Open General
by Luis Guzman


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OpenGen repository on SF.
Topic announcing changes in SF-DailyBuild packages.
OpenGen latest Test.
Topic announcing updates to OpenGen Test version.
Topic announcing updates to OpenSuite / OpenSuiteTest.
PG2 / OG differences
Topic explaining differences between PG2 and OpenGeneral.
Rail Transport
Explaining how to use rail transport in equipment files and scenarios, using OpenSuite.
Bomb Size and all its implications
Explaining how units' bomb-size works regarding last-suppresion, barrage and blowing hexes.
How do I enable the option to overstrength/upgrade on SH
Topic explaining how to let units to upgrade during the battle.
Converting peg efiles, campaigns, scenarios to OpenGeneral
Topic explaining how to convert PeG stuff into OpenGeneral.
Fronts and Factions
Topic explaining how Fronts and Factions work and how can be set up usin OpenSuite.
Campaigns: PG2 scenario&campaign design - Essential Reading
Topic explaining how to design scenarios for PG2, which is basically valid for OpenGen too.
how can I add flags, or replace flags for my EFile
Topic explaining how to update Equipment flags
Duke Falcon's E-files
Topic for Duke Falcon's Xeno General, Dune and Fantasy General, proving links to download these mods
Althought written for PG2 and most of the links are currently dead (sites are closed) it is still a very didactic reading that I strongly suggest, specially for beginners that didn't play PG2 a lot.