Peoples General

PeG DatTool, is a windows tool for SSI Peoples General DAT and S16 files

This tool is intended for licensed owners of  Peoples General  copyright from SSI strategic games.
  If you found any bug or want to make any suggestion, please
 e-mail me

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Requires Windows 95 or higher and a minimal screen resolution of 800x600
To install simple unzip the executable file wherever you prefer,  that's the only installation needed
  • Can create a PeG DAT files repacking all S16 files on a folder
  • Can unpack any DAT file (not need to name it MODGEN)
  • Can extract S16 files from DAT to disk.
  • Can remove any S16 file from DAT.
  • Can replace any S16 file into a DAT with an external S16 file..
  • Can add external S16 file into DAT file (one or several files at a time)

    All those features without needing to unpacking / repacking
  • Can view any S16 icon as normal, as zoomed X2, X3, X4, X5 or as collage (same as Fred's tool).
  • Can save any S16 as BMP, as single icon or as collage.
  • Can be used to show all S16 files in a folder as it they were packed into a DAT.
  • Can report all S16 files to a report text
  • Can compare to a report differences with another DAT  file.
  • Includes a S16 Tool , a S16 Maker and a Shp to S16 converter.
  • S16 Tool features:

  • Can  create a new S16 reading a single icon BMP (creates a 1 icon S16)

  • Can Append new icon reading a BMP

  • Can Insert a new icon reading a BMP

  • Can Remove any icon from a S16 file

    This features allow making any S16 file, once you have drawn the icons with an external graphics and have saved as BMP (8,16, 24 or 32 bits allowed)

  • S16 Maker & PG2 Converting features:

  • Allow defining each bitmap to add as an icon.

  • Can rearrange icon list before creating.

  • Can use express mode to create S16 based on 9 cloned images from a single bitmap (test  mode)

  • Shows bitmap images and PG2-Shp icons before creating S16, to allow a safer selection.

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Latest release 1.4   PeG Dat Tool Readme

    Remember !

  • You have to create a MAP folder under your main game folder and copy all S16 files into that MAP  folder
  • Check and remove the "Read-Only" attribute to all the S16 files
  • CAM, SCN and MAP files should be located  on SCENARIO folder
  • SSI built-in editor (but not the game) will surely crash if you have more than 200 MAP files into the SCENARIO folder.
    To avoid this, use the Suite  or create GameSets.
  • Though not required, I would advice to change map numbers used with PeG  to be the same as with PG2, so you can convert PG2 maps into PeG. 
    You can do it using the Suite or with this two small utilities:
    PeG_Maps_S16_Renumber To rename stock S16 files inside your MAP folder.
    Just unzip into MAP folder and run the .BAT file (it is the only file included)
    Peg mapfiles renumbered To change stock .MAP files into compatible PG2 system.
    Unzip into your SCENARIO folder and extracts overwriting existing files.

Changes & fixes summary

Oct 2007

New option to update datfile (modgen, unigen or whatever) using .s16 or .dat files defined in a text file.
That text file can define a list of s16 files to append/replace and/or another datfile to merge.
This new option can be run manually (there is a new menu option) or can be passed as parameter, for example on a batch file.
The Icon descriptions tool include on Suite PeG is also included on PeG Dat Tool.

Jun 2007
New option to create a 9 icon S16  from a single bitmap holding the 9 icon images.
Bitmap can be arranged as 3x3 icons ordered top-letf to bottom-right or as an horizontal array of 9 tiles.
Of course all icons must have same size, but it allows batch creating as you can select several bitmaps
Sep 2006
Now you can convert any PeG-S16 file to PG2-SHP file with a single click.
When saving icon collage as bitmap, first icon was duplicated. It is fixed.
Nov 2005
It was not possible to create a S16 with more than 99 icons using Shp Maker tool, it is fixed.
On S16 Maker tool now is possible to filter the files to show (and select) to allow selecting several files easier.
It is also possible, when using 2nd option,  to select multiples bitmaps to add to the S16 icons list on just one bouble click, avoiding to click on each one - which is somehow tedious for S16 files holding many icons.
When extracting all icons as singles bitmaps, they are named using 3 digits names so the icon sort index into the S16 is preserved.
New dialogs for browsing Files & Folders includes a recent used history combo.In addition, folder's browser allows now to create, rename or delete folders on the fly, though it is a little slower than before.
Oct 2005
Internal browser is reworked to give a common interface. Now it is possible to create new folders also when selecting folders.
New button on S16 Maker tool to clear icons list.
Fixes a color swapping when converting bitmaps.
Also fixes default folders consistency across views.
Sep 2005
New option to extrac items matching a filter as S16 files, on Dat View
1.22 Fixes the dark pink trace appearing sometimes at the end  of the packed image.
New Clear List buton on S16 Maker tool.

1.21 Fixes a color swapping between red and blue when converting bitmap.
Fixes some inconsistencies on folders across views.

Aug 2005
 completly reworked, new interface much more easy to use :
* 2  main views starting on S16 view to show your files in a folder
* 2 new tools to create S16 files:
-- S16 Maker, allows to create from selected bitmaps (including a test option to make a file with 9 copies of a single bitmap)
-- Shp to S16 converter, to move your favourites PG2 icons into PeG.

1.02 fixes some crashes when dealing with 256 color bitmaps
Jul 2005
Can add more than just one S16 file at a time.
Now it remembers where you keep your icons S16 files and same for your Bitmaps files.
Removing S16 from a DAT was telling a wrong filename, though the correct one was removed. It is fixed.
New option to generate an icon list report  for a DAT file (or S16 files on a folder).
There is also a new option to report differences between two DAT files

Jun 2005
* Creates modgen.dat files by  repacking files in a folder
* Can Append, Remove or Replace single S16 items into modgen.dat (or any name)..
* Creates S16 files from bitmaps tarting by picking bitmaps for each icon.
* Can rearrange icons, remove, append or insert at any position
* Can get bitmaps copies as single icons or as collage.