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How do I report a bug ?

Best method is using hotkey: <Ctrl><B> from the game, as this tool checks and suggest the files you should attach. The tool allow you to explain the bug, the units/positions involved, how to replicate it, and tick the files to attach (can untick any if you are sure it is not needed) but leave as suggested otherwise. if you believe that one image is better then hunderd words, attach also a screnshot of your screen (jpg/png). The tool will send mail using a "game account" and you can optionally include your email to get a copy and receive any feedback or further remarks. It works better if you have loaded the scenario or saved game where you found the issue.

If the bug avoids you to run the game, you can post at OpenGen forum which I read it everyday, explaining the bug (do not forget to tell the efile selected) and if possible including an screen-shot showing the issue.
You can upload that screenshot image/s to a free site like Dropbox, Google Drive or similar, and then posting a link on the bug report thread, or you can send this file by email to Luis and/or any other OG Team members.

Sometimes my unit cannot attack targets within its range. How do Air-to-Surface and Surface-to-Air attacks work in OG?

When you select a unit that can either move into an hex or attack to a unit placed in that same hex, you should be aware that the Air/Ground toggle is which define what "space" (air/ground) you want to use. So if your unit is ground unit and Air-toggle is set to Air, the game will understand that you want to fire air units (thus using the air space), and if Air-toggle is set to Ground (disabled), it will understand that you want to move (use same ground space), and vice versa if selectd is air unit.

Is it possible to reset the high scores/last scores ?

OpenGen uses 2 files to keep careers:

  • OpenHigh.scr has highest 5 scores
  • OpenLast.scr has 5 last played scores
Can remove any or both files to reset careers.
How to build airport with my sapper unit?

These are the requirements to build:

  • Sapper unit must have "sapper" special attribute set in the Efile;
  • Scenario option to "Allow to build Pontoons, Ports, Airfields, and Forts" [u]must be enabled[/u] for the scenario
  • Player must have enough prestige to build it
  • The unit must be situated on clear terrain and still have a move available.
If all these conditions are fulfilled, when you select the unit, a menu will pop up including a "5 Bld Airfield" option. Then press '5' and construction of airfield will start... Construction takes time though. To know how many turns are remaining before construction is complete, put cursor on the unit building the airfield.
Whenever the weather goes to rainy/snow, it turns the entire screen blue for a second while the rain/snow drops remain flashing ?

I still don't know why this happens on some video cards (including mine), but usually it is fixed by loading weather animations in system memory instead of using default video card memory. Try this:

  1. Goto Settings (wrench icon)
  2. Click "User Interface Settings" button
  3. On top-right there is a checkbox "Load weather animations on system memory", click it
  4. Click Ok button to close dialog, and then again to close Settings Dialog.
Now you should see weather effects properly ... But if this doesn't fix yet, then on step #3, disable "Show weather animations" checkbox instead.
How can I make the icons bigger in the screen ?

Press Ctrl+Z in the keyboard to toggle zoom 100-200%. This zoom only affects the map and units, not the panels, menus or dialogues.

Only the number of 'bars' affect combat stats?

Exactly, only bars count, experience level (xp) is only a counter to get the next bar/s after combat. So there is no difference between 25xp and 95xp units for combat purposes.

What exact bonus a unit gets from a single experience bar ?

These are the bonus:

  • Submarines probability of diving is affected by difference of submarine and attacker bars
  • Also bars increase probability to evade combat for units with that attribute
  • Rugged defence probability is affected by relative attacker/defender bars
  • LB efficiency depends on its bars, same than strategic bombing when enabled
  • Bars are added to effective attack and effective defence for both attacker and defender
  • Bars are lent by combat-support attribute/leader to surrounding same-space friend units
  • (1+bars)/2 is increased to initiative in all combats except a few cases (air attacking flaks/ADs, attacking/defending from submarine, bunkers attacking at range >1, artillery firing or when rugged/surprise combat)
Combat Support leader, lends exp-bars or experience level ?

This leader lends its experience-bars to all adjacent units in combat, experience level is not affected.

I wonder what the difference between Air-defence and FlaK classes ?

The most important engine (hard coded) difference is AD use indirect fire and don't get return fire, neither support fire (except from units having CBF special attribute), while Flak require direct line of fire. Also Flaks always fires first when attacked by air units. Flaks usually can fire either air or ground units, while AD usually can only fire air units. But this is defined in efiles, thus can be different for any unit.

How to activate barrage fire for a specific artillery/ship unit ?

Artillery or Capitol ship with '=' at top of unit info screen are able to Barrage attack, if scenario option is enabled. Press "Alt+B" and then target any hex that can be blown.

But only units having Bomber Size value bigger than 0 can actually use that feature.
So if unit show "=" at top of info screen, it means it has some Bomber Size value assigned in efile. You can check that value by hovering mouse on ammo icon, as it is printed on tool-tip.
When you press Shift key to set barrage/Bombard mode any spotted hex (so no hidden enemy) which terrain cannot be blown cursor shows a reticle with a red "X" and a small black binocular to warn you about there is nothing to bombard there.

Error... DirectDraw entry point not found !

Q:  I have the PG2 version from, and I installed OpenGen on same folder, but when I try to run the game from the OpenGen.exe I get an error message referring to "The procedure entry point DirectDraw.... could not be found or accessed in the dynamic library DDraw.dll" or something around those lines.
R:  PG2 version from Gog install a modified version of ddraw.dll in game folder to be loaded instead default one. This modified version looks like it doesn't include same functions or entry points than standard one and this is the reason of the fault.
So if you want to be able to play either PG2 or OpenGen, you must install OpenGen in a different folder. If you want OpenGen to be installed on same folder anyway, then you need to rename [b]ddraw.dll[/b] in game folder to something like [b]gog_ddraw.dll[/b] so OpenGen will load the standard version.

Why my Overwhelming leader doesn't convert all suppression into kills ?

The way SSI wrote the help for this leader is prone to confusion.
This leader doesn't turn some suppression into kills actually ... what this leader does is adding a bonus of 2 to its attack value, but only when figuring out enemy casualties. So it is somehow true that it tends to get more kills than normal, but don't expect to see always results like X-0 because all suppression became kills...
A similar problem is for "Resilience" leader ... this leader reduces enemy attack value by 2 when enemy is figuring out combat casualties, so in fact probability of getting kills is lower and so unit is more "difficult to kill". In addition this leader avoids overruns in OpenGen.

How can I do to run OpenGen faster ?

On modern PCs, OpenGen should run fast enough, but if you find it to run slow try these hints:

  • Do not play with hexgrid ON
  • Disable logs, specially if your HDD is not fast enough (7000 rpm). Also when scenario has many air units, writing AI log can take a lot
  • Try to use 800x600 or 1024x768, do not use higher resolutions if you have a rather old video card
  • Playing full video mode is faster then win video mode.
  • Set timer a bit slower (Settings/Screen Settings/Refresh ratio-timer) to 40ms or so, it makes scroll not so smooth but saves CPU ticks. Lower timer ratio as smoother screen, but uses more CPU
  • On same Screen Settings set Delay for rotation to 0 (no rotation of units to change face)
  • Do not run any program needing much CPU or system memory while running OG.
  • Turn weather animations off
  • Do NOT play with Show Terrain ON...
Of course you don't need to do all these, they are just some hints you can test as some will speed up running OpenGen.
How to a take a screenshot ?

If you are playing using OpenGeneral-DD in "full-mode" yet, the best method is to switch to "win-mode", take the shot and then return to "full-mode" again.

When using OpenGeneral SDL2 or OpenGeneral-DD in "win-mode", any Windows' standard method will work:

  • Press PrtScen, to capture the entire screen to the clipboard, then paste (Ctrl+V) on Paint (or any graph editor). That works even on Windows XP (and higher)
  • Hold down Alt and press PrtScen to capture the active window to clipboard, then paste on a graph editor.
  • For Windows: 8,8.1 and 10, can hold WINDOWS key and press PrtScen, the screen will be saved to "Pictures > Screenshots" folder
  • For Windows 10, you can configure OneDrive to store your screen-shots when you press PrtScen.
  • For Windows: Vista, 7, 8 and 10 can use the Windows' Snipping Tool, that include more options (free form, rectangular, any window or full screen) and allows to annotate and save wherever you want
  • And another method (which I prefer) is using one of the countless screenshot utilities you can find in the web.
    As a personal choice I use PicPick which is free and very handy, allowing to choose how/what to select;  edit/anotate the picture taken and save/upload in different formats (even pdf);
    send by mail; or upload to Facebook, Twitter, Cloud, FTP or any server (Dropbox, Photobucket, .. ).
    PicPick uses "imgur" by default returning a link to the image without needing to enter imgur.

Here you are a few links if you want to read more detailed...

Does open general work on the Windows 10?

Yes, OpenGen should work on Win10, but there was a windows security (Febrery 2017) what blocked OG, but the latest update(s) (April 2017) fixed this.

I cannot install it on Windows 10 ... why ?

Sometimes, Windows 10 blocks Open General from installing, but you might click on the bottom left of that security popup and then it asks you if you want to run this program by an unknown publisher, click yes and away you go.

I am a linux / mac user and play opengen with wine. whenever weather changes, the game crashes :help

unfortunately wine emulator does not support windows sound system and opengen sound effects like weather animation can cause a crash. that's why you have to do these steps:

  • 1. open a terminal, enter to the main opengen folder and delete all sound, music, multimedia (even from the efile subfolders):
    find . -iname 'sfx' -o -iname 'smack' -o -iname 'sound' | xargs rm -rf
  • 2. open the game and disable sound, music, multimedia
    • Settings < / >
    • media settings
    • all volume = 0

How does the "Healer Unit" perk work?

Give the perk to some (any) unit inside the scenario editor, by setting a value of strength points/round that unit will give around. In the game this special attribute should appear in the unit's description panel (like "healer +3 sp"). To use in the game, just put the wounded/damaged units adjacent to the healer. Next turn they will have gained the healing amount of SP. Note that each use (turn) consumes one ammo of the healer unit (fixed amount, no matter how many units were healed and by how much), so your healer unit needs to have ammo and a means to resupply. Also note that a ground based (ie land or water) healer unit only heals ground based units, it does not heal air units. Actually air units cannot be a healer.

Where can i get the latest campaigns and how do i install them please?

Campaigns are tied to their specific equipment file (E-File). By downloading the updated E-Files you will also get their updated campaigns. You can find them here DailyBuild EFILES folder

You can find additional information about updates in the Open General forum's topic: OpenGen installers and updates in the repo and, often, in the related E-File forums.

We also try to announce new campaigns on Facebook Facebook

What does Stealth mean? What functionalities does it have?

This special represents planes flying at high altitude or stealth planes in (post) cold war period, and usually, the radar-guided missiles or large (>75mm) caliber guns.

"defenders" (AD, Flak, Fighter and, with the OG-mode scenario option, Destroyer/DD, Carrier/CV, Light Cruiser/LC) with Stealth are able to [u]intercept[/u] any aircraft.

"attackers" (Fighter, Tac.Bomber, Lvl.Bomber) with Stealth are able to avoid [u]interception[/u] of any "defender" - as long as the "defender" doesn't have Stealth too.

Stealth has nothing to do with air attack or air defense actions.

What is RDM and how it works?

The commonly called "RDM" (stand for Range Defense Modifier) is an additional defensive bonus for some units depending the distance between contenders. It can be added only when a unit is fired by an enemy belonging to classes #1 (infantry) to #7 (GTP). Thus, units being fired by Artillery, AD, Air or Naval units, cannot add this defensive bonus.

It is a common mistake to understand RDM as a "defense value used against incoming artillery fire", surely because the name of this unit's stat is rather misleading, but it is called that way since many years ago, so you better get used of the name.

The formula to figure the RDM bonus (can read also in Combat formulas: RDM) is given by this formula:


  • A stand for "Active" (the unit which is firing)
  • P stand for "Pasive" (the unit being fired)
  • EffDef stand for the Effective Defense (the result of basic GD plus the rest of modifiers, like entrench, bars,...)
  • RDM stands for the equipment Range Defense Modifier stat (unit stat)
  • range is the range of fire (unit's stat)
  • CbtRange is the distance between the units involved
  • if (condition is true) then (do this) else (do that instead) ... basic logic operands

And this is the formula:

If P.range-stat is different than CbtRange or CbtRange <= 1
.. Then: P.EffDef is increased with P.RDM-stat /2 (half the value)
.. Else : P.EffDef is increased with P.RDM-stat (full value)