Open Suite
by Luis Guzman

Open Suite is the ultimate Windows tool to create and edit all files types needed for OpenGeneral

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Required to create/edit files for Open General Beta (using new formats).
Can load any file using old formats (except .eml and .xeml), but can only save files using new formats
Impresindible para crear/editar ficheros del Open General Beta (nuevos formatos). Puede cargar cualquier fichero creado con los formatos antiguos a excepcion de los .eml y .xeml, pero solo puede grabar usando los nuevos formatos
Requires Windows 95 or higher and a minimal screen resolution of 1024x768 Requiere Windows 95 o mejor y una resolución minima de  1024x768
To install, simply unzip the executable file into Open General main folder in order to be able to launch from game Para instalarlo, simplemente descomprime el ejecutable en el directorio de Open General, de forma que puedas invocarlo desde el juego
Open Suite 5.0

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Open Suite 5.0 (solo en Ingles)

Open Suite Test

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Open Suite Test (solo en Ingles)

OpenSuite manual (english)

Chapter 1.- Basics (pdf)
Chapter 2.- Scenario creation (pdf)

Manual OpenSuite en ingles

In case you have not got WinRar yet, you can get it from  RarLab site
  • Export as template did not ask for the file to save
  • Report to get missing Pedia files, added to Equipment report.
  • Missing Pedia files, added to Export data as CSV equipment's option.
  • New option  to clear hexes giving prestige, in menu option: Scenario/Savegama | Mapviw specific options | Global changes to map data"
  • When exporting a map to PG2 .map format, only the names included in the exported area will be added to the .txt file
  • Added filter for units' stance, in Units View
  • "Rand+" option, added to goblal changes to units
  • Option to export the map (either from the scenario or from a mapx) improved to convert Custom and Shallow terrain to Clear and Ocean
  • Fixed menu option: |Camp View|menu Campaign|Check Campaign units|, that was reporting "wrong country" for all units having a proper country.
  • When checking scenarios/campaigns, any map picture not found as .jpg or .png will be reported as missing
  • When checking scenarios/campaigns, there is an option to download missing maps as JPG from OG repository.
  • New hotkey (Alt+INSERT) to insert a clone of the equipment selected in its position.
  • Button to ""Insert a new item before selected" was disabled but not hidden.
  • When editing scenarios, all leaders showed up as leader #01
  • Change mask for equipment number to allow sorting up to 5 digits (efile's units' code)
  • When creating NamesEx lines starting with non-ascii characters were skipped
  • External imaTerrMarks and imaTerrMenu files can be defined for a specific efile, by placing into a "SUITE_UI" subfolder.
  • Now you can define these "imaTer*" files as .png or .bmp either with 4,8 or 24 bits and the first pixel will define transparency color
  • Main "SUITE_UI" folder can be used yet for default marks yo be used with efiles not using custom marks.
  • If no efile/main SUITE_UI folder is used, Suite will use its default marks
  • When Suite creates NamesEx.txt from Names.txt, it will add a heading line (*) showing the country number and denomination
  • NamesEx.txt allows heading lines starting with a * (asterisk) and will kept to guide you when assigning names to leaders.
  • NamesEx.txt will be loaded as default (instead of Names.txt) and if not found, it will created based on existing Namesx.txt
  • Realigned checkboxes for roads, rails and rivers in MapX Editor
  • Terrain symbols to mark terrain types when viewing a map can be customized by using external files to be located in a main SUITE_UI folder:
    - "imaTerrMarks.bmp" for map marks, which must be a bitmap file (.bmp) 342 x 11 pixels either 4,8 or 24 bits using RGB(192, 192, 192) as color background
    - "imaTerrMenu.bmp" (can be also .png)
  • Option to show full strategic map improved and also added to the MapX editor
  • Tool to copy/move/rename campaign files to a folder, had a glitch. It is fixed now
  • Some scenarios have set at design time minefields not assigned to any side (unticked in MapView), which make them unspotted for both sides. This version will tick for AI side any minefield without side assigned at loading time
  • Changed terrain marks when filtering terrain types
  • Now is posible to set base map to zero when designing scenarios
  • When purchasing recon class units, no transport was allowed, even if the unit can use it.
  • Improved 2 tooltips on Campaign editor related to initial prestige for human player.
  • Stations was not removed when importing a .map file
  • When editing railroads in a hex having a rail-station and all branches are removed, the rail-station is automatically removed too
  • MapView: Selecting an unit and Ctrl+RClicking in a second one, assign the selected unit to follow that 2nd one
  • MapView: Ctrl+RClicking in a selected unit who is following another one, makes the selected unit free (breaks following)
  • UnitsView: option to delete units is worked out to allow selecting more than one unit to remove. Suite will take care of containers/contained while removing Please notice that "cut" function remains the same, copying the unit to clipboard first, but deleting units won't.
  • Fixed how Pg2Mode is handle by the CSV option to report "options used in scenarios"
  • When a xscn /xcam is loaded from Windows explorer from a folder in non standar folder, the efile was asked, but then flgas were not found)
  • Painted map names, using better colors
  • Improved Campaign report to check options used by scenarios in a campaign/folder in CSV format
  • Fixed the prestige shown when turns are bigger than 50.
  • Fixed the use of "No buy" and "No AI buy" specials to .buy4 files
  • Menu Report options used by campaign's scenarios was not working
  • New option to show in map all hexes usaed as OH. R-Clicking in the hex marked as OH will pop the list of units using that OH. Be aware it only works for units whose player is ticked as "AI player"
  • Fixed a bug, avoiding to load old .buy files
  • Fixed a glitch locking VH,SH and DH checkboxes when clicking first in an EH and immediately clicking on any VH,SH or DH
  • There was a bug, when importing .mapx ver >=10 in a scenario (was properly loaded in MapX editor though)
  • Added a checkbox in Icontool to enable/disable updating the filter after typing in any filter's field
  • Tooltip of "intercept Range" is better explained.
  • Area to scroll the map (either Map View or MapEditor) reworked to be narrow around the Suite's window's borders. Also bottom edge will scroll now too.
  • Can make multiple selection, in UnitsView, to do global changes to those units selected only.
  • Added new scenario option to avoid subs using DLOF when Extended naval rules are defined, as to allow subs firing missiles.
  • After adding a scenario in the campaign editor, the date was wrongly read showing "SCEN not found" instead
  • Suite crashed when creating a new choice scenario (xsch)
  • New tool to rename xscn and same name auxiliary files. It's available from Menu: Scenario/Savegame | Scenario specific options | Rename scenario (and aux files)
  • New tool to rename scenario slot from Campaign editor. Will rename the .xscn file,; its auxiliary units and all text files associated with thta scenario in xcam file.
  • The window showing items using a given icon now can be scrolled horizontally if text is loo wide
  • Savegames didn't load .xtrig file (trigger messages)
  • Custom purchase list (.buy4) always writes token "#" regardless player's list is empty.
  • Button to get help in custom purchase list tool is moved to be found easier.
  • Import Equipment tool includes now a "sort" combo for each efile.
  • Fixed some glitches with trigger messages
  • When selecting equipmet for "Create "Raise specific core" or "Raise specific unit" triggers, crased the Suite
  • Tooltip for Mountain special rewritten
  • When selecting units from Unit View, range of valid units' dates was wrong
  • New format for custom purchase list (merging .ai and .buy files) to allow configuring both the ai parameters and a custom purchase list for up to 4 players. Menu entries have been merged too. The new file will be saved as .buy4 file. When clicked the option and no .buy4 file is found by Suite, existing .ai and/or .buy will be loaded as before, but they will be merged into a unique .buy4 list including AI default $Vars disabled and one tab for each player configured in the scenario. If any .ai or .buy have been loaded their list will be shown, otherwise all player's lists will be empty to allow any player to use the same deafult list create by OG at run time. Of course you can fill the list with default, and then add/remove units at your will. The new tool include options to load another .buy4 or old .ai/.buy files
  • Custom xproto files can include a token $ignore_xproto, to force the game to ignore that list and set up a default proto list to pick one randomly
  • There is a new filter in the icons tool to filter icons "shared" for 2 or more items.
  • Added a tool to normalize mapx filename to include map number, according new convention
  • "Show Icons in datfile" tool allow editing (as before) but now can save changes made to items in the local icons CSV file
  • Added an option to see the icons magnified by default in that "Show Icons in datfile"
  • Added a new Tab in equipment view to see icons details (with image magnified) allowing also to check the equipment items using that icon.
  • It doesn't show the icon the first time you open the tab, until you click again the item in yhe equipment list)
  • Fixed a bug in the tool to fix mapsize, not moving unit out of map to the HQ
  • Misc.txt is not asked anymore when not found.
  • New "Misc" tab is added to the dialogs showing scenario's units data (Map View, ...), in order to make available all unit data from MapView or inspect unit dialog.
  • Added a new option: Intercept range within Equipment View's "Misc." tab
  • New option to add messages to hexes marked as "trigger"
  • Improved tooltips for Player/Ai prestige cap
  • Added access to Unitpedia from Equipment's Misc Tab
  • New Multi-Class filter was not applied to global equipment changes
  • Added a Country combo to allow purchasing units from any country
  • Added option to export one savegame as scenario file (removing killed units)
  • Option to remove killed units from any scenario or savefile
  • Numbers for sound files were shown in Equipment View duplicated when sorting for any sound type. Also .mel has been replaced by .mp3
  • F/F descriptions for AllCountry units didn't show when setting F/F
  • Editing "Custom Protos" was crashing when adding equipment to list
  • Fixed a bug in Custom Purchase List option for .buy files
  • When launching "Global Changes to Units data" from Units View (by clickng the toolbar icon or menu entry), the units matching the filter will be selected, instead of single units selected (blue enhanced).
  • Changing attachments from Map View crashed the Suite
  • When using SaveAs with an scenario file, the .conex file was not saved when needed.
  • "OnlyPurchaseable" check box is now enable in any dialog using it by default
  • New filter added in Units View to filter units with an objective set (OH or leading unit)
  • When selecting an scenario, the tittle is shown now same than when selecting a campaign
  • Importing scenario templates without loading victory conditions was messing other data
  • Attachments for units, got enabled (regardless disabled at equipment level) when selecting any
  • Import XUD tool is reworked to allow more options
  • Suite window enlarged to 700 pixels in height, so can fit in 1024x720 if auto-hide windows task bar
  • Added 3 filters in Units View: Player, Mov.Method and unit name
  • Added to global changes the option to set a name to the units in filter (same to all of them)
  • Added option in xcam to set a default facing for undeployed core units
  • Added a filter by unit's name in global changes.
  • New hotkey: Ctrl+SPACE to center selected postion on Map (when posible). Also can do using Ctrl+Shift+Click Works bot in Map View and Mapx editor
  • List of mathing units/carriers improved to allow "all-countries" carriers and also allowing to ingnore F/F filter
  • Config editor updated with the added value for $ground_carrier.
  • When loding a mapx which picfile is not found, it was loading a wrong picture. Now it ask to pick a proper one, and in no valid one yet, it doesn't load any picture and show the map as tiled if possible
  • "Has special" and "Has not special" revised.
  • Copy/Paste in MapView simplified. When clicking any of the "copy" buttons, only that data will be pasted later.
  • New hotkey: Ctrl+C to copy specific scenario hex data (owner, flag, VH, DH, SH, EH) to MapView's clipboard.
  • New hotkey: Ctrl+V to paste MapView's clipboard into selected hex. It does the same than Ctrl+click (click mouse while holding down Ctrl key).
  • Fixed an issues avoiding to select custom class-leader attribute for the new naval classes.
  • Option to clean map-names added to MapX editor
  • New option to export/Import scenario summary data to/from external file
  • New filter in Units View to select units with any attachments define
  • New Sort option in Equipment View to sort items by movement allowance.
  • Fixed a few glitches here and there.
  • New tool to adjust mapx related files from png images, having a desired size.
  • Config Editor changed a bit to make it simpler
  • New $build_turn = 2,2,2,2,2, to allow setting the duration (turns) to build: Bridge, Airport, Port, Fort, Station
  • New $repair_turn = 2,2,2,2,2,2, to allow setting the duration (turns) to repair: Bridge, Airport, Port, Fort, Station, rest
  • Available attachments are now configured for each unit at equipment level. These settings will be saved in the file: "equip.xeqa" to allow working any executable with any efile version. If no "equip.xeqa" file is found default attachments settings will used.
  • Added $newcores_use_scensettings to CFG editor
  • New $air_noblock added to CFG editor
  • 4 new attachments added: Bunker Buster; Fast Builder; Fuel Pods and Fast Speed. (the winners of the Poll at JP)
  • Global changes to equipment, can assign/reset those unit's attachments
  • Buttons to enable and disable checkboxes in Global Equipment Changes are added.
  • List of equipment data as CSV does include now the attachments settings (similar to fronts or weights)
  • Check "check & fix scenario units" now checks if unit's attachments settings match the efile's settings
  • Efile attachments are now included in report CSV, so you can export, adjust using any spreadsheet and then imported again in the efile.
  • Choice editor window enlarger a bit. Aso if the map is smaller than picture frame (653x564 px) the map is drawn bigger than before
  • Targets types was included in combo-box duplicated.
  • Suite hotkeys can be exported to a csv file.
  • In Equipment Global Changes dialog, the combobox to set units class was filled with movement methods instead of classes
  • Added Shift 2-4-6-8 to move selected hex in Map, so setting rivers/rail/roads can be made easily with the keyboard
  • standalone fortification hexes were not visible in tiled view. They only show up when adjacent to other fort terrain
  • Copying rivers with , handles river connections, properly
  • A few menus have been regrouped and renamed
  • Custom equipment list (.buy and .ai) exclude now transports, as game doesn't check transport in these customs lists
  • Option to show stored size reconverted to show 2 rows and 2 cols more than real size, so any important hex or unit out of map boundaries can be fixed easier than now.
  • Added no-flag and pixels cut in MapFix tool report
  • Added auto-fix options for Units and VH/SH/EH/DH hexes out of map boundaries in new MpFix tool
  • In Campaign View, clicking on the "Edit intro file" button (top right) was adding each time a ".txt" extension.
  • Ai custom purchase list can be created if no items to buy (only $vars).
  • Option to set AI 3.0 is added in order to test and help on its development.
  • Report to check scenarios in a folder available as CSV reporting also intro file and music files
  • Alt+Y hotkey allows to write city names in the map (similar than does OG)
  • Alt+M hotkey allows to load a second overlay map to be painted over the main map using pixel at 0,0 as transparent color.
  • Ctrl+M will unload that second map
  • Added option to copy to a png/jpg the map with same options than you see in Suite (units, marks, grid,...).Always get the whole map, not the map you see in the MapView's window
  • Added a list of the main hotkeys within the About dialog
  • Minimized map frame was a bit too large
  • Added a button in terrain typew filter to set water hexes.
  • Tool to fix mapsizes for scenarios in folder is improved to report units and owned hexes out of map boundaries.
    It includes different options to just check errors or to automatically move units located out of map to the HQ so fixing is easier
  • Replaced, in Map-View labels Axis/Allied with Side1/Side2
  • Campaign editor was not handling AI prestige cap properly, now it does.
  • New leaders for naval classes added to test.
  • Options to resize tiled maps revised
  • New $sub_buytra available for CFG editor
  • New $sub_ex available for CFG editor
  • Fixed a glitch in Menu tools > global replace of countries of scenarios in a folder/campaign (players, units, and flags) replacing the country ID wrongly when not loading a Nations,txt file for the replacement combo
  • Hovercraft movement label read from strings_efile.txt ([movement3] section) was stored in Custom movement text instead.
  • New $weather_rain_snow=Rain%, Snow% to define percentage of movement available for units moving on Air/Sea when Rain/Snow weather
  • Minor bug in Global changes, showing wrong scenario date (+1 month)
  • Assigning OH to unit worked out, as it failed sometimes.
  • NTP was not set when using global changes for escenarios in a campaing.
  • Sides was not read properly from Strings_Efile.txt

Added a new option to download OpenSuite compatible with WindowsXP

  • Updated tool to edit CFG files to include new $Vars
  • New hotkeys using numerical keypad to set/edit rivers connections: Alt+8 (North), Alt+9 (N-W), Alt+3 (S-E), Alt+2 (S), Alt+1 (S-E ), Alt+7 (N-E) and Alt+5 toggles Sea/Shallow
  • New hotkeys using numerical keypad to set/edit roads/rails: Ctrl+8 (North), Ctrl+9 (N-W), Ctrl+3 (S-E), Ctrl+2 (S), Ctrl+1 (S-E ) and Ctrl+7 (N-E)
    Ctrl+5 toggles setting roads or rails
  • Added a button in Unit's View for Delete-All-Units new option
  • Importing from XUD file, now allows to import all settings (instead of reseting location, deployment and reinforce/disband turn)
  • Suite was not reaqding token [terrain2] from srings_efile.txt
  • Mask to show movement on MapView worked out to show clearly, removing boundaries of movement allowance
  • Built-in tiles were not pained with transparency
  • New option to remove all units from scenario/savegame within Menu: "Scenario specific options"
  • Sometimes map image was painted misaligned on top, it is fixed now.
  • Suite was figuring one row less than it should
  • When loading mapx files without map number, OSuite didn't find the size of the map
  • Added two buttons on Start Browser-View, to get a report of map sizes used by scenarios in the selected folder and mapx files in selected folder (right panel)
  • MapX editor shows as tooltip for top-right '?' box, the size stored in the game file mapx/acen/save.
  • In case any scenario should be fixed because the way Suite sets map size, there is a new option in menu: Scenario/SaveGame/Map View specific options/Show Map Size as stored in file, so you can move any unit or VH left in last row/col
  • Tooltips for main views revised
  • Suite crashed when trying to run campaign menu option: "Global changes to campaign units equipment"
  • Campaign global changes splitted in two options to include global changes in transport pools.
  • Tool to Copy/Move campaign files, improved with option to rename all files when copying to another folder, using 2 strings defining how to rename or to add a prefix for evey file in campaign.
  • Fixed some strange bugs when loading a campaign
  • Added more latitude areas, mainly in order to have more specific tilesets's zones up to 22 total
  • Climate zones are read from weather.txt. Normalized defaults
  • In function "Global Replacement in scenarios (players, units and flags)", when country change concerns last unit in units list in Suite then country change for this units is not implemented
  • For "Campaigns Report .." - "Campaign report (Scenarios, Maps and Dates), Suite crashed when saving to "as text file" format
  • Added to "Campaigns Report .." - "CSV Table of Scenarios"additional fields for each player: "#units" and "Army cost".
  • Added new option to set river's connections for tiled-maps in MAPX Editor. Only works when looking the map as tiled, regardless the map uses also a picture
  • River's connections allows now to draw rivers using Ocean or Shallow tiles instead of layers, and paint a coastal over land adjacent hexes
  • Units global changes allow to reset OH for units in filter
  • Mapx files saved with version 59.9 and further were not properly imported in scenarios
  • After editing a savefile in Suite, spotting was not properly set when loaded again in game
  • Added a toggle for "filter by special" option in Equipment View
  • Add tooltip for depot in UnitsView
  • Threshold to figure last valid row set to 25 pixels, as some scenarios were losing a meaningful last row
  • When importing a .mapx into scenario's map without importing names, fake empty names were added to the scenario
  • Tooltips in EquipmentView, revised
  • Added "Custon name" field Equipment report to CSV
  • Added Equipment report: "Compare Unit name with icon description"
  • Fixed tool to convert TERRAIN.txt into TerrainEx.txt
  • Check Campaign units option was not skipping choice scenarios
  • Owned hexes giving no prestige, are marked in strategic view
  • Added support for tiles 1.0, and Tiles 2.0. in Suite
  • Suite's built-in default is not a Tileset 2.0 made as 256 colors (but you can set to use external 24 bits tilesets 1.0 or 2.0)
  • When opening a tiled mapx file as first action in Suie, the result was a messy picture. The bug occurs when you run mapx editor first.
  • Icon for minefields made more noticeable
  • Add a button close to strategic check-box to see the full map in a maximized dialog.
  • After setting an OH for a unit in MapView, OH mark was not showing immediately
  • Suite allows to set as blown any hex, regardless terrain, roads or rails
  • OpenIcons.csv was overwriting descriptions previously read from EquipIcons.csv
  • Check & fix global unit tool, now closes the dialog after getting the report
  • Check & fix global unit tool, was changing units yet
  • Add Rows /Cols on top-left can add only rows now
  • Added to MapX editor the possibility to append another MapX file at right or bottom
  • Added to MapX editor the possibility to paste another MapX file, re`lacing content and enlarging map if needed
  • Current map size policy was cutting bottom row in some scenarios having important data (like EH). Thus I've adjusted to allow bottom rows for even columns not being aligned with bottom edge of map
  • Appending items to equipment, made the list of scenario units corrupted
  • Config-files editor reworked to have a better interface. Now it allows to add $Var not handled by Suite to test and also read $Vars included in CFG that Suite doesn't know about them (either if added to test or because wrote with a typo).
  • Last column for max size maps could not be changed by using a selection.
  • the scenario/savegame > global changes > global changes to map menu option, produced a wrong name. It is fixed now
  • Painted Airfields, Forts and Ports were not painted in MapX editor
  • Roads/rails were still painted over city's sides when using tiled-maps
  • Station was painted as a port in normal MapView
  • Last column was not saved when using bigest map
  • Export equipment tool improved. Added sort methods and filters, as well the possibility to add to the list all items matching the filter.
  • Revised and cleaned map size routines, to be same than OG
  • Max map size increased. For testing purposes it can be as big as 110 rows x 121 columns (lest col = 120), being picture size up to 5400x5500 pixels
  • New tool to add Cols/Rows on top/left of a tiled map, moving map data as to get added hexes empty
  • Rivers adjacent to ports were drawn wrongly when using tiled maps
  • When Suite saved map having roads/rails markers, OG didn't paint, but wrote on top that hex has any
  • Added to map report: list of triggers and blown hexes
  • Added "MSU Units" entry to filter by "Type" in Units and Map Views
  • Added token SPBASE to first line of equip.txt. to enable custom efile sp base
  • When editing a tiled map, the temporary memory used by Suite to update the map, was not released, increasing at every change the memory used by Suite.
  • When terrain is selected to be "painted" and then designer changes to other that cannot be painted in game, "paint" status was not reset
  • "base=#" added to equipment view's list-box when different than 10
  • Column 70 could not be edited in tiled-maps
  • New tool to remove aux leaders in a campaign
  • Added new "Hovercraft" movement method
  • When a railroad is added to a hex I can?t add rail station until I leave the hex end enter it again. Same for Dirt airfields/ports
  • When all railroads are removed from a hex having rail station the rail station is removed now
  • When saving to png a tiled map, first row included weird effects
  • When saving to png a tiled map, tile-sides were slighly shifted by 2 pixels.
  • Coastal hexes was not drawn same than game when saving tiled-map to png
  • Island ports have now hexside north open to sea
  • When creating new xcam and xscn the Ai is set to 2.0 now
  • Rivers ending in ports are a bit improved when using tiled-maps
  • Tiled-map button on toolbar is now always enabled to update the full tiled-map when using only tiled maps (or to toggle tiled/image if both are available).
  • Added a combo-box in MapView to add to MapView's selection the units you see in UnitsView list
  • That new combo-box allows also to quickly clean MapView's selection
  • Sorting equipment by icon, now uses selected iconset
  • Checking for fuel and ammo, added to Check&Fix units tool
  • Also fixed a misleading text in the log created by Check&Fix units tool when checking transports
  • $ai_refit_free added to CFG file editor.
  • Leaders (class-leader only) are checked if defined as "not random"
  • When last valid column is 70, units located there was removed at load time
  • There was a bug saving .xcsv files with version 54.4, so any savegame using that version should be discarded
  • Option to see spotted hexes is updated to use LOS same than in game
  • New option to import Equipment units from a CSV exported as EXCEL compatible .CSV file, after edited with Excel
  • This option is also added a menu entry in Equipment Advanced tools submenu to export data into a CSV that can be edited using Excel< br/> This is the same report option that was already available in reports, but available now close to the option to import data from a CSV table
  • When editing scenario map from MapxEditor, and then load a other .mapx the scenario was not flagged as modified
  • When importing unit's names from Units View, the scenario was not flagged as modified
  • Suite crashed when clicking several times Check campaigns/scenarios from Browser View
  • Full report for a a campaign now includes the countries defined for each player in every scenario
  • When "Sync" checkbox is ticked, switching to Summary View and then back to Units View, make units to lose all data until list is redone.
  • When loading mapx files, last folder used will be remembered and used again
  • Can launch Suite by double clicking a file in windows explorer if you associate with Suite
  • The 'Purchase unit form' didn't display any available ground transports for units with weight=0
  • clicking "check scenarios in folder" after clicking "check campaigns in folder" and editing any cam file, crashed Suite
  • Added new filter "only purchasables" to Global Changes to units' equipment codes
  • New report for a selected campaign as a table in CSV format. Is available from Menu Campaign and from Browser View, "More Reports" button
  • CTRL key didn't accelerate scrolling up the map in the Map Editor.
  • When creating new scenario using an .mapx exported from another scenario, the scenario map data (VH,SH,..) was loaded instead of skipped
  • Creating scenario with tiled maps larger than 59x59 didn't work. Now is fixed and map can be defined up to 59x69
  • New Suite setting to block popups which have only one "ok" button, are not errors or warnings
  • Slight shift after switching image-tiles-image map
  • tiles_sides was still painted for cities.
  • when clicking button "data exchange" from equipment View, Filters were not working.
  • Campaign -> Set all campaign scenarios as hidden, returned an error for choice (.xsch) scenarios
  • Special attributes added to Purchase window
  • Custom prototypes changed to .xproto instead.
    Also prototypes available are now shown in the scenario they are raised, not the previous one
  • Dirt and Paint flags were not imported from .mapx
  • View icon from equipment showed the fake replacement if icos was in .keep file
  • When deleting a unit either from MapView or UnitsView, containers/hangars are checked and readjusted as needed. Deleting multiple units is not possible from now, if you select several units to delete only the one with lower ID will be removed
  • Browser View's "More report" options worked out to understand tiled maps
  • Browser View's "More report" second option (was disabled) changed to obtain a CSV file including data from scenarios in the tree-list
  • New option to include a detailed missing files in Browser View's "More report" "Text file report"
  • Handling of tiled maps improved
  • Ports surrounded by ocean/shallow are now painted as a full port tile
  • On tiled maps rivers are conected automatically to map edges
  • When changing hex data while editing tiled maps, the edited hex and 6 adjacent are updated
  • Tiled map in Suite won't use hex sides to allow a faster update. But hex-sides will be used when saving the tiled map as png though.
  • Check campaigns in a folder crashed when more than 50 scenarios
  • Checking scenarios from Browser View crashed when more than 100 scenarios
  • The button for Browser View's tooltip was labeled "Check files view" instead of "Browser View (check files)"
  • Campaign's -> "Full campaign report" - didn't check properly avi/mp3 files and were reported as missing
  • Black frame on top or misplaced roads, when switching tiled from image after full size view, fixed
  • Tools -> Report summary of campaigns in Efolder didn't tell in caption player might select the EFolder
  • Terrain filter is re-enabled for tiled maps
  • When Importing mapx into scenario, all map data was erased.
  • When changed something in mapx editor, saving scenario doesn't release modified flag
  • RailStations are not cleared when loading another mapx
  • Marks for roads and rails improved in visibility
  • When creating a new scenario using a .mapx, and there were not any file in MAP folder, the browser dialog was not even poped
  • Ctrl+Right Click will remove same data than copy to clipboard in Mapx Editor
  • Bottom status bar revised for all views
  • Suite was writing $buy_min_turn instead of $buy_turn
  • New option to export efile's icons data to SF's database
  • Clear filter in Units view now reset also F/F, Avail at, filter by special and rest of check-boxes
  • The last unit in Unit View, was not included in the "follow" combo-box
  • Suite crashed after using MAPX Editor / MapNames / clear all map names
  • Cloning unit with a new name radio button selected didn't create a clone with a new name entry.
  • For units defined to follow a leading one, the leading is marked and its objective also if any
  • Suite can toggle to use tilesets/picture by clicking a specific icon in toolbar, no need to modify as to be tiled anymore
  • Suite can use either an internal tileset or the same tileset used in game for the efile selected
  • Designers can create specific zone-tilesets according scenario's latitude/weather zone.
  • Suite handling of tiled maps reworked: * Resize is limited to true map tiles (not tile-views) * There are new options to convert to tile both in MapView and MAPX editor * Switching image/tiled views are disabled if map is only tiled
  • In Global Changes to Units option, setting exp bars work now also when changing exp.level by percentage
  • When cloning units in Units' View the new units are inserted instead of appended to the list
  • Suite can be located in any folder now, as far as it is set to load settings from registry, otherwise it must be located in the game folder (where OpenIcons.dat is found)
  • Units using rail movement method will show range of movement now as the rest methods
  • Added filters to Icon Report tool
  • Improved the tool to show/select icons, which now works only with .csv files for descriptions. But can merge descritions from local efile's icons and main openIcons
  • Also the new options to create and update local EquipIcons.dat have been improved
  • Local settings (OpenSuite.INI) improved. All settings are now saved as well as recent file list.
  • Units mounted are painted using the transport icon
  • Efile's custom datfile is merged with main OpenIcons now, to allow custom replacements for icons more easy to set.Efile's custom dat file can be named as EquipIcons.dat (the preferred name from now on) or OpenIcons / Panzer2 to keep compatibility. But as custom is always checked first and then main OpenIcons, custom efile's datfile should include only additions/replacement to main OpenIcons.
  • Exporting units data to Excel csv, now place SA and HA in same order than Suite/Game
  • As MCI doesn't work in Win 8.1, playing videos from Suite is done now using DirectX
  • There is a new tool to test videos, similar than it was available for sounds and music.
  • Efile reports reworked (Menu: Equipment / Reports Dialog ..). Can report units having any fake unit showing both real/fake iconsets. There is also a new report to export a table of icons used by the efile in a format compatible with IconsTools option for export/import. This is the start tool to further develop more datfile management from Suite
  • Also reports related efile icons from toolbar are revised, in special the option to report repack-type
  • There is a new check box in Equipment View to filter units having any fake icon.
  • There is a new disable option in Menu Equipment to create a dat-file including only the icons used by the efile, without needing to extract and repack using IconsTool... but it is not working properly yet.
  • Tool 'Show icons in datfile' was saving empty the 'Chassis' and 'Style/Family'.
  • Suite will use OpenIcons.keen when possible to show Tool
  • New option to replace icons in efile, using an external csv file (ReplaceIcons.csv by default). The file must have lines in format "current_icon ; new_icon" without any suffix. It is availabe from menu: "Equipment/Advanced tools/Replace icons using a CSV table"
  • New choice in equipment reports, to list all iconsets with any missing icon in OpenIcons.dat
  • ReportIcons toolbar option will include any missing icon (in any default, snow, desert or jungle iconset) in report "list type with only missing"
  • new tool to create/edit campaigns.csv
  • When deploying units, the list of pending units will keep the selection after deploying any item
  • Deploying reinforces was buggy
  • Fixed a glitch in "Equipment Global editing", not updating the icon when scrolling the list of "matching units"
  • Option to set leaders' class attribute to any is available again but only by editing the leaders' table
  • new option to convert all units in every scenario of every campaign found in a folder by extending current option "Global changes to campaign's units equipment" but including all units used in all campaigns in a folder
  • cam's cfg files and scenario's .buy and .ai files were not included in campaign copy/remove tool
  • Help for g2a_intercept_mode is updated
  • La ayuda de g2a_intercept_mode esta actualizada
  • Dates bigger than 9999 didn't work properly in Purchase dialog. Now it works fine in every dialog now
  • Efile data dialog (when clicked to show efile data from other views/dialog, expanded to see/edit transports and hangars.
  • When creating scenarios you can define a tiled map with the size you wish
  • Fechas mayores del año 9999 no funcionaban bien en la ventana de comprar unidades
  • El dialogo mostrando datos del efile, incluye ahora datos de los transportes y hangares.
  • Al crear escenarios se puede espcificar un mapa tipo "tiled" del tamaño deseado
  • In MapView, when you click on a unit that has a OH assigned, that OH is marked in map.
  • Leader management is worked out to avoid engine assigning duplicated leaders. Now there is a better synchronization between editing leaders' table and assigning leaders from Leader Tab.
  • Containers handling is highly improved when adding units into hangars from Suite:
    • Can check from Status Tab, how many units are within the hangars of selected container.
    • There is a new button in Status Tab to review units into the hangars of selected container.
    • You can drag units into carriers or carriers upon units to set the unit into that container's hangar, when allowed/possible and check-box "Stack allowed" is not ticked.
    • Now you can modify hangars' contents for save-games too.
  • Map view now shows how many units are matching map filters
  • Suite crashed sometimes when dragging units in map.
  • Changing order of units in a stack was messing units in containers.
  • En la Vista del Mapa se marca ahora el OH asignado a una unidad al seleccionarla.
  • El manejo de Lideres se ha mejorado para evitar que en el juego se asignen lideres duplicados. Ahora hay una mejor sincronizacion entre la edicion de la tabla de lideres y el combo-box para signarlos a una unidad.
  • La asignacion de unidades a hangares de contenedores se ha mejorado sustancialmente:
    • Desde la tab Status se puede comprobar cuantas unidades lleha un container.
    • E¡n esa tab hay un boton que permite ver las unidades de sus hangares.
    • Se puede arrastrar unidades a contenedores o contenedores encima de unidades para incorporarlos a sus hangares, si es posible y el check-box "Stack allowed" no esta marcado.
    • Ahora se puede modificar el contenido de los hangares de un contenedor en los save-games.
  • En la vista del Mapa se indica ahora cuantas unidades cumple el filtro (y por tanto se ven en el mapa).
  • Algunas veces al mover unidades en el mapa la Suite se interrumpia volviendo al sistema.
  • Cambiando el orden a los stacks, producia un completo caos en las unidades asignadas a containers.
  • Editing leaders in savegames (clicking in leader icon) didn't work properly
  • New $force_weather added to CFG editor
  • in CFG editor there is a new lable to help on configuring parameters of sactive $var
  • La edicion de lideres en save-games np funcionaba correctamente
  • Nueva variable "force_weather" añadida al editor de ficheros CFG
  • Añadido una ayuda sobre los posibles valores de la variable activa en en editor de ficheros CFG
  • New check-box to browse for maspx/picture in efile¡s MAP folder when creating a new scenario
  • New $vars can be configured with Suite
  • When creating leaders in save-games, they didn't work in game
  • Nueva opcionn de buscar mapx/imagen en la carpeta MAP del efile al crear escenarios nuevos
  • Las nuevas $varsse pueden configurar desde la Suite
  • Los lideres creados en un savegame no se reconocian en el juego
  • New button added in Equipment View to allow filtering by several countries. This new filter has a button to quick add items belonging to any of the countries defined for any player in current game loaded
  • Nuevo boton en la vista del Equipamiento para filtrar por varios paises. Estae nuevo filtro incluye un boton para añadir los paises definidos en el juego cargado
  • New Sort by Objective in Units View
  • Filtering units "by Name" in Equipment View will be applied to the current list, instead of pop up a new window
  • Nuevo ordenamiento por "Objecivos" en la Vista de Unidades
  • Al pulsar el boton "by Name" los datos filtrados se visualizan en la lista del equipamiento en vez de en una ventana
  • After purchasing units, it was not possible to deploy in map
  • Despues de comprar unidades, no se podian desplegar en el mapa
  • Option to set OH to a unit in Map View is expanded to set a common OH to several units
  • New option in Units View to filter all units placed in same hex than selected by hitting hotkey INSERT
  • Hexes with several units are marked now in normal Map View, and only one ground unit and another air units ara painted on that hex
  • New option in Map View to cycle units located in an hex by using hotkey INSERT. Be aware units' slots will be swaped
  • La opcion de asignar OH desde el mapa ahora funciona tambien si hay verias unidades marcadas
  • Nueva opcion para filtrar unidades apiladas en un hex desde la visata de unidades. Hay que pulsar la tecla INSERT
  • Los hexagonos con varias unidades se marcan ahora en en la Vista del Mapa (solo si tamaño real), y solo se dibuja una unidad tierra y otra aire
  • Nueva opcion para cambiar la unidad visible cuando hay varias en un hex al pulsar la tecla INSERT. Ojo que esta opcion cambia el orden de las unidades
  • Pressing Ctrl while scrolling, increase scrolling speed
  • When switching from Unit View to Map View in normal mode, selected unit will be selected and visible in map now.
  • OnlyCore filter, now works also for XSCN, filtering units set as to become core (MakeCore) or placed in deploy hexes
  • Sort Leaders option, is slightly changed to sort by player first, so it is possible to filter leaders for any player
  • New option to rearrange units stacked, right-clicking on an hex with stacked units
  • Fixed a bug when deploying units that should be embarked in NTP
  • Added Sort/Filter option to global changes to Units' equipment codes
  • New options (AI settings) added to units' global changes, so can select units in map and set ai settings int global changes
  • Manteniendo pulsada la tecla Ctrl al hacer scroll, incrementa la velocidad de desplazamiento
  • Al cambiar de la vista Unidades a la vista del Mapa en modo normal, la unidad que estuviera seleccionada queda tambien seleccionada y visible.
  • El filtro "OnlyCore" funciona ahora en los XSCH, mostrando las unidades que seran core ("MakeCore") y las situadas en hexes de despliegue
  • La opcion de ordenar por "Leaders", esta ligeramente cambiada y ordena primero por "player", de forma que permite filtrar las unidades con leader de una "player"
  • Nueva opcion de reorganizar un apilamiento, al hacer click-derecho sobre un hex con unidades apiladas
  • Corregido un error al desplegar unidades que deberian ser embarcadas
  • Añadida opcionde ordernar filtrar items en "Cambios globales al equipamiento de unidades"
  • Nuevas opciones en cambios globales de unidades, que permiten ajustar a una seleccion de unidades en el map una serie de AI settings comunes
  • $Kamikaze added to CFG Editor
  • $supply_ex added to CFG Editor to change supply rules
  • Added scenario unit's attribute to blow hex when unit is killed
  • Added "Healer" unit's attribute to Units View
  • Option to "Empty equipment item" added to equipment global changes
  • Menu options added to campaign menu to reset ammo/fuel to unis in campaign
  • New "by class" sort option in equipment view
  • New Jet special attribute available
  • New option in Unit's global changes to set units mounted/unmounted or embarked/disembarked
  • Equipment global changed had an error when chaning Death sounds.
  • $Kamikaze añadido al editor de CFG
  • $supply_ex añadido al editor de CFG para modificar reglas de "supply"
  • Añadido nuevo atributo a unidades del escenario para que "explote" el hex si es eliminada
  • Añadido nuevo atributo "Healer" a unidades del escenario, que regenera fuerza a unidades adjacentes
  • Option de "Empty equipment item" (vaciar item) añadido a cambios globales de equipamiento
  • Nuevas opciones de menu añadidas al menu de Campañas, para resetear ammo/fuel a todas las unidades de una campaña
  • Nuevo opcion de ordenar por "class" en la vista d Equipamiento
  • Nuevo especial equipamiento "Jet"
  • Nueva opcion en cambios globales de unidades, para cambiar estado de "mounted/unmounted" o "embarked/disembarked"
  • Al hacer cambios globales al sonido "Death", se cambiaba el numero erroneamente (reducia en 3000 el numero).
  • Container/Hangars sort option added to Unit, Deploy and Equipment views
  • Updated CFG editor to handle new $vars
  • Containers are marked in MapView similar than in game
  • Nueva opcion de ordenar/filtrar por Contenedoras/Contenidas en las vistas de Unidades, Despliegue y Equipamiento
  • Actualizado el editor de CFG para manejar las nuevas $vars
  • Los "Contenedores" se marcan en el mapa con un icono similar al juego
  • Icons on different views didn't always match the selected iconset
  • Any unit can be set to have hangers.
  • New filters to show only carriers or units parked in carriers
  • <
  • Los iconos en las distintas vistas no siempre correspondian al iconset seleccionado
  • Cualquier unidad puede ser configurada para usar "hangares"
  • Nuevo filtro para vers solo "carriers" o solo unidades en carriers
  • New equipment special attribute "Saboteur" available
  • Nuevo atributo "Saboteur" disponible en equipamiento
  • Unit's cost in efile is no more limited to 3036pp
  • Mapx Editor reworked ... fixing A>R option
  • El coste de unidades en el equipamiento ya no esta limitado a 3036pp
  • El editor de Mapx revisado y mejorado. La opcion A>R funciona de nuevo
  • Year can be set bigger than 9999. Changing token BYEAR in first equipment item, will update all dates
  • Buy-Custom AI dialog was not working accurately when adding lines by picking manually items
  • Import mapx option added to scenario's map view
  • Import mapx option, won't change scenario related data (VH,DH,EH,...)
  • When importing mapx files you can choose to keep map-names or replace with those included in mapx
  • Save image as png/jpg... can save also image of tiled-maps either from scenario's map view or from Mapx Editor
  • El año puede definirse mas alla del 9999. Cambiando el token BYEAR en el primer item del equipamiento se actualizan todas las fechas
  • El dialogo "Buy-Custom AI" no funcionaba correctamente al añadir lineas manualmente
  • Añadida la opcion "Import mapx" al la visata del Mapa (scenarios/savegames menu)
  • La opción "Import mapx" no cambiará datos del escenario (VH,EH,...) solo del mapa (terreno,...)
  • Al importar mapx files se puede elegir si mantaner los nombres existentes o importar tambien los nombres
  • La opcion "Save image as png/jpg" se puede usar ahora tambien para los mapas a base de "tiles" tanto desde la vista del Mapa como desde el editor de MAPX
  • When importing Peg efiles, there is now an option to convert helicopter to TB or Flak class
  • when a campaign contains only scenarios using tiled maps, the "full campaign report" found a fatal error in every scenario
  • Al importar equipamientos de Peg, se tiene la opcion de importar los helicopteros como TB o como Flaks
  • Cuando una campaña contenia solo "tiled-maps", el informe: "full campaign report" reportaba un error fatal en cada escenario
  • Units/player counter was not updated, raising wrong warnings about too many units, when adding units or saving the scenario
  • OK button was missing from Purchase Units Dialog
  • El contador de unidades/jugador no se inicializaba al crear un nuevo escenario, generando mensajes de advertencia al crear unidades o salvar cambios
  • El botom "OK" del dialogo de compra de unidades, no aparecia
  • When purchasing units Auto -bars is ticked by deafault now
  • Al "comprar" nuevas unidades el check-box "Auto" (establecer bars segun experiencia) esta ahora habilitado por defecto
  • Units storage has been increased to allow 800 units in total (counting: deployed, retreated, hq and reinforces). Units per player can be as many as 400, 266 and 200 for 2, 3 or 4 players in game
  • Un total de 800 unidades total (contando desplegadas, en HQ, retiradas y refuerzos) pueden definirse ahora. Las unidades maximas por jugador pueden ser hasta 400, 266 o 200 si hay 2, 3 o 4 jugadores
  • When loading old-format og's scenarios, "#vh to control" flag was not properly read
  • Units storage has been increased to keep scenarios using more than 200 units per player to work. Suite will warn if there are more units per player than allowed (200 /133 /100 for 2/3/4 players) when appending units by any way (purchasing, cloning, pasting...)
  • Las condiciones de victoria del OG no se cargaban desde escenarios con formato antiguo.
  • Se ha incrementado el numero de unidades totales a 600, para permitir cargar escenarios con muchos refuerzos para la AI, superando las 200 unidades por jugador e incluso el limite de 400 totales al agregar el core del escenario anterior.
  • End trigger turn, added
  • New option to set a random range of experience to units at start of scenarios (Units View)
  • Añadido turno final para triggers
  • Nueva opcion de añadir un valor aleatorio a la experiencia de las unidades al iniciar un escenario (Vista de Unidades)
  • Added a quick set replacement button in Global Replace Country tool
  • Resizing tiled map can define now an initital start point and an end point to resize (better to avoid defining an even column as start point)
  • Añadido un boton para definir "replacement" en la utilidad "Global Replace Country"
  • Ahora se puede definir un punto inicial y otro final para redimensionar un mapa basado en "tiles" (debe evitarse definir una columna impara como punto inicial)
  • Units can be set a face-offset so instead of change orientation toward the enemy when firing/fired, it will point change using that offset. It is available from equipment view / Misc Tab. If set to 255, unit won't ever change orientation (usefull for forts's walls)
  • In equipment view you could click to assign multi-counties to items having contry 31 or higher
  • Fronts.txt file can include "help" lines for each country by inserting lines prefixed with ">" token
  • A las unidades se le puede definir ahora en la vista equipamiento (Misc Tab) un desplazamiento en la orientacion cuando disparan o son disparados. Si se establece como 255, la unidad mantendra su orientación invariable (util para las barricadas o murallas)
  • En la vista equipamiento, se podia picar el boton para asignar varios paises a un item con pais mayor de 31
  • El fichero Fronts.txt puede incluir lineas de texto (ayuda) para cada pais añadiendo lineas en cada section precedidas por el caracter ">"
  • New tool to create TERRAINEX.txt from existing TERRAIN.txt.
    Suite will try to load this new format and if not found it will load the old one. load
  • Nueva opcion para crear el nuevo fichero TERRAINEX.txt desde un TERRAIN.txt existente.
    Suite tratara de cargar el nuevo formato y si no lo encuentra cargara el antiguo"top" width="7%" height="26">
  • New tool to replace countries on scenarios belonging to a campaign or inside a folder. This will use a replacement table that you can Create edit and save to disk.
  • New filter when checking transports available for any efile's units which is set by default to efile view F/F filter is set, or the selected units F/F otherwise. The filter can be changed or removed once the Dialog pops up.
  • Nueva herramienta para reemplazar naciones en todos los escenarios de una campaña o de una carpeta.
  • Nuevo filtro por F/F en el dialogo que muestra los transportes de un equipamiento
  • Added option to change map size for tiled maps
  • Reworked the option to "Report how many scenarios on a folder/campaign use current item".
  • It was not possible to create a new mapx file from existing image (Mapx Editor View)
  • Terrain.txt was not properly loaded if tokens was not lowercase
  • TurnMessages was not properly reset.
  • Añadida opcion para cambair el tamaño del mapa cuando se usan "tiles"
  • Revisada la option para: "Report how many scenarios on a folder/campaign use current item".
  • No se podia crear una mapa en el Mapx Editor desde una imagen (png o Shp)
  • Terrain.txt no se cargaba si alguno de los "tokens" no esta en minusculas
  • Los "TurnMessages" no se reinicializaban correctamente
  • New campaign option to change country of core units to be the same than its player main country
  • New scenario option to allow any class unit to have hangars and so can carry over other units
  • Full campaign report now include each scenario options too (not those defined in CFG files though).
  • Units with "custom" move, GTP was not shown when purchasing
  • New options to set AI units objectives. Only works in new AI ver 2.0
  • New Victory Condition to kill other side units available
  • Summary View reworked to show better victory conditions
  • New option to create a custom purchase list of items (similar that option for AI) that players could purchase from game.
  • Importing Peg stuff is improved.
  • New options to create/convert and edit map using tiles instead of map images.
  • New option to define in campaign / scenario the version of AI to be played.
  • Custom AI purchase $vars, can be defined/edited from Suite.
  • Nueva opcion para permitir acualquier unidad tener hangares y a cualquier unidad empezar el escenario en un hangar
  • La opcion de "full campaign report" ahora incluye las opciones del cada escenario (pero no las definidas en ficheros CFG)
  • Para las unidades con movimiento "custom" no aparecian transportes en el dialogo de comprar
  • Nuevas optiones para fijar objetivos a las unidades de la AI
    Funcionan solo con la version test de la AI
  • Nueva condicion de victori: Eliminar un numero de unidades del otro bando
  • La vista Sumario se ha rediseñado ligeramente para visualizar mejor las condiciones de victoria
  • Nueva opcion para crear una lista alternative definiendo los equipos que pueden ser comprados durante el juego
  • Nuevao opcion para definir en ficheros campaign / scenario la version de la AI a usar.
  • Se puede definirpara la AI ademas de la lista de quipos a comprar, una serie de variables para customizar como comprara unidades la AI
  • CFG editor updated to new $vars
  • Base/Current strenght text boxes set to same relative position in Purchase dialog than in Units View
  • Shallow terrain was not taken as "water" when dragging/checking units
  • El editor de ficheros CFG actualizado
  • Las cajas para fuerzq base/actual dispuestas igual  en el dialogo de compra que en la Vista de Unidades
  • Nuevo terreno "Shallow" no se consideraba "agua" al arrastrar unidades para embarcar/desembarcar
  • New "shallow" terrain type added
  • New $vars added can be configured from CFG editor
  • Nuevo terreno "shallow" (poco profundo) añadido
  • Las nuevas $vars añadidas al OG se pueden configurar desde el editor de CFG
  • Option to "Global changes to equipment" include 3 new filters for each type of sound, so you can filter units having a given sound to make changes easier.
  • If there is a datfile in efile folder, Suite will try to load regardless its name.
    So you can place a modgen, cwgen or xenogen to work with a non standar datfile
  • Tools to show map images has been improved, and now can load any map image (bpm, png, shp or s16)
  • Tool to convert maps, has been improved and now you can run a batch conversion from/to any of the formats allowed for OG (bmp, png, jpg, gif, shp or s16)
  • Nuevo filtro en "Global changes to equipment" para aislar unidades con determinados sonidos a cambiar mas facilmente.
  • Si existe un "datfile" en el folder de un efile, Suite lo tratara de cargar independientemente del nombre.
    De esta forma se puede utilizar un modgen, cwgen or xenogen para trabajar en diferentes conversiones
  • La "tool" para visualizar mapas, se ha mejorado y ahora permite cargar cualquier tipo (bmp, png, jpg, gif, shp o s16)
  • La "tool" para convertir mapas se ha mejorado y ahora permite convertir de/a cualquier formato de los estandares OG (bmp, png, jpg, gif, shp o s16).
  • New option to show cost of filtered units or only cost of selected unit (available at Units View)
  • Last trigger option to "raise a proto" renamed to "Raise a core"
  • Attachment's icons are shown also in Map View
  • New tool to edit unit's names using a text file, providing: Export, Edit and Import options
  • CFG editor allow setting: $critical_hit,$am_delayparadrop, $am_atpcheckweather and $reinf_move
  • Nueva opcion para mostrar el coste de una seleccion de unidades en la Vista Unidades
  • La ultima opcion de los triggers renombrada como: "Raise a core"
  • Los iconos de attachments se ven ahora en la Vista del Mapa tambien
  • Nueva herramienta para editar nombres de unidades usando un fichero texto, con la posibilidad de exportar, editar e importar nombres a un escenario
  • El editor de ficheros de configuracion (.CFG) permite configurar las nuevas variables: $critical_hit,$am_delayparadrop, $am_atpcheckweather and $reinf_move
  • New trigger type to raise specific proto unit (allows defining unit and optionally transport also)
  • critical_hit $var included in CFG editor
  • Nuevo tipo de trigger que permite crear una determinada unidad core con o sin transporte
  • critical_hit $var incluida en el editor de ficheros CFG
  • Some scenarios having wrong map-id-names throwed an "improper argument"
  • "Clean mapnames" menu option now remove both unused and wrong map names
  • Import efile from Peg improved (fixed sound bug) and added option to create Nations from Peg's GUI
  • New trigger type to raise specific unit (allows defining unit and optionally transport also)
  • Algunos escenarios con marcas de nombres fuera de rango, daban un error de "improper argument"
  • La opcion "Clean mapnames" ahora limpia tambien de identificadores de mapa erroneos o fuera de rango
  • La opcion de importar equipamientos de Peg se ha mejorado corrigiendo un error al convertir los sonidos y permitiendo crear el fichero Nations.txt a partir de un GUI del Peg
  • Nuevo tipo de trigger que permite crear una determinada unidad con o sin transporte
  • Icons bigger than 100x60 was not drawn centered
  • Old Upgrade button and option from Units View is removed.
  • When a unit is designated as no transport, no transports will show up now within transports pop up dialog.
  • In the pop up window to select equipment or transports, FF was not checking when "Only if purchaseable" check-box was ticked
  • When editing scenario map data from Map Editor View, modified flag was not always set properly.
  • When setting roads/rails from Map Editor, map was not updated accordingly
  • When entering AI tab from Map View it was not properly inititalized
  • New option to set ammo for units according equipment (global reset ammo), similar to fuel
  • Los iconos mayores de 100x60 aparecian descentrados
  • Se ha eliminado la vieja opcion de "Upgrade units" que se invocaba con un boton.
  • Cuando la unidad no podia tener transporte, aun aparecain transportes al clicar en lña pestaña de transportes para la unida.
  • Los FF no se filtrban bien en las ventanas que permiten seleccionar equipamiento para una unidad, tanto para el equipamiento basico como para los transportes
  • Al editar datos desde el editor MAPX, no se actualizaba el estado "modificado" en todos los casos. Y al cambiar "roads/rails" el mapa no se actualizaba a veces
  • Al entrar en la pestalña "AI" desde la vista del mapa no se inicializaba adecuadamente.
  • Nueva opcion para resetear ammo de acuerdo al equipamiento, similar a como ya se podia hacer para el fuel
  • When running win7, suite crashed after creating a XSCH and entering to edit it.
  • Con Win7 la suite fallaba si despues de crear un XSCH se intentaba editar
  • In campaign view, scenario title was not shown if scen version was 22 or higher
  • Mud ground condition were not shown when viewing movement table from equipment view
  • Serious bug in campaign global changes fixed (when changing globally scenario dates)
  • First implementation of "Landing weights"
  • Number of units to escape can be assigned without restrictions in scenario visctory conditions
  • Fixed a bug when editing unit's names from Units View
  • Los titulos de los escenarios version 22 no se veian en el editor de campañas
  • Los movimientos de cada tipo no se mmostraban para terreno Mud
  • Corregido un error en cambios globales de escenarios de una campaña
  • Primera implementaciond de "Landing weights"
  • El numero de unidades a retirar se puede asignar ahora sin restricciones
  • Corregido un error al editar nobres de unidades desde la vista de Unidades
  • Some icons changed background when changing face
  • Spot check-box was changing ramdomly when starting
  • La opcion de ver "spot" se activaba aleatoriamente
  • Algunos iconos cambiaban de color de fondo al girar la vista
  • New option for reinforces to enter the battle at HQ, instead of deployed
  • Combobox to define planes set in a hanger (carriers/dirt airfields) show now all possible units with hangars for that plane
  • Units created with Suite were sometimes placed with facing 250 on map
  • In order to implement true kamikaze units, old kamikaze attribute for ai units has been renamed as Fearless
  • first implementation for kamikaze units
  • New special "AirLandMiner", to allow air units having "Drop mine" special to drop also land mines
  • New filter "by special" added to Global Equipment Changes, to allow easily setting the new special to air units able to drop mines
  • Nueva opcion para que los refuerzos aparezcan en el HQ, no desplegados
  • El combo-box para aviones apareciendo en hangar, incluye ahora tambien las unidades tierra con atributo carrier
  • Algunas veces las unidades creadas quedaban con orientacion 255
  • El antiguo atributo de escenario "Kamikaze" se ha renombrado a "Fearless"
  • Existe un nuevo atributo "Kamikaze" en equipamiento
  • Nuevo especial"AirLandMiner" que permite a los aviones con atributo "Drop mine" poner tambien minas terrestres
  • Nuevo filter "by special" añadido a cambios globales, para facilitar cambios de atributo a solo unidades que tengan uno determinado
  • Escape hex (EH) can be defined for Air, ground or both units type, so can be defined in same scenario EH for air units and also EH for naval/land units
  • Los EH (escape-hex) pueden definirse ahora para unidades aire y/o para unidades mar/tierra. Aun pueden limitarse a que solo puedan retirarse unidades MSU
  • Preview of map image was showing map #0 omage when selecting mapx files defining a .shp image
  • New option to restrict EH to air units. MSU can also be ticked to restrict to Air+Msu units only
  • Al seleccionar ficheros mapx aparecia la imagen del mapa #0 si el mapx definia una image en formato .shp
  • Nueva opción para restringir los EH a unidades aire, pudiendo definirse ademas que sean MSU
  • Players 3 and 4 can be configured to be AI commanded, regardless side (only meaningful for campaigns)
  • Units having "AirSupport" special can be configured to have several hangars, same than carriers
  • Equipment View reports revised and updated. Added 2 Iconsets reports and removed one obsolete
  • Los jugadores 3 y 4 pueden configurarse par ser controlados por la AI independiende del bando (solo tiene efecto en campañas)
  • Unidades tierra con "AirSupport" especial pueden configurarse co varios hangares igual que los portaaviones
  • Los listados de la Vista Equipamiento, revisados y actualizados. Hay mas optiones para listar iconsets
  • Added a bar in Map View showing cursor position and unit info if any. Map info is yet in bottom-left status bar
  • Suite LOG folder is now customizable again
  • Añadida otra barra de estado encima del mapa donde se muestran los datos dela posicion y unidad bajo el cursor.
    Los datos del terreno se mantienen en la barra inferior izquierda
  • El directorio para los LOG de la Suite es ahora configurable
  • Attachments icons are shown within unit picture
  • Some scenario options was missing from Campaign Global Changes
  • Warning new fields in Units View AI Tab are not working yet
  • Nuevos iconos de attachments se pintan ahora junto al icono de unidad
  • En los Cambios Globales de campaña, faltaban algunas opciones de esenarios
  • En la pestalña AI de la vista de unidades hay nuevos campos, pero aun no funcionan
  • Equipment editor allow configuring hangars for carriers (Misc Tab)
  • Scenario/Savegame editor allow from Units View
    (Status Tab):
    • Reset for a plane "In Hangar" status if it is wrong (only savegames)
    • Reset for a carrier all "hangars" setting, unlinking all planes links(only savegames)
    • Assign a plane to a carrier to be "in Hangar" at start of scenario (not for savegames)
  • El editor de Equipamiento permite configurar cuantos hangares (hasta 6) tiene un porta-aviones (Misc Tab)
  • el editor de Escenario/Paridas permite desde la Vista de Unidades
    (Status Tab):
    • Eliminar de aviones el estado "In Hangar" si queda erroneamente establecido
    • Eliminar de un porta-aviones todos los datos de sus "hangares"
    • Asignar aviones a porta-aviones de forma que al inicio del escenario estos esten dentro ("in Hangar") (solo escenarios)
  • New option in Victory Conditions to limit units to retreat to only those 
  • Nueva opcion en Condiciones de Victoria para limitar las unidades a escapar a aqullas marcadas como "must survive"
  • In the campaign dossier showing units destroyed, the forts and fighters numbers are reversed.
  • Attachmenst can be disabled in efile for any units
  • New special attribute: "SingleSupportFire" available in Equipment editor
  • New tool in Suite to see/edit/create CFG file. Available from toolbar only
  • Inla ventana Dossier las unidades  Fort y Cazas estaban intercambiadas
  • Los "Attachmenst" pueden ser desabilitados para algunas unidades en el editor de Equipamientos
  • Nuevo atributo especial "SingleSupportFire" dsiponible en el editor de Equipamientos
  • Nueva herramienta para ver/editar o crear ficheros CFG
  • New option in Victory Conditions to limit units to retreat to only those 
  • Nueva opcion en Condiciones de Victoria para limitar las unidades a escapar a aqullas marcadas como "must survive"
  • New option in Equipment global changes to make all icons in unit's iconset to be same than "default" icon.New option in Equipment global changes to make all icons in unit's iconset to be same than "default" icon.
  • New option in Equipment View to report units using iconsets (defaul icon different than snow, desert or jungle)
  • Map View was not using iconset selected, always used "default"
  • When comparing efiles copying a unit from one efile to the other, some data was not copied (rest of icons, some specials, ...)
  • Nueva opcion en Cambios globales de equipamiento para hacer todos los iconos del iconset iguales al "default"
  • Nueva opcion en Vista Equipamiento para listar las unidades usando diferentes icons en el iconset (default diferente a snow, desert or jungle)
  • La Vista del Mapa no usaba el iconset definido en el escenario, siempre usaba el icono "Default"
  • En la utilidad de compara equipamientos, al copiar un item en otro, no se copiaban ni los iconos del iconset ni algunos atributos de la unidad
  • New scenario option to skip first player turn
  • New option for units to avoid automatically being set to hold position if entrenched at start of scenario and commanded by AI.
    (set in Units View, AI tab)
  • Nueva opción de escenario que salta el primer turno del primer jugador
  • Nueva optcion para evitar que una unidad atrincherada al inicio de un escenario y comandada por la AI, sea considerada como "hold position..."
    Se activa en la Vista Unidades, pestaña AI
  • Filter to show only selected units in Map View was only working in strategic view
  • When editing a save game, internal scenario name was changed so loading in game any edited savegame, could lose turn messages and cfg file if needed. It is fixed now
  • When editing savegames, back up is now moved to a different forlder which is created when needed
  • El nuevo filtro para ver solo las unidades seleccionadas en la vist del Mapa, solo funcionaba en la vista estrategica
  • Al editar e¡un savegame se cambiaba el nombre interno del escenario, haciendo que perdiera los mensages de turno y el fichero .cfg  si tuviera que leerlos
  • Al editar saves, la copia de seguridad se guarda ahora en una carpeta diferente que se crea automaticamente si es necesario
  • Last used Tab is remembered now
  • Selected units in Map View are visually marked now
  • La ultima pestaña activa se mantiene ahora
  • Las unidades seleccionadas en la vista del Mapa se visualizan con una marca ahora
May 2013


  • Convert to campaign-specific efile was not working for xscn/xsch
  • Changing weight for naval/train/air/hello transports was not working from "Global Equipment Changes", only worked for ground transports
  • New tab in Units View to allow configuring Attachments
  • There is a new field to add a custom text in Equipment View.
    This new field can be used to sort and filter items. Data is stored in a new Equip.txt2  file
  • Now you can select several units from Map/Units view to launch global changes for only those unit selected
  • Global unit changes allow to change kamikaze, anchor and hold values
  • Custom terrain has now a icon to show on Map View
  • Convert to campaign-specific efile was not working for xscn/xsch
  • El cambio de peso de transportes no-organicos, no funcionaba en cambios globales
  • Nueva pestaña en la vista de Unidades para configurar "attachments"
  • Hay un nuevo campo de texto en la vista equipamiento que se puede utilizar para ordenar y filtrar por el. Los datos se guardan en un fichero: Equip.txt2
  • Ahora se pueden seleccionar varias unidades en las vistas del Mapa o Unidades y lanzar los cambios globales para esas unidades solamente
  • Los cambios globales de unidades permiten ahora cambiar los valores de kamikaze, anchor y hold
  • El terreno tipo "custom" tiene ahora un icono como los demas tipos


  • Now it is possible to move the units up and down the list, not just swap the positions
  • Ahora es posible mover unidades arriba o abajo en la lista de unidades, no solo intercambiar posiciones


  • Units detail window (right-click form MapView) had disabled most text boxes
  • First checkbox from added row in ground transport weights was not working
  • El primer checkbox de la nueva linea de pesos de transporte tierra no funcionaba
  • La ventana de detaslle unidad (click derecho desde la Vista del mapa) tenia desactivados la mayoria de datos


  • Campaign reports was not handling XSCH files properly
  • Campaign prestige report messed up prestige available on map
  • New option to "paint" airfields/ports icons on map when no background map image is available for that hex
  • New AD support special attribute
  • Ground organic transport is expanded to 16 weights
Required to edit OpenGen games version 0.90.25

  • Los informes de Campaña no gestionaban bien los XSCH
  • El informe de prestigio en Campaiña no mostraba bien el prestigio en el mapa
  • Nueva option para hacer que el OG dibuje un icono de Puerto/Aeródromo cuando se define uno y la imagen del mapa no lo tiene dibujado
  • Nuevo atributo "Ad Support"
  • Los transportes organicos tierra se han expandido a 16 posibilidades
Requerido para editar ficheros de la version 0.90.25 de OpenGen
Abr 2013


  • Setting to disable internet was not giving actual value in Settings dialog
  • La ocion de desabilitar acceso a internet no daba informacion veridica en la ventana de configuracion


  • New option to disable certain planes from using Air Missions
  • Nueva option para evitar que algunos aviones usen Air Missions


  • New button to list all maps needed for scenarios in folder in main view. No need to update the tree list before
  • Nuevo boton para obtener todos los mapas necesarios para los escenarios de una carpeta sin necesidad de actualizar primero la lista de escenarios


  • New checkboxes in Equipment View to filter F/F using either "exact" values or "having" values. Also available at Global Equipment Changes
  • Nueva opcion en la vista Equipamiento para filtrar valores de F/F de modo "Exacto" o de modo "incluyendo". Tambien dsiponibles al hacer cambios globales de equipamiento
Mar 2013


  • Check box to hide if played in XSCH editor was not working
  • No se podia definer el el editor de XSCH la opcion de "hide if played" (no mostrar si ya se ha jugado)


  • Now you can define intros for choice's scenarios too (text, music/speech and/or video)
  • Ahora se pueden definir "intros" en los nuevos escenarios "choice" (texto, una alocucion o video
Feb 2013


  • Now you can group any number of efile folders within another subfolder. Can create as many groups as you need, but only one level of groups is possible.
  • Select folder dialog now shows same info than OpenGen (xem and campaigs for each efile)
  • Png images will be converted always to 24 bits to avoid 32 bits images using alpha channel to show badly
  • Option to Clean units names was working wrongly
  • Ahora se pueden agrupar varios directorios de equipamientos debajo de un "contenedor" para permitir una organizacion mas clara de los equipamientos
  • La herramienta de seleccion de equipamiento (primer icono de la izquierda) ahora visualiza la misma informacion que el juego: El contenido del efile.xml, y las campañas del equipamiento
  • Las imagenes en formato png se convierten ahora a 24 bits para evitar que el posible canal alfa interfiera
  • La opcion "Clean units names" no funcionaba bien


  • Saving savegames from editor was wrong yet, now it is fixed and properly tested
  • EFILE_STRINGS.txt was reading badly when token [spaces] was found
  • New filters in Units View, to isolate anchor, kamikaze, hold until turn, turn prestige and depot units
  • Aun funcionaba mal el grabar save-games, ahora esta arreglado (y comprobado)
  • EFILE_STRINGS.txt no se leia bien cuando existia el epigrafe [spaces]
  • Nuevos filtros en la Vista de Unidades: Anchor, kamikaze, hold until turn, turn prestige and depot units


  • Export equipment used by units, option was not working properly, last unit was not included
  • Added "No special" to filter by special en Equipment View
  • Added checkbox to filter airborne units
  • Al exportar equipamiento usado por la unidades de un escenario, la última unidad no se incluia
  • Añadido filtro "Sin atributo especial" en el filto "by special" de la visa Equipamiento
  • Añadido un check-box para filtrar unidades paracaidistas


  • REQUIRED for OpenGen 0.90.19
  • Campaign dossier dialog reworked, showing kills/losses for all classes (all 3 cruisers classes using same counter though)
  • Tooltips for special attributes revised and completed
  • New option to "clean" unused unit's names
  • REQUIERIDA para OpenGen 0.90.19
  • El dialogo Dossier de Campaña rediseñado y muestra bajas para todas las clases de unidades (bueno todos los cruceros se engloban en un unico contador)
  • Ayudas para los atributos especiales revisados y completados
  • Nueva opcion para "limipar" los nombres de unidades no usados


  • When embarking units, fuel was reset (instead of keeping it)
  • Tooltips for Special attributes revised
  • Al embarcar una unidad su fuel se anulaba, cuando en realidad debia mantenerse
  • Revisados los "Tooltips" de los atributos especiales


  • Default strength was not converted for pg2 scenarios (without front.txt file) in folder
  • La fuerza por defecto no se convertia si el escenario es pg2 y no estaba el fichero fronts.txt


  • Editing unit's names from Map View + RighClick, was not working properly after clicking "Clear Name" button
  • Despues de pulsar el boton "Clear Name" en la ventana detalle de unidad de Map View (click derecho) no se podia editar el nombre de unidad.


  • Required for OpenGen 0.90.14
  • Count of efile icons was including only "default" icon
  • Necesaria para editar partidas de la version OpenGen: 0.90.14
  • Solo los iconos definidos como "default" eran considerado en la cuenta de iconos usados del equipamiento


  • Campaign's global changes to equipment was not working
  • Cambios globales a equipamiento de una campaña no funcionaba


  • .map files were not loaded if a same name .mapx was found
  • Importing into scenario/save an external Mapx exported from another scenario/save, was changing specific scenarios settings (VH, SH and flags) in addition to map settings (terrain, rails,...)
  • No se podia cargar un .map si existia un .mapx
  • Al importar en un escenario/savegame un mapx generado desde otro escenario/save se modificaban los datos propios del escenario y no solo los del mapa.


  • Copy/move campaign files to a folder was not copying campaign text files after each result.
  • Turn prestige given for hexes can be set to any owned hex now
  • After building and deploying a new unit u¡on map, Suite crashed if "Show range was toggled on"
  • Change AI stance  trigger, now admit a parameter setting expire turn
  • La opcion de copiar/mover ficheros de una campaña a un directorio no copiaba los ficheros de texto a mostrar despues de cada resultado
  • El prestigio por turno de los hexes del map puede ser definido ahora en cualquier hex con jugador definido
  • Despues de comprar y desplegar una unidad, se producia un error fatal al seleccionar "mostrar el rango"
  • El tyrigger: cambio de actitud de la AI, admite un paremetro fijando el truno en que expira
  • There was a bug avoiding to set turn prestige for VH/SH hexes
  • Forts class can also be defined as depot-unit (can resupply units on ZOC).
  • New option to create mapfile as pg2 compatible .map both from MapView (scenario/savegame) or MapEditorView (mapx)
  • Scroll threshold is increased 2 pixels to allow easier scrolling when window is maximized
  • Habia un bug que evitaba asignar p`restigio por turno en el mapa a VH/SH
  • Unit¡dades tipo Bunker pueden definirse tambien como unidades-depot que pueden abastecer unidades adjacentes
  • Nueva opción para crear un "mapfile" compatible pg2 tanto desde un scenario/save (Vista del Mapa) o desde un mapx desde la Vista Editor de Mapa
  • El area de scroll la he agrandado un par de pixels de forma que sea mas facil hacerlo cuando la ventana esta maximizada
  • New parameter to trigger type: Raise prototype, allowing to define custom timeframe for candidates. Requires OpenGen version 0.90.9 or higher.
  • Entrench tics is no more available for editing, as it was not very usefull.
  • Menu option to add choice pseudo-scenario was not working, only working below scenario list, was working.
  • Nuevo parametro para el tipo de trigger: Prototipo, que permite definir el periodo para buscar los candidatos. Necesita OpenGen version 0.90.9 o superior
  • Ya no se puede editar el valor de "trench tics" que realmente no servia para mucho.
  • La opcion de añadir pseudo-escenarios csch no funcionaba, solo funcionaba usando el boton
  • Menu option to check multi-country assignments in efile is enabled. If any is found you will be prompted to clean (remove all muti-assignments)
  • In equipment view, the button to see/edit multi-country assignment is always enabled now, so you can also check / set / remove manually for any item.
  • La opcion de menu para comprobar las asignaciones multiples de paises esta habilitado de nuevo. En caso de encontrar alguno, se da la opcion de limpiar (eliminar) los encontrados
  • En la vista del equipamiento el boton para ver/editar las asignaciones multples esta siempre habilitado de forma que se puede ver/modificar las asignaciones de pais multiples tambien manualmente
  • Global changes to campaign units equipment, was not showing current units
  • Importing mapx into scenario map view, now optionally will allow to keep current mapnames.
  • Cambios globales a equipaminetos de escenarios de una campaña no funcionaba
  • Ahora se puede importar un mapx en un escenario manteniendo los nombres de mapa existentes (no se cambian con los del mapx importado)
  • Prestige on map was wrong when clicking from campaign editor
  • El boton de ver prestigio en el mapa desde el editor de campañas daba resultados erroneos
  • Campaign option "Change all scenario equipment using a table" tested and enabled
  • La opcion de campañas: "Change all scenario equipment using a table" probada y habilitada


  • Editing leaders in xsav files, was wrong and thus, changes was not loaded game.
  • Editing special attributes is free - no restrictions, designers can edit as they will.
  • La edicion de lideres en ficheros tipo XSAV tenia errores
  • Los atributos especiales se pueden editar libremente ahora sin restricciones


  • Save-games using a map bigger than 39x44 raised when editing a false error regarding units in wrong position
  • Dirt check-box allow to define airfields as if buit-in game (will be painted with icon) on any hex owned by a player (no need to set flag) as far as hex is not an Airfield nor Port already
  • Al editar partidas que usen un mapa de tamaño mayor de los antiguos, las unidades que estaban en el area añadida, generaban un error de mala posicion
  • El check-box de la vista del Mapa etiquetado como "Dirt" permite ahora crear aerodromos como si se hubieran construido en el juego - y por lo tanto los pinta con el icono de aerodromo. Hay que seleccionar un hexagono que tenga asifnado "owner" (jugador) y hacer clic en el check-box "Dirt"
  • Naming units from Map View was doing wrong.
  • There is a new checkbo to mark trigger hexes in MapView
  • Nombrar unidades desde la vista del Mapa generaba errores.
  • Hay un nuevo para visualizar los hexes tipo "trigger" en el mapa
  • Units set as reinforces and deployed are changed to no-deployed when saving file (either xscn or savegame)
  • Unit's global changes reset deploy staus when setting reinforce turns
  • Prototype list was wrong for defalt timeframe, and was ok when custom timeframe
  • When using Strings_Efile.txt including [unitdata] section, terrain labels were overwritten
  • Las unidades configuradas como refuerzos y tambien como desplegadas, se comprueban al grabar para eliminar el estado "desplegado"
  • Los cambios globales de unidades, resetean el estado "desplegado" si se marca turno de refuerzo
  • La lista de prototipos no era correcta si el periodo era el estandar
  • Si existe el fichero Strings_Efile.txt incluyendo la seccion [unitdata], los nombres del terreno se sobreescribian
  • Icons as png had some issues, even crashing OpenSuite
  • Units was showing always default icon, now they show one according iconset defined
  • Prototype change was aparently allowed for scenarios, now is fixed
  • Los iconos en png daban problemas
  • Las unidades siempre se mostraban con el iconset por defecto, ahora usan el definido
  • Parecia como si la probabilidad de prototipos se puediera definir para escenarios
  • Using unit panel from Map view (Right-Click) was allowing reinforces being also deployed
  • Converting shp maps in a folder to png/jpg was not working properly.
  • New toggle to disable automatic downloading (avoids accessing internet)
  • Automatic downloading of maps was not working properly
  • Automatic downloading of maps can be defined as jpg (default) or png
  • Se producian situaciones incongruentes al validar en el panel-detalle de unidad en la vista del mapa, si la unidad era un refuerxo, quedando tambien como desplegada
  • La conversion global de mapas de una carpeta de formato shp a png no funcionaba
  • Ahora se puede desactivar el acceso a internet
  • La descarga automatica de mapas no funcionaba bien
  • Ahora se puede definir silos mapas se descargan como jpg o png 
Sep 2012
Changes from Last SuitePG2
  • New button to change Efile folder
  • Larger window
  • Check Files View
    • Reorganized elements
    • New PG2 Format/OG format selector for campaigns and maps
  • Campaign View
    • Reorganized elements
    • New button to add Choice scenarios
    • In the Show protos button, you can customize the prototypes awarded
  • Scenario Summary view
    • Reorganized elements
    • Train and Helo transport boxes to set them
    • Separated proto and new units strenght boxes
    • Air missions checkbox
    • Increase Planes movement box
    • New Options button that allows options from OG and Patch 2.x
    • Iconset selector
    • Days per turn/turns per day
    • Base hex prestige
    • Base hex turn prestige
    • Victory conditions button
  • Unit Settings View
    • Reorganized elements
    • New Disband box
    • Cannot reasign
    • Supply units in ZOC
    • Turn prestige
    • Custom leader
    • Anchored checkbox
    • Kamikaze checkbox
    • Hold position box
    • AI's roles (not working)
  • Map Settings View
    • Rails/roads set
    • Rail station checkbox
    • Hex prestige modifier
    • Trigger type list
    • Trigger parameter
    • Turn prestige
    • Allied/Axis minefields
  • Equipment File Maintenance View
    • Reorganized elements
    • Filter by special
    • Attributes moved to tab
    • New attributes
    • Sounds moved to tab
    • Transports moved to tab
    • New transports weights (Rail, Helo)
    • Helo/Rail transported
    • Air missions (Air Recon, Wild Weasel, Supply)
    • Iconset
  • Map Editor View
    • Rail checkbox
    • Rail set
    • Rail station checkbox
    • Removed tiles
    • Zoom levels
  • Menus
    • Moved "Copy/Remove campaign" from Campaign to Tools
    • In Campaign, new option to "Add Choice scenario"
    • Map File Editor replaced by MAPX Editor, reorganized
Cambios en relacion a la ultima SuitePG2
  • Nuevo botón para cambiar de carpeta de equipamiento
  • Ventana más grande
  • Vista Lista de Ficheros
    • Elementos reorganizado
    • Nuevo botón de selección para campañas y mapas en formato PG2/OG
  • Vista Campaña Elementos reorganizados
    • Nuevo botón para añadir escenarios de elección
    • Nuevo botón para editar escenarios de elección
    • En el botón Mostrar Prototipos se pueden personalizar los prototipos obtenibles
  • Vista Sumario
    • Elementos reorganizados
    • Cuadros para definir transporte de Tren o Helicóptero
    • Cuadros separados para la fuerza de unidades nuevas y prototipos
    • Casilla de activación de Misiones Aéreas
    • Cuadro de incremento de movimiento para aviones durante Misiones Aéreas
    • Nuevo botón Opciones para activar las opciones del Patch 2.x y de OG
    • Selector de juego de iconos
    • Dias por turno/turnos por día
    • Prestigio por defecto para los hexágonos
    • Pretigio por defecto por turno
    • Botón Condiciones de Victoria
  • Vista Unidades
    • Elementos reorganizados
    • Nuevo cuadro Desbandar
    • No se puede vender
    • Suministrar unidades en ZdC
    • Prestigio por turno
    • Líder personalizable
    • Casilla Anclado
    • Casilla Kamikaze
    • Cuadro Mantener Posición Hasta
    • Roles de AI (no funciona aún)
  • Vista del Mapa
    • Definición de Railes/Carreteras
    • Casilla Estación de Tren
    • Modificador de prestigio de hexágonos
    • Lista de Disparadores ("triggers")
    • Parámetros de Disparadores ("triggers")
    • Prestigo por turno
    • Minas Aliadas/Eje
  • Vista de Equipamiento
    • Elementos reorganizados
    • Filtrar por habilidad
    • Las habilidades movidas a una ficha
    • Nuevas habilidades
    • Sonidos movidos a una ficha
    • Transportes movidos a una ficha
    • Nuevos pesos para transportes (Tren, Helicóptero)
    • Transportado por Helicóptero/Tren
    • Misiones Aéreas (Reconocimiento, Supresión AD, Suministro)
    • Juego de iconos
  • Vista Editor de Mapas
    • Casilla Vías
    • Definición de Vías
    • Casilla Estación de Tren
    • Eliminadas tiles
    • Niveles de Zoom
  • Menús
    • Movido "Copiar/Eliminar campaña" de Campaña a Herramientas
    • En Campaña, nueva opción para "Añadir escenario de elección"
    • Editor de Mapas reemplazado por Editor de MAPX y reorganizado