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by Luis Guzman


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To install Open General ...

Download the official all-in-one installer: Open General Installer (from DailyBuild) and run it.

This installer includes the last stable version of executable, all officially released equipment files, campaigns and scenarios, the official OpenIcons files,all GUI, media files. It is updated regularly with the latest stable executable or with new campaigns, icons, etc. There are some "unofficial" materials (equipment files, campaigns, icons, etc.) which aren't part of this package, like the Polish EFILE_OGN_GUS (can be downloaded from Kampanie Open General) or Duke Falcon's Xeno General and Fantasy General.. (can be downloaded from: Duke Falcon's E-files topic at JP's).

The all-in-one installer includes everything is needed to play Open General, except the PNG/JPG maps, but the game can dowload any missing maps automatically. The all-in-one installer is a self extract zip file that  will create an icon on the desktop and will ask for a  folder to copy the installation files.

You can pick same folder than PG2 (none of the PG2 files are overwritten) or a different folder, but you should avoid Windows "fake-folders" like "Documents", "Programs Files" or similar,  as later you won't be able to add new stuff or even save your savegames.

Open General uses AVI files and requires Video codec: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, for intro video. You can download (it's free) from:

To run for first time ...

Once installer have finished copying files, please spen a minute to read Read me first file . as it has a short but important info, then click on the new icon you will find in your desktop and that will launch Open General. Over the main window should pop up a dialog showing all campaigns included in the installer for the different equiment (aka "Efile"). The first line is a short tutorial campaign. This pop up dialog will appear everytime you run the game, but you can disable/enable at your will.

Whenever you have disabled that dialog, you should use the main game menu to choose an EFile (first icon on left) and then pick any Campaign, Scenario or Savegame related to that EFile To learn more, go on reading about features below ...

Further info ...

If you are new to Open General I strongly suggest to read first the nice Manual made by Guillermo Bores (aka Guille) explaining step by step the basic components and most important rules. A must for beginners!. Guille's manual is available in English: Open General English Manual  (pdf)  or Spanish: Manual Open General Espaņol  (pdf)

If you have never played PG2, it would be good to play the tutorial campaign while reading: Tutorial Campaign Help (pdf)

Spanish speaking people can also read the "school" pdf themes: Open General School page

Everybody should read Blitzstoper advanced: Tactical Manual for OpenGeneral players because it includes very useful hints related with campaigns, written by a very expert player

From Menu on top you can can visit rest of pages explaining the features either for players and/or designers and the most important tables.

Stay updated ...

After the first install, you don't have to download and run the all-in-one installer.
You can update the executable ( , the icons ( , the Equipment files containing campaigns (, or the Media files ( separately from the OpenGen DailyBuild. Each equipment package can be downloaded separately too (DailyBuild/EFILES). You can see when these separated zip files has been updated checking the announcements on JP's topic: OpenGen repository on SF. But please remember, you must have a running install before using any of these packages!

Latest executable only (same than included in installer) is also available as: OpenGen executable

There is also a "test" version of the executable, including changes made to test something in development by the OG-Team, or because any bug/glitch is fixed but not properly tested yet. Test version of executable is called OpenGenTest.exe instead and be downloaded from: OpenGenTest. Every time OpenGenTest is updated I post on JP's topic: OpenGen latest Test.

The easiest way to know when there is something new or fixed, is to join JP's OpenGen Forum and subscribe to the related topics to get emailed (see below).

JP's Forum ...

Most of the active comunity players and designers are members of: JP's OpenGen Forum thus it is worth to join it, in order to check questions raised by other players and post your own questions, as well as to know current work in progress by designers.

The forum is also the best way to report any bug or to raise a suggestion or to discuss something. When reporting a bug, please always include a link to a sample file to allow replicate the bug (or send to me by email)

You also might check JP's PG2 Challenge Campaign Forum to enjoy the experience of playing same campaign with other players, a very instructive practive to master Open General.

Game includes a buton at right side or main game menu to launch your default browser to read JP's Forum

Additional packages at DailyBuild

InstallCCPack.exe Is an additional installer including all campaigns played at JP's Challenge Campaigns. It is a one-click install package containing all of the files needed to play the entire set of Challenge Campaigns.

InstallPG2Pack.exe Is an additional installer including many custom PG2 campaigns that can be played with OpenGeneral It is a one-click install package containing all of the files needed to play many of the best campaigns made by the community of PG2

Note: campaigns included in these packages were made for Pg2 so don't expect to see any of the new features in any of these campaigns. Also if you have played before using PG2 you can notice they play slightly different, because Open General AI is different.