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MODERS' F.A.Q. (Frequent Asked Questions)

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What is the units/icon limit for Open efile ?

There are no icons limit. Efile items can grow right now up to 9000 items and names total size can be up to 262144 chars But no problem to increase if needed.

What is the units limit, per side, for Open scenario ?

Total number of units is limited to 800 and this limit is assigned according number of players, so for 2 player scenarios, you could have, up to 400 units per side, and 200 if 4 players..

How to add a unit, to player's core, later during campaign ? I mean in scenario other than first.

Edit the scenario with latest Suite.
Go to Units View
Select the unit you want to make core on that scenario.
Be sure unit is not on a DH
There is a check box labelled "Core"
Check it and that unit will be added to your core when this scenario is loaded as part of a campaign.
That added core unit will count against the cap, as if you had bought it.

How could I define bridges over ocean hexes ?

You need to set scenario option to "Allow roads on any terrain.." and then enable ocean hexes to use it, by adding 1 as the 4th parameter for OCEAN entry in TerrainEx.txt ...
a line like:

OCEAN, 0, 99, 999, 1
See "TerrainEx.txt" entry in: ConfigFiles
Is a 3rd player AI possible in OpenGen right now ?

Yes up to 4 players can be defined in either campaign or standalone modes, and except the first player, rest of players can be commanded by AI.

How could attach pictures for the descriptions of the scenarios\campaigns ?

You only need to put a jpg/png file with same file-name than campaign/scenario file-name to see that image when picking campaigns/scenarios.

You can also put a jpg/png file with same file-name than scenario's intro (.ply or defined defined in campaign), to see intro with both text and image.

Recommended size for picture is 310x310, you can make bigger but image will be stretched to fit in available room.

How leaders' names are assigned ?

Leader's names (including the general name) are searched in Names.txt file.

This file include 31 lines (leader's names) for each country, being firts 31 lines for not used country#0 (but 31 dummy lines are needed), so country#1 will use lines from 32 to 62, and so on.

When a name is needed, engine will roll a dice to pick a random line to get the leader's name

how can I add flags, or replace flags in my EFile ?

Each flag in the flag_med.png should be 21x14 px, and 12x9 px in two rows (so 12x18) in the flag_small.png. These two png files are defined in the local opendat folder. The exact dimensions of the opendat elements are defined at Graphics Specs

The number of total flags (basicaly the number of the used nations) is defined by the nations.txt, thus if you want to add a new flag, you should update also your EFile's Nations.txt adding a line with the country name for your new flag, at the end of the countries listed below the line: * Nations.
If you replace a nation, e.g. added "thailand" instead of "czechosloviakia",you should edit the line having Czechosloviakia and retype as Thailand
The point is the number of nations in the Nations.txt and the used graphical elements in the opendat file should be syncronized.

If you need emtpy template files, just download Templates.7z (made by Csaba Zsadányi-Nagy) including a collection of transparent png files with gridlines that you can use as a tool to edit the different graphics files, including flags. Just don't forget to remove this drigline layer and the alpha channel transparency at the end of the procedure, as opengen supports PNG files as 24-bit with no alpha channel.

What are the requirements of adding a new Efile to the OpenGen installer?

The most important thing is that your Efile should be a unique Efile, with a unique name. If your Efile is a fork of another Efile, you should ask a permission from the original (or the latest known) Efile maker(s). If the Efile is long time abandoned, and you can't contact with the original designer(s), you shouldn't use the name of the original Efile, but you should give the credit for the original designer(s) in the efile description/readme files.

The second thing is every new Efile should have at least one finished campaign or a PBEM scenario to be released. There is no restriction on this campaign, it can be an openized/updated/converted campaign or an original one. It can be short, long, PG2 format or OG format, it can use 0.91 or 2.0 (or later) AI, just as you wish.

The third requirement is fitting for all file format standards of OpenGen:

  • All Efiles should have an efile.xml (small case is important!) which should be edited by a text editor like Notepad, not an Office application.

  • The file structure of your Efile (should be named EFILE_THE_UNIQUE_NAME_YOU_CHOSE) is explained details: Equipment
    the short version is something like this (folders are all capitals):
    • OPENDAT -> 24bit PNG files of the nations you use: flags, medals, portraits, roundels and the splash screen of your Efile. It's mandatory.
    • OPENGUI -> Custom user interface files (buttons, pop-up panels, cursors, tileset, etc.) It's optional.
    • README -> All readme files about the Efile and campaigns. It's optional.
    • SCENARIO -> Where your campaigns and scenarios are stored. It's mandatory.
    • SOUND -> MP3 music and sound effect files. It's optional.
    • TEXT-XY -> Translation of your Efile and/or campaigns. XY refers tho the ISO code of the selected language. It's optional.
    • Colors.txt -> optional file to set the colors of the Windows pop-up panels.
    • efile.xml -> description of the Efile, mandatory (see below)
    • equip.cfg -> customized $variables affecting the entire Efile (unless overwritten by campaign.cfg), optional
    • equip.txt -> names of the units used in the Efile, mandatory (made by Suite)
    • equip.txt2 -> alternate names of the units used in the Efile, optional (made by Suite)
    • equip.xeqp -> the equipment file, mandatory (made by Suite)
    • EquipIcons.dat -> optional icons used alongside the default OpenIcons.dat
    • fronts.txt -> fronts and factions for all or selected nations, optional
    • names.txt -> names of the leaders, optional (though recommended)
    • nations.txt -> names of the sides and nations (countries), mandatory. the number of nations in this file and the size of the Opendat PNG images should be proportional.
    • strings_efile.txt -> customized labels of your efile, optional
    • TerrainEx.txt -> customized terrain and movement cost table, optional
    • weather.txt -> customized weather and climate zones table, optional

  • The file format requirements of the graphics are explained in Graphics files

  • When everything is done and Efile makers are ready to release their own Efiles or the updates, they have to send it to the OG team member responsible for updating the OpenGen repository.
    Currently the OG team member is lvjtn (email: lvjtn9 }at{ gmail }dot{ com ).
    The Efile will be checked (not the content just the file structure, format, and specification standards) before releasing.

  • All campaigns in the SCENARIO folder should have an intro / briefing file containing these data:
    • full title of the campaign (the first line of the txt file)
    • author(s) of the campaign, if the campaign is a conversion or update, original author should be mentioned too
    • version number of the campaign, should be updated when the campaign is updated
    • main nation of the campaign
    • number of the scenarios: the "longest path"/"total number of scenarios" is the preferred format, if only one number is given, it should be the total number of xscn

Here you are a template for efile.txt fields:

<title>Insert the full title of your Efile here.</title>
<description>Give a short description of your Efile, e.g. the covered period, nations, conflicts. If your Efile is a fork of another Efile, give the credits here (e.g. "It's a fork of XYZ Efile")</description>
<version>Put the version number here, and don't forget to update it everytime you update your equipment file</version>
<author>Give your name or nickname used on JP or both, as you prefer. If more people contribute, the "author" element can be repeated several times.</author>
<url>This field is optional, give the URL of your personal homepage related to this Efile. If you want to skip this field, can remove this section.</url>

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