16 files into that MAP  folder
  • Check and remove the "Read-Only" attribute to all the S16 files
  • CAM, SCN and MAP files should be located  on SCENARIO folder
  • SSI built-in editor (but not the game) will surely crash if you have more than 200 MAP files into the SCENARIO folder.
    To avoid this, use the Suite  or create GameSets.

Changes & fixes summary

Feb 2008
Fixed a bug when spllitung to S16 tiles.
Latest release seems to be zipped with debug executable instead of the standalone one, so it asked for some missing dlls. Now it's fixed.
Jun 2005
  • Enhanced command options Left mouse select hexes and Right mouse change data - No need to use keyboard to set data
  • Ctrl+Right mouse GETS data from a similar hex, so making easier to change what to set.
  • Now mouse can drag over the map to select multiple hexes or to change hexes while dradgging.
  • Improved graphical menus to select roads and terrain type
  • Improved name selection
  • New Auto-Road feature makes roads easy and fast,
  • Fixed a bug when saving the map file