OpenGeneral - status summary

Current Version:  Alpha 0.5x  * December 2009

Game download including OPENGUI & SOUNDS folders:


Game download inluding just the executable:  

 OpenGenExe update

Efile package, including specific picture files for each efile:

 REDIST package

MEL sounds converted to MP3 (SFX folder)


Music files (bplay, gplay, rplay, usplay) converted to MP3 (SOUND folder)

OpenMusic as mp3.rar

OPENGUI files PG2 style

OpenGUI PG2style.rar

OPENGUI files Juankar's style

OPENGUI JKstyle.rar
Current development team is:


Luis Guzman

See also: OpenGen forum at JP

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Alpha  0.52 (Oct 2009)  - numbers 0.43 to 0.51 used for diferent updates
  • Autosave campaign & scenario does work
  • Can configure if you want top central info same as PG2 or you prefer always to show terrain in addition to hex name
  • Leader specific attribute is shown in bottom line, if any.
  • Experience level is shown in bottom line
  • Unit experience is shown on unit info dialog (in addition to bars tooltip)
  • Smooth scrolling and no blurs
  • Resolution can be changed also for Win mode
  • New option to allow AD/Flak intercept planes while flying withing range 1 hex.
  • New detailed combat log included. Can be read by typing Alt+C
  • Use of CPU reduced drastically
  • Suite can be launched from game if placed at main game folder
  • New UNITFIRE pics.
  • Cursors can be placed on Efile OPENGUI to further customization
  • New option to allow Battleship, Carriers and Cruisers fire as FlaKs
  • New backgrouund sounds for rain and snow weather conditions
  • New sounds effects for capturing a flag
  • Peg's unit icons can be used as .s16 without converting. Put any s16 file you want to use on OPENDAT folder
  • New slider to set volume for misc. sounds like Click, EndTurn, RaiseLeader (and setting is saved)
  • Music can be set to be specific for each country and different for each Efile.
  • Some of the colors used by the program can be customized using an external text file COLORS.TXT.
  • Units on map don't move anymore doing zig-zag, movement is smoother.
  • Custom animation can be made for units surrendering.
  • Stacked units handled same as PG2
  • New user option to avoid switching to strategic view by double clicking on normal map.
  • Click sound works already
  • New optional sound to play when a leader is raised (even enemy)
  • Two different sounds for rain can be played: Rain and Rain2 (mp3/wav). If game finds only Rain file, it will be repeated.
    Different sounds can be played for capturing VH or any other flag
  • All command are saved to a special .xlog file placed at OPENLOG folder that you can replay later.


Alpha  0.42 (Sep 2009)  - numbers 0.31 to 0.41 were used for internal use only -
  • First AI is available. Although it is far from finished, it is a first step to start discussing  ...
  • All interface files are read from external files instead of from panzer2 shp files.  These files can be PNG or BMP.
    An special folder OPENGUI must hold those files in order to start the game.
    These files include cursors, dialogs, buttons, menus, marks, and animations and all of them are included on the package, so be sure you extract using stored paths
  • All efile related files (dossier, inspect pictures  and flags) are read from external PNG/BMP files. At this time they are still read from either external shp files or from within panzer2.dat but this could change in a future. These files are expected to be found on OPENDAT folder.
    Each Efile folder should include an OPENDAT sub-folder to hold their specific image files. Those files are: (png takes precedence over bmp)
    dossier_medal (png/bmp)
    dossier_portrait (png/bmp)
    flag_med (png/bmp)
    flag_small (png/bmp)
    inspect_leader (png/bmp)
    inspect_medal (png/bmp)
    roundels (png/bmp)
    If any file is missing  in this sub-folder, then main OPENDAT folder is searched (within main game folder).
    If there are still missing images, they are searched as standard shp files (dossier.shp / flags1.shp) within this efile's sub-folder.
    And if any image is missing yet, then standard shp files within panzer2.dat are searched.
    I have converted all different pictures delivered with GraphSwitcher tool (well except those having old format) compressed in a package to allow install of the efiles folders from that (OPEN_REDIST.rar), check the links on top of the page.
  • REDIST package includes also an OPENTXT_SAMPLE folder with some text files.
    These files are intended as a replacement for GUI97 and MISC files, as they can define not only text lables, but also important data as terrain cost, entrenchment, nations and fronts/factions, and so. You can edit and put on the related EFile folder and they will be loaded.
  • There are some new game options available. I develop this to have the feature available, and maybe some should be moved as unit's special attributes, but I have not changed anything on equipment structure yet, so it is open to further discussion.
    • AD units can shoot air units as soon as they enter its range of fire, even if hidden.
    • Units, either friend or enemies, can block the line of fire
    • Air units can extend a zone of control (as it was on the original PG2)
    • Roads give the bonus when exiting the hex, not when entering the hex. This make bridges simetryc instead  (if there is a bridge, then it works from both river sides)

Not included yet :

  • NET  (warzone -  tcp/ip)  play
  • Internal editor
  • Efile improvements.

Alpha  0.30a (Nov 2008)  - alpha 0.29 for internal use only -
  • Fixing a bug When switching countries in the requisition and others windows
  • Auto test feature enabled. This a built-in feature to allow checking combat formula by comparing estimated results for several units using OpenGen and current PG2.
    How to do:
    1.- Create any scenario or select any existing with the terrain/units you want to test (can do also using a save-game)
    2.- Create a text file having a line for each combat you want to test. Each line should be in the form:
          @ AttakerCol-AttackerRow ,   @ DefenderCol-DefenderRow ,   Pg2AttackerForecast , Pg2DefenderForecast
          You can include remarks by starting lines with a ;  and also can include empty lines, both of them will be ignored.
    3.- Rename the text file to have same file name than scenario/saved but  .TEST as suffix and move it to same folder as your scenario/save-game
    4.- Now you must fill the file, so you should open it using Notepad or your favourite text editor (btw, here you can get a very good one:  NotePad++ )

    5.- While .test file is open, load the scenario/save-game into PG2 * I strongly recomend to use D3DWindower as you can Alt+TAB to switch between PG2 and your text editor and add as many lines as you want to test (fill attacker position, defender position and estimated losses for attacker and defender - 4 fields delimited by , )
    6.-  Once you have include all the lines you want, save the .test file, exit the text editor and close PG2 game.
    7.- Launch OpenGen and load the scenario/save-game
    8.- Press Alt+T (press T on keyboard while hondling pressed the Alt key) and all combats defined on the .test file will be evaluated and a message will pop telling how  many lines thown different forecast. If any difference is found, a report (log) will pop up showing those differences.

    You can always include some combats and after running the test, add more lines and run again the test.
    If any of the .test file has lines OpenGen can't understand, a warning is raised and those lines are included on the report so so can  review and fix.
    If you find any difference we would be happy if you could send me:
    a) The scenario/save-game you used
    b) The map file (.map)
    c) Equip97 (.eqp + .txt) you have used to run the test
    d) the report (log file) named Autotest_$$$.log  ($$$ = same filename than scenario/save-game) from your .\OPENLOG folder
  • New Combat formula disassembled from current PG2 by Rudankort - who has joined the project team.
  • E-Mail playing (PBEM) is available.
  • Units icons can be made using a PNG file arranged as 3x3 same size images,  so each icon size will be figured out as:
    • icon width =  full image width/3
    • icon height = full image height/3
  • Units icons can be located on a specific OPENDAT folder. This folder is searched before panzer2.dat so any icon placed here can override any icon include on panzer2.dat
  • Interface files (except UNITFIRE and EXPLODE) will be read from external files instead of from panzer2 shp files.
    An special folder OPENGUI will be used to hold those files.
  • Any EFile folder can include an OPENGUI folder to customize its interface with specific files (all or only some of them). If no Efile's OPENGUI folder exist or any interface file is not found then main game OPENGUI folder will be searched.
  • Base year can be easily overridden by placing a specific text file (EYEAR.txt ) on EFile folder. First line of EYEAR.txt must include number which will override default 1900 base year.
    An alternative way, which takes precedence, is to include this token:  "BYEAR = ####" within first equipment item name (first record of Efile)
  • There is a new toggle option to see unit's range of fire when unit is selected. A red outline encloses hexes within range.
  • When a unit on naval transport can disembark on a shore, mouse changes to show possible hexes. If you click on a valid hex, unit will disembark at once
     (no need to right click, ..).
  • There is a new option to see an explosion on the target unit when it is fired from range 2 or bigger. You must enable on Game Settings window. This allows to know which unit is the target when AI is firing your units.
  • There will be an additional score file to keep last 5 scores played. So OpenHigh.scr will keep 5 best scores played and OpenLast.scr will keep last 5 scores played. Game score will use a new formula, and each scenario score will be included on AAR and dossier window.
  • Naval units in port won't be scuttled as soon as mouse hover them, they will have a chance to flee the port if there is an hex available to go.
  • You can select if  Mountains, Cities and Forest block direct line of fire only at range 2 (as currently PG2 does) or them block at any range (3 or more).
    Setting can be define at scenario file or as global setting (stored on windows registry).

Not included yet :

  • Messages on screen are not read from GUI97.txt (are hard coded).
  • NET (warzone -  tcp/ip)  play
  • AI  .. .you must play for each player.
Alpha  0.28  (July - 2008)
  • When picking a campaign to play, there are two new buttons to check for missing maps (for the campaign you select).
    • Only check for missing files button, just do that, it gives you a report of missing files
    • Check and download missing files button, will try to download (and install) any missing mapfile from Gilestiel ftp site, then it gives you a report of those downloaded and/or still missing
  • And everytime you start a campaign, a background thread will start silently to check, download  & unzip missing maps (both mapfile and map picture).
    If any map is missing yet and cannot be found a log will pop up to warn you after exiting the program.
  • At the end of  any scenario, a pop up window will show the result. This window includes a couple of buttons to save the game and /or get an AAR (after action report).
    This "Ended" status is remembered when saved, so loading from that, goes to this window again. This can be useful to debug campaigns, as at this point next scenario is not loaded yet.
  • There is a special flag to reset core units exactly the same as as if scenario #0  is played, previous core units are lost and unit upon deploy hexes become new core units.
    This flag (reset core units) will be defined on campaign file. Current behavior for replaying #0 works the same also.
  • All played scenarios are properly recorded on campaign save game, regardless they are played only once or more times and each time results are kept separately, so AAR can track the path accurately.
  • AAR (after action repor) is available. It can be got from Dossier or from End of Scenario window.
    You can still configure which options you want, but you must configure them from User Settings window. Anyway your settings will be stored on windows registry.
    AAR can be gotten for standalone scenarios also.
  • Dossier window is ready and includes a button to get AAR. Medals are resized when needed as to show all scenarios played.
  • Campaign mode is working, including transition to the next scenario as defined within campaign file.
    Includes also a new feature to reset core unit if defined on campaign file, if not played goto condition, videos, speeches and texts.
    Prestige management and prototypes (checking/showing) are also included as well as checking and showing if any new equipment is available.
  • Weather management is done and weather table can be read from external file.
    Ground condition keeps as defined on scenario.
  • AI turn is simulated by travelling all AI units. But it's a bit annoying so there is a setting to disable AI and play both sides.
    Anyway you can hit ESC key to abort  travelling once started.

Not included yet :

  • Only a few texts are taken from GUI right now
  • NAMES.txt file is not used yet.
  • Best Carriers window. Shouldn't we include a new formula to evaluate campaign results ?
  • PBEM play
  • NET (warzone -  tcp/ip)  play
  • AI  .. .you must play for each player.
Alpha  0.27c  (May-2008) - alpha 0.26 for internal use only -
  • Purchase Units window is made
  • Upgrade Units window is ready
  • Efile folder browser has been improved as to be similar to the rest of dialogs
  • XP style message windows have been changed to be similar than other dialogs
  • Can change the way selected hexes are shadowed (when moving / deploying)  up to 6 choices
    by pressing Alt+1 (old style), Alt+2, Alt+3, Alt+4, Alt+5 and Alt+6. Your setting is saved on windows registry
  • Can change how it is shown the box for selected unit within a list (HQ &  Deploy)
    Alt+0 switches between standard and light yellow box
  • BMP, PNG and GIF format support added for Maps. So when OpenGen needs to load a map picture it will search MAP folder this way :
    • If exist MAP#.BMP (#  is map number) then it will be loaded
    • else If exist  MAP#.PNG then it will be loaded
    • else If exist  MAP#.GIF then it will be loaded
    • else If exist  MAP#.JPG then it will be loaded
    • else MAP#??.SHP will be decoded, merged into a single image and loaded.
    • (later, if none is found OpenGen will try to downloaded from a ftp server using the format we finally agree)
  • I've spent many weeks researching the combat formula and now I think we have a much better approach although I'm sure there are more special cases not caught yet, but I've fixed many of them (naval combat, fortifications, close terrain, rough, swamp and bocage ... ).
    I focused on getting same forecast than PG2 as this way I avoid the random effect and it's easier to compare results. It is still far away to be perfect, but I think it's much closer than before.
  • Background music is already working (using DirectMusic). OpenGen can now play music as WAV, MP3 and MUS files. WAV/MP3 files are searched first and if not found any the MUS file is converted to WAV before played. Be aware the converted WAV file is not deleted once played to avoid next time to convert and very few files are used at this time. MEL sounds are not supported as MP3, only WAV & MEL format can be used.

    Files are searched first within EFile MEDIA folder as to allow having custom music files for each EFile campaign/scenarios and if not found then standard SOUND folder is searched.
    Default background music is GPLAY1 and GPLAY2 but you can change using the new Media Settings Dialog.
  • Video clips are also featured as AVI files. It is a first attempt far away to be perfect. No need to change anything on campaign files, OpenGen will search any file defined as .SMK as .avi and if found, will be played. So you only need to convert some .smk to .AVI to test.
    Intro and credits video should be named as OpenGen_intro.avi and OpenGen_credits.avi so if you want to test convert or create any and rename that way to test.
    AVI files are also searched first within EFile MEDIA folder to allow having custom video files for each EFile campaign/scenarios. Standard SMACK folder is searched when no custom file is found. See OpenGen video format readme
  • If you want some avi to test, get these package (4 avis) OpenPG2 Avis pack

    There is a new switch to avoid playing avi videos you can turn off within the new Media Settings Dialog.
  • Scenario intros (speech  and video) are also featured when starting a campaign. But there is a problem when using exclusive video mode. After running an scenario's intro video map picture is not drawn until intro text window is closed. It doesn't happen if window mode is running though.
  • There is a new Game Settings dialog to allow choosing game features from the scenario or from a global settings stored on registry. This window will allow to change those features like, true spot0, true range0, if allow blowing, if can repair, construct, etc. This will allow to test the new features/options easier as no need to edit scenarios. I will update as new features are included.
  • A new OpenPG2_AI.dll  is included. Although it does nothing at this time, it will grow up as AI development is made. Put both executable and DLL on main game folder.

....No AI yet, you must play for each player.

Alpha  0.25  (Nov-2007)
  • Units get experience on combat (first formula to be tested) and leaders
  • Units can be renamed, either from unit window or from HQ window
  • Units can disband on a certain turn. (need Suite 4.19b to enter a negative value for reinforce turn)

OpenPG2 Test  is a special version to test combat formula. It records combat results to a text file (TestXLS.csv) which can be edited with notepad or using MS-Excel. This test version does 20 iterations using same units values (as if you fight 20 times reloading each time the scenario).

Alpha  0.24f  (Oct-2007)  - alpha 0.23 for internal use only -
  • Reinforces management is ready also.
  • Supply rules are implemented as to be tested / improved
  • A movement cost stable can be read from an external text file. If MovTbl*.txt or MovTbl*.log is found on EFile folder, it will be loaded and used instead of default movement cost table. This file can be created using Suite game set editor (export movement as report)
  • Building Ports, Airfields, Fortifications & Pontoon bridges fully functional. Only units having "bridge" attribute can build
  • Blowing is fully implemented. Only units having "bridge" or "pioneer" attribute can blow.
  • Minefields is implemented as a terrain attribute, it can be defined at scenario design (using Suite PG2 4.19) but can be dropped also by units having bridge attribute. Only one type of minefield is done at this time (no side)
  • Combat is full implemented, including overrun, fire support, rugged defense and retreat/surround  after combat. Last combat stats can be reviewed at any time pressing Ctrl+C on keyboard.
  • New barrage fire is available for artillery, bombers and capital ships. It can be used on empty hexes against un-spotted units or to blow bridges, cities, airfields and ports. Shift keyboard allow  toggle normal move mode/barrage fire mode. When firing against cities, etc, "bomber size" value is used.
  • Fighters will make interdiction when they are close to friendly air units which are attacked from range 1,  regardless its range.
  • Naval units and Flaks having Air Attack >0 can give Air Support fire but only within range 1
  • This alpha includes these Victory Conditions:
    • Kill all enemy units
    • Take all VH (victory hexes) within specific turns (BV,V,TV,LS)
    • Hold a number of owned VH (enemy VH really) after last turn to get a BV, V or TV (this will allow true defensive scenarios)
    • Retreat a given number of  units using scenario designed EH (escape hexes) to  achieve a BV, V or TV
    • Kill any enemy unit defined as "Must Survive Unit".

      You need to enable on scenario to use last 3 methods, in order to keep full compatibility with existing scenarios

    .... But no AI yet, you must play for each player.

  • Alpha  0.20-0.22  (Sep-2007)

    • Spotting rules implemented, only units spotted by the active player are shown
    • Unit's movement is fully implemented (but not combat, so surprise contact just stop movement) - MEL files are played for movement.
    • Can finish the turn, but no AI available, so you must also end the AI turn. At the end of scenario, a provisional dialog will show up and game returns to start screen
    • Combat formula is partially implemented though less than accurate. It only works for estimated losses, no real combat yet. It is only made to show the graphical interface and the LOF (line of fire) rules.
    • Blow / Repair features are also implemented for Bridges, Airports, Cities and Ports.
      In order to allow testing, the new scenario settings "Blow-able" and "repair-able" are skipped
      Only units having "engineer" special attribute can do that. In addition if unit has fired, reinforced or has spent all its movement, cannot do this
      Also Unit must be on the hex to be blown (note it is different as it was on stock SSI scenarios)
    • Building Ports, Airfields, Fortifications & pontoon bridges is half-made
      It shows a menu to select available Building actions depending on hex conditions
      The new scenario settings "CanBuild" and "BuildingTime" are skipped right now
      Only units having a new  "builder engineer" special attribute will do that, but this is also skipped and any infantry unit will raise the possible options depending on the hex it is.
      In addition if unit has fired, reinforced or has spent all its movement, cannot do this
      Unit must be on the hex to build the new facility
    • There is a new option to place "binocular" marks on map for spotted hexes, when a unit is selected
      It is toggled by using TAB keyboard
    • Unit's icon can be made using PeG .s16 format for a better resolution. In fact when both .s16 and .shp files are found for any unit, .s16 takes precedence. These units s.16 files can be included on panzer2.dat using any of the existing tools.
    • There is an option to hide unit's strength and estimated losses on combat. If this option is set enemy leaders are also hide.

    Alpha 0.15  (Feb-2007)

    • Can load campaigns
    • Can cycle units (next-prev)
    • Scenario intro can be shown similar as turn report
    • Core units are marked on Viewunit and HQ windows (there is a yellow mark on top of experience box)
    • On HQ view, hovering any unit box, writes on first line equipment and transport name.
    • ViewUnit window will show transport name and movement allowance when hovering on transport icon.
    • While deploying units, strategic map shows deployment hexes with a graphical icon instead of shading the hexes in order to show clearer - I've used an experimental icon, but the point is to test the idea rather than the icon used.

    Alpha 0.13 (Feb-2007)

    • Includes full movement rules including bridge units.
    • Units can move tracing the calculated path, so you can see which hexes have been selected by the pathfinder routine.
    • Includes a solution to show PEBM attributes codes.
      @ codes are shown on second top line within the unit view window, and when you hover on those top lines,
      a drop-down tooltip shows each letter with its meaning.
      In addition there is a new pop window showing all the codes meaning you can raise typing a question mark ( ? )
    • All standard windows dialogs have changed their aspect, getting a bit of transparency, but not sure if that will work on XP only.

    Alpha 0.11 Feb-2007)

    • Changed Headquarter window to show as many units as space allows and you can also deploy units, though still cannot purchase.
    • You can deploy units
    • Fixed switch using Alt-ESC or Alt-TAB behavior.

    Alpha 0.8 (Jan-2007)

    • First implementation for EFile folder concept
    • Can load scenarios and savefiles
    • Icons for menu's buttons are not read from panzer2.dat, but from resources
    • Palette is hard-coded  (with current 256 colors) but 256 color support will be surely removed later
    • The "full screen" button, does somehow different than PG2, but it allows higher screen resolutions
    • Sub menus also show up slightly different, but simpler to program, and I think clear enough.
    • When exiting it saves your setting to window registry, so it will remember your settings, next time (video mode, normal/strategic view, grid, ).
    • Scroll speed is customizable
    • Last open files are remembered, so you can quickly re-open them.
    • First instance of HQ-screen made
    • Units can be selected and all available hexes to move are highlighted but you cannot move them yet

    First prototype (Dec -2006)

    • Configurable video mode (resolution)
    • Maps can be read as .SHP (up to 12 files) or as .jpg (full map on the file)
    • Can only load mapfiles.

    Goto  Features     Efile folders     Graphics     Victory Conditions     Combat  formula     Wishes list     Main Index page    
    Efile folder
    In order to make easy to manage different Efile sets, OpenGen will use EFile folders.
    The idea is to allow specific folders to behave as main root folder for everything related that EFile, so it can have its own graphics (starup, dossier, flags, ... ) just by simply putting some shp files on that EFile folder.
    So a typical EFIle folder can have these files:
    • EQUIP97*.eqp and (same name suffixed .txt) -  I mean you can name efiles whatever you want as far as it is prefixed by  "equip97",  i.e. equip97_LG,  i.e. equip97_Adler,  i.e. equip97_Baltic, ...          
    • GUI97*.txt  (same as efile but prefixed by "guip97")          
    • MISC*.txt   (anything prefixed by  "misc")          
    • NAMES*.txt   (anything prefixed by  "names")
    • flags*.shp  (I mean you can call its flagfile any you want prefixing by "flags"
    • dossier*.shp  (I mean you can call its dossier file any you want prefixing by "dossier"
    • start*.shp  (I mean you can call its startup any you want prefixing by "start"

    Panzer2.dat can also be located on Efile folder, for such cases Efile needs a very specific one (IDG general, Napoleonic, ....)

    and these child folders (sub-folders)

    • SCENARIO             where to put all campaigns files and standalone scenario files
    • SAVE                       where OpenGen will save your files
      these are the minimal folders to have
    • USERSCEN             a place to develop custom scenarios
    • MEDIA                    optional folder to place custom music and videos.
    • SFX                         optional folder to place custom sounds (MEL-WAV)
    • OPENDAT              optional folder to include any specific picture file related, as flags, portariats etc.

    OpenGen checks for SCENARIO and SAVE sub-folders to detect a folder as an EFile folder.

    There is always a working Efile folder in use which can be changed by browsing for a new one or by selecting a campaign/scenario into a different folder.

    Default EFile folder is main root game, which is also the place OpenGen will look for any file not found on the working Efile folder, so we can think of  main game folder as a place to have all default files needed.

    Statup, Flags and Dossier are searched on current Efile Folder, but if any is not found there, they are searched inside panzer2.dat

    And for mapfiles (.map) OpenGen will search a bit more smart, allowing to have all standard mapfiles on a common repository at main game level, so no need to duplicate mapfiles on each SCENARIO EFile folders.

    So when OpenGen needs to load a mapfile it will search:

    • First of all, on EFile's SCENARIO  folder - same than currently does PG2 - so any mapfile can be override any standard one, just by putting it on EFile's SCENARIO folder.
    • If not found, then  main MAP folder is searched. so MAP folder can be used as true maps repository
    • But you can use also a specific main MAPFILES folder as a repository for mapfiles (no no mixing mapfiles with map image files)
    • If still not found a  last try is made searching on main SCENARIO folder
    • ... and if not found yet you will be prompted to pick it (later OpenGen will try to downloaded from a mapfiles server)

    Map image files location doesn't change, all image files will be searched on main MAP folder (later on, it will be tried also on a maps server) but several formats will be allowed according this sequence :

    • If exist MAP#.BMP (#  is map number) then it will be loaded
    • else If exist  MAP#.PNG then it will be loaded
    • else If exist  MAP#.GIF then it will be loaded
    • else If exist  MAP#.JPG then it will be loaded
    • else MAP#??.SHP tiles will be decoded, merged into a single image and loaded.
    • (later, if no valid picture is found OpenGen will try to downloaded from a map ftp server using the format we finally agree)

    Goto  Features     Efile folders     Graphics     Victory Conditions     Combat  formula     Wishes list     Main Index page    

    Map image files location doesn't change, all image files will be searched on main MAP folder.
    Map graphics can be used on any of these formats according this sequence (# stands for map number) :

    • If exist MAP#.bmp (#  is map number) then it will be loaded
    • else If exist  MAP#.png then it will be loaded
    • else If exist  MAP#.gif then it will be loaded
    • else If exist  MAP#.jpg then it will be loaded
    • else MAP#??.shp tiles will be decoded, merged into a single image and loaded.
    • if no valid picture is found OpenGen will try to downloaded and unzip from a map ftp server a file, having that zip the MAP#??.shp files needed to make up the whole picture.
    Unit icons

    Unit icons can be used either as .png , .s16 or .shp formats ((sequence means precedence).
    When made as .png they must be arranged as 3x3 same size images,  so each icon size will be figured out as:
    a) icon width =  full image width/3
    b) icon height = full image height/3.

    To allow icon makers to test easier, units icons can be located as standalone file (mainly as .png although .s16 and .shp formats will be read also) on a special folder named OPENDAT This way they could be used by testers and efile makers before the official datup is updated.

    PG2 shp Tool allow adding and viewing PNG and S16 files to panzer2.dat

    Efile related (OPENDAT folder/sub-folder)

    Most of efiles uses a specific set of  pictures as flags, medals, leader's portraits and some others.
    These files are intended to be easily customizable so the standar
    FLAGS1, DOSSIER and STARTSCR files included within panzer2.dat are optionally replaced by external ones, more easy to change. To do this, Efile folder should include a OPENDAT sub-folder to hold some new files.

    At first chance, these files are searched within tah OPENDAT sub-folder:
    dossier_medal (png/bmp)
    dossier_portrait (png/bmp)
    flag_med (png/bmp)
    flag_small (png/bmp)
    inspect_leader (png/bmp)
    inspect_medal (png/bmp)
    roundels (png/bmp)
    If any file is missing  in this sub-folder, then main OPENDAT folder is searched (within main game folder).
    If there are still missing images, they are searched as standard shp files (dossier.shp / flags1.shp) within this efile's sub-folder.
    And if any image is missing yet, then standard shp files within panzer2.dat are searched.
    In addition flags and dossier can be made either as sho or s16 formats.

    I have converted all different pictures delivered with GraphSwitcher tool (well except those having old format) compressed in a package to allow install of the efiles folders from that (OPEN_REDIST.rar), check the links on top of the page.external files png/bmp will be senoware often customized according the efile used.


    • It is searched first as external file: start*.bmp , start*.png  start*.gif  start*.jpg  start*.shp  (these is also the sequence to search for)
      (I mean file can be:  start.bmp  or startscr.bmp or start_LG.bmp)     
    • This 5 format are searched first on EFile folder, the first matching file found is loaded
    • If none is found they (all 5 formats) are searched on main game folder, and again the first matching file found is loaded
    • If neither is found there, then panzer2.dat is searched for either starscr.s16 or starscr.shp
    User Interface (OPENGUI folder/sub-folder)

    Most  interface images have changed due to new options and/or because they need to be resized when screen reloslion changes. so most of existing shp files withing panzer2.dat are no longer usable. The new images are now released as external files which are expected to be located a on a new OPENGUI folder. This folder must be created on main game folder. In adition any of the Efile folder can have also their own OPENGUI folder with a customized set of images to override that defaults, so customizing the user interface can be made far easy.

    The package include images made as bitmap 256 colors, but they could be made as .png or .bmp  (except some .cur files)
    Explosions (EXPLODE.shp) and fire animations (UNTIFIRE) are also treated as interface files

    The files are searched this way:

    • First, Efile OPENGUI folder (if it exist) is searched looking each file as .bmp, then as .png, .gif and .jpg,  if any is found then it's loaded
    • After that mai game OPENGUI folder is searched using same precedence.
    • If any file is missing program will abort rising a log with any missing file.

    Goto  Features     Efile folders     Graphics     Victory Conditions     Combat  formula     Wishes list    
    Victory conditions
    1.- Take all VH within specific number of turns.  This is stock PG2 Victory conditions. The scenario defines:
    • turns needed to take all VH and achieve a BV
    • turns needed to take all VH and achieve a V
    • turns needed to take all VH and achieve a TV
    • and also each VH must be set  on scenario map data
    2.- Kill all enemy units. This is a stock feature on PG2 and will grant a victory depending on the turn it happens  (see 1.)
    3.- Hold a number of VH hexes (each side) at the end of the scenario to achieve a victory type.
    • The scenario must be enabled to use this by setting a specific activation key to ON
    • Define number of VHs to hold at the end of the scenario, to achieve a BV (axis/allied)
    • Define number of VHs to hold at the end of the scenario turns, to achieve a V (axis/allied)
    • Define number of VHs to hold at the end of the scenario turns, to achieve a TV (axis/allied)

    This is the same as Peoples General victory conditions, although expanded to be defined for each side.

    4.-A number of units must escape (leave the map) using special "Escape" or "Exit" Hexes (EH) to achieve a victory type
    • The scenario must be enabled to use this by setting a specific activation key to ON
    • how many units should leave the map to achieve a BV (axis/allied)
    • how many units should leave the map to achieve a V (axis/allied)
    • how many units should leave the map to achieve a TV (axis/allied)
    • EH hexes must be defined on Scenario Map and can be used by either side (no side owner)

    This is wish #138.

    5.- Units to survive could also be defined, although not as victory condition (really is a loss scenario condition). This will require a new unit's attribute: "Must Survive Unit" (MSU) to be set for such units. As soon as any MSU units is killed, the scenario will finish with a lost for unit's player.
    • The scenario must be enabled to use this, by setting a specific activation key to ON
    •  The scenario must define units to survive by setting a specific data (MSU) to each unit you want to be kept alive
    • On campaign mode, you could also set a core unit as MSU and it will keep that condition for the length of the campaign, though will only be active on those scenarios having the feature set to ON .

    This is wish #15.

    Additional victory conditions not included yet

    *   Take a number of  typed VH  within specific number of turns. This is the new victory conditions included on last patch 2.20.

    • The scenario must be enabled to use, by setting a specific activation key to ON (Scenario data/Section Offset 02h/Bit2)
    • Each VH (axis/allied) should be define to be a  BV, V, TV type, but any VH can be defined for be for 1, 2 or all 3 types.
    *   Change victory condition, requirement to hold all VHs at least for 2 turns. It is  wish #87

    *   Add "Stalemate" to BV, V, TV, Loss. Or just rename TV with Stalemate: meaning that no one wins anything.. This case should be only available when playing single scenario not against the AI in a campaign.  It is  wish #100  

    *   Victory Hexes for specific countries. British must capture certain hexes, the Americans other at Normandy, for instance., It is  wish #122  

    Goto  Features     Efile folders     Graphics     Victory Conditions     Combat  formula     Wishes list    
    Combat formula

    Combat formula has been researched by  Rudankort this time, who has disassembled  from current PG2 code !!!

    I have tested so far and always have gotten same expected losses than when testing with PG2, but it should be tested seriously for different expert players as to check it.
    As testing real combat is f¡difficult bacause of the ramdom factors, we should be satisfied if we get the same expected results (forecast) using OpenGen and current PG2.


    Got  Features     Defile folders     Graphics     Victory Conditions     Combat  formula     Wishes list     Main Index page    
    Wishes list  (posted at JP's forum if you have any suggestion not included here)
    # Status Suggestion Comments
    1   A better support for POEM
    • A big problem are reloads. Can the program notice when a turn already has been loaded once? Maybe some DRUM-technologies could make it possible that a turn can only be opened once?
    • The equipment files both players use should be compared somehow.
    • Can saved poem turns be encrypted, so that no one can manipulate values?
    • A realistic simulation of night combat means, that sight is reduced and there're no air combats. This means, it's more or less exactly the same as rainy weather.
    • If night turns were finally included, it would be nice to have the opportunity to choose, whether to attack at night or at daylight. This means, that in the mirrored mode of a POEM-match one general can attack at night and the other general attacks at daylight in the same turn.
    • Display the number of units of each class, the opponent had at the beginning of the scenario.
    • Include losses for all classes (fortifications, ships).
    • Include an option to disable cancel/undo of unit's movements for a poem game.
    • For optional features, a global settings-menu, where to set up these options (I think, there will come any more) and saved in elm when starting a game, so that the opponent play with these options even if he not activated them. Some of these feature maybe would be "standard" in the course of time, so it would be annoying to set up these on every new pbem. and maybe onetime you forgot one option to set, its angrily.
    • It would be a great thing, if OPG2 compressed the eml-files of one match automatically to a zip-file and wrote this one into a closable directory.
    • Furthermore it should be possible to have save games of several PBEM-matches in the save-directory without causing crashes (like in original PG2).
    2 Done To fire with artillery (and other long ranged units) into hexes where we don't see the presence of enemy in order to ''simulate'' artillery barrage No efile attributes needed
    3   many more units on scenarios.  
    4   larger maps, make it possible to create entire theatre sized maps  
    5 Doing more countries & units to the efiles  
    6   expand it by incorporating features from other 5 star games Too ambiguous - we'll need to discuss a bit
    7   naval combat rules same as Pacific General  
    8   night turns  
    9    if would be possible later for others to make it work with files for other games. Delayed
    10   selective support fire: units must be in the same division!  
    11   Selective combat support.  
    12   Realistic supply – supply paths – isolated units getting no supplies.  
    13   More statistics per unit (such as profile). see also #70 and  #115
    14 Done alternate V condition as being able to set how many hexes a player must capture to achieve a certain result, so then achieving a certain result won't depend on the number of turns alone. This technique is from People's General... Will need to be enable on scenario file
    15 Done "an unit must survive" victory condition. A certain unit (or units) would then have to be protected at all cost, since if they are not present at the scenario's last turn, the scenario would be lost. Think of it as if an unit itself would become a victory hex in a sense. Will need to be enabled on scenario file
    16 Done move all/some units out of the map using exit hexes. Will need to be enabled on scenario file in addition will need to set each "escape" hex
    17   Tactical movement: It world be nice to give particular units order to defense or attack defined Positions.  
    18   different levels of difficult for the new AI  
    19 Done .JPG map pictures in addition to .SHP. Maps can be made either as PNG,  GIF, JPG, BMP or SHP
    20 Doing more road types as railroads.  
    21   Upgrade units in either supply hex or owned city. Or be able to add transport to unit at later turn in a scenario.  
    22   Delayed orders  
    23   Counter battery fire (same than peoples does)  
    24 Done More than 4000 equipment units Equipment items are dynamically allocated.
    25 Done In the strategic view of the map, would it possible to make all possible player deployment hexes a little more visible? special marker used
    26   it would possible to add small pictures to text intro files ? Delayed
    27 Done Fully integrated purchasing of FlaK, ships, bunkers, level bombers etc.  
    28 >#32 16 fronts for each unit (so that you can set a scenario to, for example, eastern front for Germany, western front for Russia and thus only units available on that front shows up for purchase). Included on item #32
    29   16 transport weights  
    30   8 air transport weights + 8 sea transport weights  
    31 Doing Mud conditions would be very useful....  
    32 Doing Fronts/factions within nations. The ability to set scenarios to include one or more fronts/factions for a nation partaking in the scenario. Then only units from that front/faction would be available.  
    33 Done Possibility to add ''special characters'' to the texts, like; Ñ, ü, etc. Hard coded
    34   More kinds of terrain (jungle, dense jungle, shallow waters).  
    35   Roads; Paved road, dirty road, etc.  
    36 Done Higher screen resolution Selectable as game option (saved on registry)
    37 Doing Efficiency of artillery decreases with distance Posted a formula, need discussing. Will need an efile special attribute.
    38   Destroying of certain units earns prestige  
    39 >#163 Units that disappear at a specified turn Included on item #163
    40   Possibility of adding a third faction to a scenario (e.g. neutral AI units, units of allies controlled by AI, own civilians that you cannot give orders to)  
    41 Doing 3rd type of special transport class (like air/sea): train  
    42 Done Blowing up bridges should work correctly - or bridges should be units that can be destroyed by both sides Will need to be enabled on scenarios.
    43 Done Stats of units as tooltips (remaining ammo/gas, maybe hard/soft attack values etc. Hard coded
    44   I should not be able to see remaining ammo/gas stats of opponent's units  
    45 Done Flak shoots when enemy plane passes through its ZOC. Made as optional rule, but it would be better as special attribute.
    46   Air transports (gliders) that are able to land on "open ground" (instead of only airports)  
    47 > #130 Planes can set waypoints - so that it is possible to choose which route to the target they use Included on item #130
    48 Doing Activate forest camouflage - and add a similar effect to submarines and mines  
    49 Done. Some units shouldn't be able see anything (like mines).  Spot 0 units wont spot anything (optional rule)
    50   supply hexes along with supply units - so supply path can extend through the presence of that special unit  
    51 Done ability to close unit stats window with right click anywhere (not only left button on close gadget)  
    52   planes (and other units) should see everything on their way, not only on arriving at target  
    53   loss of experience whenever you reinforce a unit  
    54   fuel for planes (like in PacGen) and carriers that can store and launch aircrafts!  
    55   Night turns visually different (darker)  
    56 Done Appearance of an graphical icon in some corner of the screen that indicates the conditions : day/clear , night/rain, day/snow ...and so on  
    57   Or instead of the above visual changes to the map, the capability of the engine to load different maps - if it snowed then to load a variant of the map with snow (a scenario to have at least 2 versions of the map - with snow and without) Delayed
    58   Sounds for atmospheric conditions (when it rains to hear that)  
    59   Air missions from PeG (expanded more) Delayed
    60 Done fighting outcome (i.e.. losses and suppressions, along with the support fire) should be visible in a separate window that you can close on your demand only Can be reviewed at any time pressing Ctrl + C
    61 Done Ability to destroy bridges (like in the SSI original scenarios), airfields, ports, and city hexes (like in PGI). If you destroy an airfield or a port, the enemy (and also your own units) can't use it to resupply their air or naval units. If you destroy a city hexes, the enemy (also your own units) can't become entrenched on it. Will need to be enabled on scenarios. Only units having efile's "bridge" special attribute will be allowed to do
    62   Story related messages (during the battle).  
    63   Trigger hexes * that can bring up a message.
    It would be nice to afford simple mission scripting for scenarios using triggers. so e.g. reinforcements arrive if entering a hex (or VH) or destroying an unit. or opening new DH when entering a trigger-hex.
    64   Off-map, no purchasable artillery, like artillery missions similar to the air missions in PeG. Artillery support off map, for big caliber guns (see the explanation by MJ for further info.  
    65   Air units receive supplies from the ground. The planes actually take-off, and you can destroy them on the ground.  
    66   If the night turns are finally implemented we should need night units, or night leaders like; Night attack specialist or something like that. In fact some countries prefer to attack during the night (light China or Japan). The night units for example, could be  
    67   Irregular hexes (not only the classical ''hexes'') Rejected
    68   Changing unit values during the same turn (see also the Halberdier's explanation).  
    69   Two or more maps for just one scenario... This could allow us to add night turns with night colors schemes, or other weather conditions, for example. Delayed
    70 > #115 Possibility to have different range for units on soft or hard targets. Included on item #115
    71   one transport unit can carries more than two combat unit (or more accord scenario creator)  
    72   Guerrilla and Anti-guerrilla properties. This could be useful for make a differentiation between police and guerrilla units  
    73   A movement ability similar to recon move but limited to 2 moves. This would be great to simulate planes flying out, bombing then flying back. Having a plane sitting above an AD unit and waiting to get shot at is not funny.  
    74   Submarine ability (evade attack randomly) could have some benefits if it could be set for other units (not entire classes).  
    75 Done Attack range = 2 for planes for ground attack. Good for torpedo bombers and rocket firing units. Not limited to2. Range will work for air units also, and 0 will limit to the own hex.
    76 Done Attack range applying line-of-sight at greater ranges than 2. This would allow big AT guns to have RA=3 but would be unable to fire through forests etc.  
    77   Airfield hexes limited to supplying units only directly above them (like aircraft carriers). Currently a single hex airfield can supply 7 planes.  
    78   Bomb size (level bomber ability) settable for other units (not entire classes). Suitable for commandos, paras, flame units, heavy arty, etc.  
    79   Zone-of-control settable per unit (Most units are currently 1 except planes=0 and battleship class=2). SeaMines etc could be set for zero or minefields could be set for 2. Lots of possibilities here.  
    80   Having the game count all units destroyed  (ships, forts, LB, flak) would be fun  
    81   Having the prestige sum of all the destroyed units or even better having the sum of all the prestige used in a scen/campaign. What a great comparison it would be if players had the value of their total upgrades, purchases, overstrenghtening and restrenghtening at the end of a scen/campaign.  
    82   Extra terrain types. The game appears to have 3 spare slots for this. Snow, mud and railtracks would be nice.  
    83   This is the best one. How great would it be if the weather had a direct effect on the ground condition? Currently a scenario creator sets the ground condition(frozen or dry). The latitude effects the weather now so the weather should effect the ground. When it rains or snows the ground condition could be frozen(or mud or snow if you change the movement types to reflect this). When it is fair or overcast then the ground is dry. A player cannot see the ground condition in the game now but with this improvement he would know what it is! It would give much greater variety in the game.  
    84   to be able to combine or divide units, for example, if I have two three strength infantry I would like to be able to make it one six strength. Delayed
    85   I would like to be able to sort the units in the HQ screen, so I can see my core, or arty, tanks, whatever.  
    86   possibility to decide how much prestige would be spend to over strength unit (i.e. i would like to over strength 2 units equally)  
    87   change victory condition, requirement to hold all VHs at least for 2 turns  
    88   Auxiliaries refuse to move if under 3 strength. No more free recons!
    The number "3" should be given by the scenario designer.
    89 Done I would like to see notes on the Cap in the purchase screen Toggle option on HQ screen
    90   Have MUD maps (like we already have SNOW maps) and the scenario could use different maps changing during the same scenario as said before (but mud maps are new);  
    91   Damage to targeted hex and adjacent hexes: Possibility to get damage not only at one VH but five VH's (the unit you're firing at will be attacked and all units surrounding it), I think about super weapons like atom bomb;  
    92   Possibility to get repair for free for all kinds of units (no prestige points spent like in PeG);  
    93 Doing Force AI to use properly paratroops and air transport when moving his unit: force AI to try to capture airfields and to use air transport for units like paras in order to capture human VH's (it would be hard to implement); Only paratroopers, but still to be improved
    94   Possibility to insert texts DURING scenarios (not only caused by trigger hexes) for instance when reinforcement units arrive (a text message accompanies the new units)  
    95 Done Possibility to use MP3 files instead of MEL and MUS. Made only for MUS
    96   Implement a specific AI for the third player being the second computer player (neutral countries), for instance the human player plays France, if Switzerland is attacked by Germany then
    a) either the human player can control the Swiss units as well as his French units
    b) or a specific AI plays with Swiss units after the human player then the AI plays the Germans, in this case we have three turns (one turn Human player, one turn AI allied with human, one turn AI as opponent).
    Same idea if I have the bad idea to attack Switzerland, Swiss units are then controlled by Germany (but here we have two turns: one turn Human player, one turn AI as opponent controlling Germany and Switzerland).

    In the same vein, a AI controlling a third country could control only level bombers, for instance US bombers controlled by AI (as my Ally) whenever human player controls the Russians and the AI (as my opponent) controls the Germans and Romanians.

    This is the idea of the "third country" managed by the AI.
    I don't think it will be implemented quite soon.
    97   Some specific aircrafts should be able to capture VH's. The idea is to be able to make pure aerial scenarios like the Battle of Britain, the Battle of Germany.  
    98 Done Ships can conquer VH's. PG2 can do already.
    99   Use multiple icons for the same unit in a scenario depending on weather. I explain: you use unit nr 175 in the e-file like the Tiger (Grey icon) and weather is fog, but the weather changes two turns later (in the same scenario) and if your Tiger is still alive it becomes unit nr 480 being the Tiger with snow camouflage (white icon), ten turns later weather changes again (sunny weather) then your Tiger becomes unit nr 1012 (Tiger with green and brown camouflage). I know it's crazy but who cares ?

    In clear a change of weather will have an impact:
    - on the maps (darker at night / different maps reflecting the weather)
    - on the units
    - on the sounds (sound of rain)
    - on the terrain
    100   Add a new kind of result: Add "Stalemate" to BV, V, TV, Loss. Or just rename TV with Stalemate: meaning that no one wins anything.
    This case should be only available when playing against a human player (multiplayer) or the AI in a single scenario not against the AI in a campaign
    101   Add a death head or Christian cross medal in the dossier when you lose a scenario in a campaign  
    102   Create a specific AI for Choice scenarios (instead of BV, V, TV, Loss, implement something like GOTO scenario nr like we have in the CAM file)  
    103   Possibility to always remain in disembark mode (like in PeG) for ground units.  
    104   Possibility to get not 50 but 10.000 prestige points when conquering a specific trigger hex.  
    105   When conquering a trigger hex, provide a technological advantage to the nation, for instance add a leader to all tanks which don't already have a leader.  
    106   Have hexes that cannot be flown by aircrafts, this can reflect territory of neutral countries like in the old Panzer General.  
    107   Tank units not at 10 strength appear with flames (use of a visual effect) reflecting they are wounded.  
    108   Intelligence: Spending prestige allow to remove "fog of war", this could reflect the use of spies  
    109   Getting a dynamic relation between weather and ground conditions, might not be very difficult to implement. For new terrain types, adding "deep" snow and mud will have high priority, getting railtracks need more work. see #83
    110 Done When I click on a unit in the unit purchasing screen it would nice to see a list of attributes, something like

    Has Engineering ability
    Has Bridging ability
    Has Mountain Movement
    Provides Support fire (or "Does Not provide" for artillery)
    Provides Combat support
    Has Recon movement
    Can capture hexes
    Shown on HQ and Unit View
    111 Done the game plays a sound when you get a new unit leader, like in PeG.  
    112   Unified Map scaled please. 1k, 500m per hex, whatever is best.  
    113   the ''helicopter'' class would be really useful for efiles like the still unreleased LG Cold War, plenty of helicopters  
    114 Done A new class would be useful for minefields (they would appear in the same hex as the unit).
    Units in a minefield would take no damage from the minefield itself, but would have river defense characteristics and be highly vulnerable to covering Arty. They should have "sand" supply rules and will limit all units to1 hex movement per turn.  
    Minefields done as a terrain layer instead of a unit. Minefields could be defined at scenario design but also made by engineers while playing. They could be also removed (blown) by engineers
    115   Possibility to have different max range for hard or soft targets. includes #70
    116   Strategic bombers should use the same algorithm or code as the parachutists do to determine where the bombs hit  
    117   CBs – Seabees – can build airfields
    Engineers – can build entrenchments and fortifications
    118   Ground radar
    Sea radar
    Air radar

    A radar should have only one way in which it can see of the above choices. However, this spotting should be assignable to any type of unit. So an air unit might have ground radar rather than air radar. A ship might have air radar rather than ground radar.

    Ideally they would have more than one type of radar and more than one type of spotting, but that is not so important.
    119   Generals - CS value for X number of hexes (not just adjacent hexes). Generals only help their own country's units.  
    120   Resupply - ALL units must resupply from either supply hex or a supply unit. This supply unit would not be the same as PG2's CS, but more like PEG's CS.  
    121   Supply depot: Has X amount of fuel and Y amount of ammo and Z hexes of supply range. IT has to resupply from valid source. The nearby units can resupply from it as long as they are in supply range and as long as there is fuel and ammo at the supply depot  
    122   Victory Hexes for specific countries. British must capture certain hexes, the Americans other at Normandy, for instance.  
    123   Unassigned terrain types that the user can configure. Barring that, railroad is great. Should only be able to mount/dismount in certain places like cities (or rail depots).  
    124   ZOCs – units shouldn’t be able to retreat through ZOCs since this allows retreats where units would normally surrender.  
    125   Add tactical effects kind of UP-FRONT  (shotscreen) Delayed
    126   adding air & naval radar could be done by using new bits, to avoid breaking current e-files. We could say the longest non-radar spotting is range 3...  
    127   Heavy equipment, like big guns should not be able to cross a river without a bridge, and trucks has to be left behind for motorized battalions. Such troops, could loose of 50% of their ammo too.  
    128 Done would be possible an option to shade those hexes that I have seen so far in this turn. It’s fine if there is something in a hex, but if it’s empty then have I seen it this turn and it’s really empty, or have I not seen it? Game toggle option (saved on registry)
    129   The next stage on would be a shading of those hexes that the AI units that I can see would be able to see. If you see what I mean. So I would click on an eye icon and get the first then click again for the second – aye captain?  
    130   I see someone suggested waypoints for planes – well the same would be useful for ground transport. Planes, and all other units, would potentially have guided (not phased) movement. i.e. the player can specify a route for the unit through a series of waypoints. At the waypoints there would be no spotting or combat possible. includes #47
    131   I would like to have an option to allow stepping through of the AIs movements that I can see. Either space bar or click for him to continue. Then I can see which way he’s heading because at the moment it’s so fast that I can’t see.  
    132   How about a variation with in-scenario replacements?
    Say a unit has a basic strength of 10pts but a replacement level of 5 points? So if your unit loses more that five points, it can only replace up to strength point 5?
    After the scenario your units are brought back up to full or basic strength.
    133   Out-of-fuel planes crash.  
    134   Planes’ fuel should be turn-based and not distance-based; otherwise people could keep their planes in the air forever by moving one hex at a time.  
    135   Planes over supply hexes should have the choice of supplying or not. If they choose to supply then they are on the ground and have zero attack and minimal defense, in a similar way to guns in transports.  
    136   Add Torpedo special ability like Pacific General. Bombers having this ability, should be able to attack with range of 2 and a bonus of action  
    137   Special equipment attributes to add:
    1) Snorkel special equipment attribute for the submarines (more chance to avoid an attack)
    2) Only aircrafts with 1 bit set up can rearming themselves on the aircraft carriers
    3) Some kinds of submarines can launch/rearm aircrafts (e.g. Japanese class I-400)
    4) flying boat ability, planes can refuel/rearm near port/battleship/cruiser/destroyer
    138 Done Another victory condition can be the exit from the map in a certain area of a certain number of units, i think PG3 has this feature.  The exit area being highlighted and the units reaching the area to disappear. When a number of units have exited then victory. I guess this can be done in the system of BV, V, TV depending on number of units exited at the end of turns. Will need to be enabled on scenarios. Also will need to define which unit must survive by placing it/them at special hexes (with a kind of mark)
    139   If it were possible or desirable, it would be excellent if the river and stream hexes were firstly eliminated (excluding the impassible river hex) and replaced by a hex border as in Avalon Hill games and derivatives. Delayed
    140   Would be useful having a second name for every unit. The first one in native language (Japanese, Dutch....) The second one its translation in English  
    141   I would like to see an option where only core units that exit the map continue as part of the core. Or.... to put it another way, core units remaining on the map at the end of a scenario are lost.  
    142   The idea of ATY attack decreasing over greater ranges may be misguided. If a long range aty unit does not give support fire maybe it should decrease for shorter ranges. Some large guns should be useless at short ranges because they cannot fire at short range.
    So another (better ?) option would be to set a couple of efile special attributes to manage that, lets say:
    * decrease long range fire effectiveness
    * decrease short range fire effectiveness
    143   think the "Strategic Map" screen should display additional info such as the type of nation's units by using standard military symbols  
    144   When a  unit w/o ammo  is attacked, it should be destroyed or at least it will fight using its close defense as if surprised.  
    145   I want to allow the AI to move first. Will need to be enabled on scenarios.
    146   I would like to be able to set scenarios to not allow trucks for infantry and even towed units - to simulate a lack of transport.  
    147   I would also like to be able to set scenarios so fuel and/or ammo cannot be replaced (or, it could only be replaced at "sand" terrain rates no matter where you are) - to simulate a poor supply situation.  
    148   Why not make some kind of Pool for each resource ,Fuel,Ammo,Replacement and Transport. So instead of just having prestige points one would have a limited and specific(or historic) amount of these resources available at a certain scenario Could be an alternative for #146 and #147
    149   Maybe there should be a switch for campaign designer where they can set how fast experience can be gained.
    Maybe five different settings to choose from depending on the length of the campaign. If the switch is set to 1 it should be possible to have 5Bar units after 10 scenarios(give or take),if switched to 2, 20 scenarios would be needed for a 5bar unit etc.
    150   Range modifier on everything for campaign designers would be fantastic to go with the larger maps.
    Not just Gun range also spotting and movement.Everything switch able by the campaign designer.
    151   I think, it would be better to eliminate the rugged defense, and make a new system of experience points. I see as ''unrealistic'' an unit that it's continuously getting more and more experience, like these infantry units with 1500 experience points.  
    152   In order to adapt the experience system to our current campaigns and scenarios, I think it would be better to use only 4 kind of experience levels:
          - Recruits - Rookies - Veterans - Elite -
    And, instead of bars, I would add colors for each level.
    - Clear - Green - Orange - Red

    The Veteran units would show a harder resistance to the assaults, the same with the Elite units. The Elite units can't increase their experience anymore, they would be only ''updatable'' in order to make them even better.
    153   Improve AI naval attack concepts:
    • for now - the AI doesn't move his ships, until he spot the opponent's fleet, but the AI also won't do anything to search for players ships. If player doesn't "show him" his fleet - nothing happens.
    • the AI's fleet doesn't move, even when I gave "capturing hex" ability to ships, and he could capture some VH in ports this way.
    Partially done
    154   Destroyers are the only naval class fighting with submarines, but it also should be the only class to spot submarines.  
    155   Naval Attack value should be optional to check - and something like "Can't Naval Attack" checkbox should be available  
    156   Change non organic transport byte to be mapped as single bits so:
    0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 meaning cannot be transported
    1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 meaning can be naval transported
    0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 meaning air mobile
    0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 meaning airborne
    thus allowing to define more types as:
    0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 helicopter
    0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 train
    Conversion would be done automatically from the existing values into the news
    0 no change, same meaning (0000 0000)
    1 no change, same meaning (1000 0000)
    2 will change to be 3 (1100 0000)
    3 will change to be 7 (1110 0000)
    157   if night turns are implemented, we need to have night fighters Could be made as a new special equipment ability.
    158   Fortification as a target type. So one can separate for example siege artillery from other types.  
    159   "Force recon" skill: units strenght will only show up after combat. Strength wont be hide until unit is out of spot again  
    160   "Desertion" skill:  after combat, unit losses suppressed points as soon as it moves within that turn  
    161 Doing Marines - they could land and move in the same turn to mimic amphibious ability?  
    162   More than one level of Fog of War: for example:
    +Elite (new rules as "force recon", etc)
    +Veteran (other rules of PeG or PGIII as "profile", etc)
    +Regular (normal PG2)
    +Training (full spotted like chess)
    163 Done Scenario designers should be able to disband units in a certain turn - so to speak 'reinforcements the other way round'. This would be extremely useful, e.g. for strategic bombing missions limited to the very first turn(s), applicable to scenarios like 'D-Day' or 'Arnhem'. As it is, level bombers remain available for the entire duration of the scenario what it pretty unrealistic.  
    164   I'd like to see 2 ammo counts for planes - one for ground/ship attack, one for air attack.  
    165   I think some leaders' abilities must be calculated by percentage.
    e.g.: the "Aggressive attack" [+2 ground attack] could
    become [+5% ground attack] in order to avoid some units like panzer I (typically 1 in many e-files) obtaining a too much high attack bonus, in this case over 100%.
    166   I would like a new terrain type: ICE.
    Could have the same stats like rough terrain. But if it could be changed by Aty-fire it would be nice.Terrain Ice -> Aty-fire -> terrain impassable river?
    it would be also nice if the crushed ice could change backwards to ice after 1/2 turns (like the ice freeze again).
    167   How about to implement units' morale? For example if they have low morale they surrender or leader conditioning their morale (fearless).  
    168   I think that would be useful to have an ability making able the submarines to drop the mines.  
    169   have airports being able to store aircrafts inside hangars as well as it happens for the aircraft carriers in Pacific General.  
    170   It would be interesting to set hex prestige free. Not 40, 80, 160 automatically like it's now. Better would be to set the prestige for a hex like the designer will have it. For example an early hex only 20pp but a late hex maybe 300 and so on.  
    171   What about ships like carriers or battleships that can't move into a port to resupply due their radius requirements?  
    172   Unit stacking on Hexes ...  
    173   to set up the unity's price at a value not equal to a multiple of 12.  
    174   to have a special attribute for self-propelled artillery allows to shoot against the units even when it has moved.  
    175 Done why don’t we let the Efile maker choose to make ZoC work for planes or not?
    All in all fighters fly CAP missions but with last changes of no Zoc for planes they’re almost useless as defensive units! Any enemy planes can ignore my fighters no matter how I deploy them! This wasn’t much of an improvement than ground units shouldn’t be affected by ZoC as well.
    Optional rule at scenario level
    176   I would like to have the flags with spot=0. When I park beside a flag(owned, supply etc) the AI can see me and vice-versa. These defacto spotting hexes should be disabled. Units set with "no capture" like AD etc could move onto these hexes and make great ambushes.
    But it should be an option to give the flags no spotting but the default should be for flags to act as they do now. Player should know also how if flags hexes are spotting or not. is it possible to have a something similar to the blown hex that could visually show that it is a spotting flag as opposed to a owned flag?
    177   Add "Depth Charge attack" for Destroyers and aircrafts and "Depth Charge Defense" for submarines. One Byte for the two values.  
    178   Any chance of adding supply units to make the game more realistic? They could automatically supply any unit they are adjacent to and then units out of range would have to use their organic supply values and not the unit.  
    179   If there was an option for OpenGen where (say) you could set units to dismount after 1 attack - then it would be a good idea. Or to make it always dismount AFTER the fight is resolved? That shouldn't be hard to do with the new GUI. Like this:
        Attack - unit defends in the transport - unit leaves transport.
        Second attack - unit defends dismounted.
    You could have 3 "dismount" options:
    1. Never dismount
    2. Dismount and defend when attacked
    3. Dismount after first attack.
    180   special attribute "Partisan" to infantry class. When this bit is set the units are able to avoid ambushes (like Battlefield Intelligence leader). But obtain a penalty for attack. In the same class must be applied a further special attribute called "Police" to obtain an attack bonus or initiative against the units having the partisan bit set, but penalty for other units.  
    181   It would be great to have the ability for players to determine what SP level their units are reinforced to. At the moment, if I reinforce a 2 SP unit that started with 10 SP it will automatically go to whatever prestige allows (max. 10 SP). But what if I only want to reinforce to 5 SP? An increment reinforcement adjuster (with prestige cost shown) would be fantastic IMO.   
    182   I don't think planes should be useable in snow or rain turns. Currently, they might be useless in attack during these turns but they are very useful for recon, especially as they can't be shot at. This seems very unrealistic (yes, PGII is already unrealistic!). Can they be 'forced' back to base (what if there isn't one?) or prevented from moving or have their spotting reduced to zero in these conditions? I'm not sure which, if any, is the best but they should be prevented from performing recon duties in snow or rain IMO.  
    183   Field HQ. That unit type would affect overall behavior of units, and if that unit were destroyed scenario would end.
    if that unit were to become damaged, no unit would be able to reinforce or supply until the HQ unit is back up to full strength.
    Or maybe if it were forced to retreat, the army could suffer a one turn penalty where they are unable to attack and only defend.
    184   Additional switches (at scenario level) to:
    1.- disable upgrading button
    2.- disable deployment
    3.- disable auto refit unit's strength to base.
    4.- No HQ at start.
    5.- Allow Upgrading units on some specific hexes. Upgrading would be limited to specific hexes like SH (supply) or only hexes having a new switch (bit) defined on the mapfile.
    So if you set 2,3 & 4 , core units will start deployed on last scenario row/col position.
    some additional rules should be set to resolve if any core unit would share its position with another foe unit.
    185   May be there's a sense to create a class of special support units and to include here all the support units, as if bridging, airfields and so on.  
    186   What about of another kind of non-organic transport units - lorries? We can use to transport none-mechanized infantry and artillery not equipped with transport. It would be nice to have a capability to BUY the transport unit (not only lorries, but airplanes too). For example, before Barbarossa Germans had 3 automobile transport regiments, each could transport infantry division.  
    187   It would be nice to see weather forecast for some days forward. It is necessary to plan the operation. Some times the forecast, of course, may say untrue.  
    188   A weather can have an influence on unit moving: after 2 (3, 4...) turns raining a movement possibilities off-road reducing for 20 (30, 40 etc.) percent.  
    189   It would be nice to have different cargo capabilities of bridges. So we can understand why Pz-IV sometimes could be more useful than Pz-VIB.  
    190   It would be good to give to artillery and anti-aircraft units to give an option to hide for one turn and not to make supply fire. It is useful to hide it while secretly concentrating.  
    191   It would be not bad to use a different fire power for artillery units shooting direct (for one hex) and indirect (for more, than one hex) fire. For example, Soviet ZiS-3 had a good capabilities of antitank shooting, and a division commander could take a number of these guns from division's artillery regiment and use in mode of direct fire.  
    192   Artillery ballistic. I think cannons MUST NOT shoot over mountains and hills, only howitzers and mortars must.  
    193   Counter-artillery shooting. I was very surprised when all my artillery (3 units) automatically shoot one enemy arty unit. Usually in operations only a few arty units were appointed for such a job. If it is possible to make a special checkbox on arty unit's card to order this unit to counter-artillery shooting.  
    194   What about to BUY an ammo and fuel BEFORE scenario? We know, a field howitzer during one-two hours of shooting can shoot the shells of a price equal a price of a this howitzer.  
    195   Has any consideration been given to the idea of using captured units? Whenever I complete a scenario there are often a few enemy units laying around. Why shouldn't I be able to purchase them for my core army if I wish? But couldn't the enemy armor or aty that I capture be made available to me at perhaps the cost of an INF garrison to represent the cost of the personal needed to operate said units?  
    196 Done Would it be possible to see the enemy unit's move and fire range when it was selected. It's far too much work checking the range for all the enemy units and counting out the hexes.  
    197   Being able to set units to not jump out of transport on artillery attack.  
    198   4 SIDES instead of 2: "Neutral", "Western allies", "Axis" and "Commintern"  
    199   For tanks and other armor:
    You can make 3 ammo-boxes. One for main gun, one for additional weapons and one for AD-weapons. If unit fights hard targets use ammo for maingun, if fights soft targets use ammo for additional weapons and if it fights air units use AD-ammo.  For softtarget-units the ammo could be taken from mainweapon-ammo.
    200   For recon movement on planes - maybe it should be made so that if the attack would use up all remaining movement points. Phased movement is OK for scouting only but engaging in a battle should tie up a unit until the end of the move.  
    201   Rework experience gaining method. Give experience for combat depending mostly on odds, not on the outcome, So "the tougher the fight, the more you learn". Not "the more lucky you get, the more you learn".  
    202   Assaults really make forests, cities, etc a BAD defensive terrain (especially early war when most forces are infantry). It is semi-suicidal to put your defensive line on the edge of the forest (where in reality it would be a good place - you can see enemy and enemy can't easily see you), unless you have ton of defensive artillery. I find it a bit weird that a flat grassland is easier to defend than a city or forest.
    I think it would be good to allow assault only BEFORE movement. So that it is still there, but forests/cities are not harder to defend than flat plain (since you might force attacker to withdraw, therefore denying him assault).
    Maybe there could be an infantry special ability to assault after movement ? Or a leader ability ?
    203   Add to feature #199: why not for all units, just 2 types of ammo, primary weapon and secondary weapon  
    204   The paratroopers could not jump over terrain that is not "clear". If they do suffer losses  
    205   Except some special units there can be no naval landings in hexes other than "clear" or "sand".  
    206   Introduce "morality", "training" and something like "command quality" in the parameters of the units. Perhaps could change the parameter "experience" for "combat rating" and join all these there. For example 80 morality + 80 training + 80 command = 240 combat rating.  
    207   Modify the HQ units to have a command range. Units that are in range from their HQ receive some bonus and can benefit the leader of HQ (if any); which do not lose these advantages but can fight and move as ever. If the unit is outside the range of its HQ but within another means it has been transferred and use bonus of this. If we loss some HQ we have a nice prestige penalty.  
    208   Ultimately, it would be nice for open pg is to just have a button to pick the efile to match the scenario you are playing.  
    209 Done It would be nice to see the unit range of fire when selected.  
    210 Done line-of-sight for ground units : unable to fire through whatever UNITS at equal or greater range of 2.  
    211   How about being allowed to have several different leader pictures for each nation? I hate it when I have six German leaders, and they all look the same.  
    212   Could rewards for taking flagged cities be customizable? So instead of being stuck with the 40/80, the designer can be free to set the reward say from 10-1000;  
    213   Would be possible a graphic locater similar to PeG for OpenGen ?  
    214 Done what about to use EXPLODE as animation for the target of non return fire (Artillery,>range fire, non return option). Now it is imposible to know what are the targets of AI attack.  
    215   Possibility to search in the screen “Selection scene” only scenes in which a determined nation has been involved.  
    216   the inclusion of the campaign and scenario editors right into the game  
    217   wouldnt it be cool to have offensive and deffensive experience  
    218   what about the ability to buy Aux units off the map?  
    219   The ability to buy leaders  
    220   the ability to buy special abilities in addition to leader abilities ie: attachments as in PeG  
    221   Artillery with "level bomber supression"  
    222   A real "light infantry" ability as opposed to mountain ability. Maybe give Jaagers the ability to move through forest (LI), but only mountain (M) qualified can move over mountains. The two do not intermix unless both are bought. Mountaineers aren't neccessarily forest trained, nor are forest specialists mountain climbing specialists. And the equipment isn't the same...  
    223   a small dose of experience just for surviving the scenario would be nice...Certainly being in combat is the best training you can get. But being near it (as a part of a unit taht is supporting) is also good training.  
    224   What I would love to see is an air mission system for air units, similar to the one used by Civ IV  
    225   What I would love to see is an intelligence game play layer added to the game ... to get units on the opposite side to be revealed during an intelligence phase at the beginning of each turn.  
    226   A way to show how much ground you control on the strategic map  
    227   In PBEM-parties it's very annoying when your opponent parks a bomber over a hex where a reinforcement appears and then bombs i, could that be avoided ?  
    228   Let the A1 use Aircraft Carriers.  
    229   How about introducing Supply-Units?  
    230   Special Supply-Points -- so some race to a "tank farm" could be a possible scenario -- so starting a scenario with less fuel and ammo than the default may be interesting too.)  
    231   Less upgrade penalty, if you make an you upgrade to the same family? (E.g. Pz IV D to E or Panther A to G)  
    232   Remove the leader cap of 16.  
    233   Hi, cause of the high resolutions the icons and so are really small , it would be nice to be able to zoom in.  Perhaps the mouse-wheel would be nice to control that function.  
    234   Now there's no attack and attack for units, I'd like to add an ability between those.
    Only attack when in certain terrain. I'd like to give some units (mostly militia) a weak HA that only works in close combat situations or when defending in close combat terrain - if the infantry unit is in a city, forest or mountain and is being attacked by a hard target, it fires back. It can only attack hard targets if they are in a city, mountain or forest. This would represent units with only thrown AT weapons (magnetic mines, bundle charges, hand grenades, dynamite, molotov coctails etc).
    235   what about ''River Units''? It would work like the ocean units but in rivers  
    236   would it be a worthwhile option to not allow units to automatcially get re-supplied at start of turn?  
    237   I'd like to have an special attribute avoiding a unit to surrender because suppression  

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