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OpenGen Version ( 19-May-2012)
  • Issues with reinforces and with deploymenet/first turn prestige fixed.
  • Revised how AI deploy units
  • hexes blown and mined could not be repaired and mines could not be removed.
OpenGen Version ( 15-May-2012)
  • Reinforces in first turn was not appearing if reloading a save made from initial HQ
  • First turn prestige was not increased to be available on initial HQ
OpenGen Version ( 11 May-2012)
  • Deployment was skipped when reloading a savegame from initial HQ before deploy
  • Fuel comsumption for planes (needing fuel) with movement allowance less than 3, now burn 1 fuel if not moving
OpenGen Version ( 10 May-2012)
  • By saving from initial HQ before deploying, first turn prestige was added again when reloaded
  • If scenario allows roads on impasable hexes and repairing blown hexes, then sappers can enter an impassable river as far as there is a blown bridge to repair.
  • Bridge units could get a bridge leader
  • MSU units cannot be reassigned anymore
  • Fixed a p`roblem with unit's fuel when deployed embarked, undeployed and re-deployed again
OpenGen Version (27 -Apr-2012)
  • Game crashed when clicking on any existing file (item in the list) while saving a game
  • After replaying oponent turn in PBEM, all player units was removed
OpenGen Version (26 -Apr-2012)
  • Cost for free core units is also shown in HQ
  • AAR was losing played scenario list, now it is fixed
  • game crashed sometimes when loading scenarios (standalone) and also when picking savegames
  • Removed option from AAR, now it will always show same Army Cost value than in HQ
OpenGen Version 0.80.6 (20-Apr-2012)
  • Red binoculars show all hexes visible by spotted enemies
  • Units cannot build if 2 or more enemies in zoc, and cannot repair if 3 or more enemies in zoc
  • AirTransportable special is only needed to be set for transport (PG2UK210 requieres to be set for unit and transport)
  • Score average won't change for scenarios marked with no-score option (choice scenarios)
  • Units retreated from map was not included in AAR, now they are.
  • AAR will show now protopytes raised in scenarios played (for new scenarios played ...)
  • Prototypes in AAR are marked differently (+) than initial core units (*)
  • There were a really strange bug when trying to move a unit (using transport) when located in a narrow path plus being in contact with enemy forces
  • Flags didn't appear on the map unless country was assigned to some player.
  • Subs didn't ambush.
  • ships & ground units can use any deployment hex they can enter (ground units still will check if they can enter using available NTP (or ATP if airborne).
  • To allow any movement method to be customizable roads won't work in Ports, to avoid the issue when using ports as pseudo-rails
  • If a minefield was beside an airfield hex and a plane is above the mine then it could not re-supply. Now minefield only avoids re-supply if it is in the airfield (no adjacent hexes can re-supply either)
  • Units with bridge attribute or Bridge Leader will use cost 254 if not able to enter stream/river terrain.
  • If a unit can access a hex (movement cost for the hex 1-254) but it's transport cannot (cost for the hex 255), player should choose either to abandon the transport and enter the hex or to cancel the movement.
OpenGen Version 0.80.5 (17-Mar-2012)
  • XLog was not handling remove mines actions
  • XLog was not handling undeployment of units
  • XLog was freezing when new equipment was shown between turns
  • when a scenario turn starts and weather changes a popup message appeared: "bad weather period on nextweather()"
  • First turn prestige is now added before initial HQ/Deploy
  • AI was moving sometimes a carrier after a plane had flew over to resupply, making it crashing!
  • Saving while "end-turn" dialog was asking for confirmation was creating wrong savegames.
  • Cruisers were on top of units at HQ/Purchase screeens
  • hex_text.png (and others) was not changing properly when efile changed
  • efile will be reloaded every time a new scenario/save-game is loaded, to allow designers to test changes quicker
OpenGen Version 0.80.4 ( 5-Mar-2012)
  • Somebody reported all units suddenly became infantry type ... not now.
  • Numbers of lost/suppresion for AD was displayed on top of unit instead of bottom (engine checking old class codes yet)
OpenGen Version 0.80.2 ( 4-Mar-2012)
  • Infantry units were not able to "Clear" mines, because conversion algorithm was not setting that attribute
OpenGen Version 0.80.1 ( 3-Mar-2012)
  • GUI97 was misplacing unit's class denominations
  • New section for STRINGS_EFILE.txt allowing to customize more labels (fuel, hard attack,....) Sample STRINGS_EFILE.txt included in OpenGenAdv.rar
OpenGen Version 0.80.0 ( 2-Mar-2012)
  • Units were not able to fire after clearing mine field, but after a save/reload sequence, the unit would be able to fire.
  • Air units only can escape from map by using an airfield marked as EH
  • Main menu can use 3 rows as rest of menus
  • Human players can cancel end of turn now by using a new "cancel" button added to End of Turn dialog
  • Units having both "Can fire AA" and "No AA" attributes could not fire to planes, but didn't show AA bracketed
  • Campaigns can use scenarios with more than 2 players, but no core units to players 3/4
  • AI reinforces arriving with some entrenchment were anchored for some turns.
  • Embarked units having wrong "show-code" at start of scenarios, were shown without transport (ie: walking on the ocean...)
  • Units with Marksman was showing +1 in range even for its transport.
  • Deployment hexes was only working for player 1
  • Font can be set specific for efiles now. When saving as .xfnt, file is saved in efile folder
  • Units not able to move except using transport was not include in cycle list if no enemies were on sight
  • Games hanged when clicking to inspect a unit from HQ and no units (for the player) were deployed yet.
  • Cost to build different choices is shown on bottom banner when sapper's actions menu is shown on screen.
  • Units that cannot move without transport have a lower probability of raising Aggresive Maneover
  • When reviewing map from HQ, switching to normal size map was showing all minefields
  • Sometimes AAR was showing wrong prestige in map
  • Info included in AAR for AI units is reworked. If AAR is created from initial HQ, only estimated number of AI units is shown an a percentaje of units for groups is included. After that and while scenario is not finish, no info about AI units is shown and of scenario is finished, full actual values are used for AI units.
  • Weather.txt file was overwriten after loaded, so default table was in fact always used
  • Explosion animations was not loaded if efile was changed before loading a scenario/savegame
  • Notes:[list=1]
  • This version uses already the new format for equipment so don't be surprised if you noticed some differences. Conversion from existing .eqp files to new format is done while loading, so any efile should be loaded with no changes, but notice you might update [b]uniticons[/b].png and [b]unitclass[/b].PNG (OPENGUI) files to show things properly, as there are now 2 additional classes and more movement methods.
  • Executable requires now an external DLL. It is done that way to isolate specific calls to DirectX, so someone else could work to port graphic system to OpenGL. Put the DLL in main game folder with the executable.
  • This version includes a new option to define language for UI strings (default is English) that will allow to read the strings from external text files according different languages. There are already some translation files for Spanish, German and Polish but I've decided to delay releasing them because they will change yet while new formats are not fully implemented. To make possible these translation files while allowing customizing texts for efiles, USER.txt and UNITS.txt files are not loaded anymore and terrain denominations won't be read from TERRAIN.txt either. All efile specific strings should be defined in a new STRINGS_EFILE.txt file. Language selection combo-box is already available in User Settings, but you will see only default choice until some strings translation files are found. This feature will also use the alternative Text-?? folders some efiles include so when designer provide scenario/campaign text files written in different languages they would be loaded automatically acoording the language selection. When I finish implementing new formats, language strings files will be released and also a template to make more translations easier.
OpenGen Version 0.70.8 (25-Dec-2011)
  • Unit was deselected after attack
  • All map prestige was wrong when any VH was also Airfield
OpenGen Version 0.70.7 (23-Dec-2011)
  • Xlog was messing up if filename logged had spaces
  • Xlog was not recording Refit/Overstrength Unit from HQ
  • Xlog was not remembering 'properly prototypes
  • For new installs settings will be saved to local config file instead of registry
  • AD units were not getting experience when intercepting planes.
  • Prestige available was not being updated properly when refit or overstrength units at HQ
  • There were a bug when assigning leaders making the game to hang-up due to a dead-loop.
OpenGen Version 0.70.6 (15-2011)
  • Unit not being able to capture flags, were not able to exit the map through EH (escape hexes)
  • Can return from strategic map also by right-click.
  • Autosaves will have extension in lower-case
  • Core AI units work now for OG Mode
  • Commands file (xlog) revised to work properly when playing several scenarios in a run (campaign mode). Thanks to Kowdar for his splendid remarks and documents.
OpenGen Version 0.70.5 ( 4-Dec-2011)
  • Fighters was not intercepting whn located in same hex than frind unit being attacked
  • Bridge units was not working on streams
OpenGen Version 0.70.4 ( 4-Dec-2011)
  • Enemy unit firing from un-spotted hexes, did't show up in map while attacking. Now remains half-spotted.
OpenGen Version 0.70.3 ( 29-Nov-2011)
  • Path finder routine was wrongly entering "known" minefields when not currently spotted
  • Can Capture special was not working for air units.
OpenGen Version 0.70.2 ( 25-Nov-2011)
  • Strategic view was not showing dimmed flags
  • There were a glitch making AI units firing from unspotted hexes not showing
OpenGen Version 0.70.0 ( 23-Nov-2011)
  • Planes could not deploy if enemy ground units was in deployment hex.
  • When expanding window to read after scenario debriefing, window had some transparency, making dificult to read.
  • You cannot end-turn by clicking Shit-E while on HQ now.
  • Reparing work in progress was not properly handled when saved/restored.
  • Any unit surprised by enemy with Overwatch leader was attacked twice, now it is attacked only once (so now it is different than PG2).
  • If map picture file is not found, game is aborted now, as map size is undefined.
  • No overrun is possible to Air units now.
  • Units retreated from map, didn't appear in AAR.
  • Current turn is shown in AAR now.
  • Info related to AI units is not included in AAR now, except if scenario has finished already.
  • When campaign filename had 2 or more points (ie: it was not loaded properly from savegames,
  • Loading country related graphics is improved, so even if many countries are defined, no problems should be raised with video memory.
  • Core units which are outdated can yet upgrade transport if unit still matches F/F for the scenario and there is any transport matching date, weight and F/F.
  • Minefields keep spotted for the player's side who drop it. Enemy can see only if within spotting range.
  • Those mines set by designer in scenario, has no side initially but once they are spotted they keep spooted for players with same side than the unit revealing it.
  • Tactical Bombers and Level Bombers having "sapper" ability can drop sea mines now.
  • Dropping mines require now to spend 2 ammo (not halved for Fire Discipline leaders)
  • Removing mines have a higher probability now and in case of failure unit gets 1 sp suppressed for the rest of the turn, but no kills.
  • Blowing requires also to spend 1 ammo (not halved for Fire Discipline leaders)
  • Building require to spend some prestige: Forts/Ports (12), bridges (16) and Airfields(20)
  • Anything built by sappers won't give prestige when captured.
  • Ports,Airfields and Forts keep spotted for the player's side who built, and will keep alse spotted by enemy after they are revealed.
  • Ports and Airfields can be set as "dirt" at scenario design, so Ports won't behave as SH and airfields will behave as units with "Air Support" attribute - (requires Suite 4.28x)
  • Dirt ports cannot be entered by battleships nor carriers, they can deploy any ship, can supply any ship in port and can embark ground units.
  • Air units can use "can capture" special atribute, which is required for some XIX efiles.
  • Leader attribute is shown when buying/upgrading and also while deploying.
  • Formula for "score" redone to be simpler.
  • Units with evade special attribute do not try to evade if attacker is surprised or rugged defense is raised.
  • New option (only available using Ctrl+Shift+T hotkey) to abandom transport. Unit must be selected and not mounted to work. Will ask for confirmation.
  • Some hotkeys added to Hotkeys Window (which is a bit bigger now).
  • Units having aggresive manouver leader plus recon movement, could not use the additional movement bonus from the leader.
  • Destroyers can drop sea-mines, but need "z" attribute to remove them.
  • New option to enable left-side panel showing stats for selected unit and unit under cursor. It is disabled by default, but your setting will be remembered. (requieres a new unit_stats.png and a modified buttons18.png in OPENGUI folder)
  • ogg files can be used instead of mp3 for music once you install "opencodecs_0.85.17777.exe" from Be aware wav files can cause troubles, please download new effects files converted to mp3 by Drag D.
  • Inspect Unit panel was showing also reinforces when cycling unit, it is fixed already.
  • unit not able to supply in dirt arfield was marked as if they could supply.
  • Naval units cannot get a Liberator leader unless they have the Capture Flag special attribute.
OpenGen Version 0.69.0 (3-Aug-2011)
  • Downloading of missing maps is working again but only as png or jpg (not as shp). It is using HTTP access this time, so no problems should be found with Win7 or Vista. (while Gilestiel site is not working normally again, update packages are hosted back at my site)
OpenGen Version 0.68.11 (26-Jul-2011)
  • Automatic savegame made at the end of the scenario, was always showing debriefing from first scenario slot
  • Planes could cancel movement after flying over unspotted flags. It worked well if plane flew close to the flag though.
  • Explosions.png can use a 8th row to show when bombardment is into water terrain.
  • Weather animations was not showing properly sometimes.
  • Some debriefings was not shown if campaign file included suffix for text files
  • Dialog showing end of scenario data and debriefing include a new button to show text in a larger window
  • Planes with recon movement, was spending minimal fuel (1/3 of its movement) each phased movement
OpenGen Version 0.68.10 (16-Jul-2011)
  • New FoW pattern was revealing hidden hexes. OG will set hex's spotting based on flag instead of ownership
  • Start screen is tweaked a bit to show menu centered and tooltips always showing up out of the picture. Text on top is removed too.
  • Spotting and FoW status was not restored when unit undo movement
OpenGen Version 0.68.9 (9-Jul-2011)
  • Reinforces scheduled to arrive in a DH never arrived actually
  • Added core units if deployed at start of scenario, was apparently allowed to upgrade crashing the game when doing.
  • While reviewing map from HQ, you can switch to normal view and then activate show terrain but only by using hotkey ('L')
  • New "Fog of war" option to draw on map a pattern darkening unspotted hexes. Movement is drawn differently according spotted/unspotted status. Requires updated [b]hex_grids.png[/b] to show properly
  • There is a new [b][/b]g with blue for water terrain and red for impassable terrain
OpenGen Version 0.68.7 (27-Jun-2011)
  • Now you can un-deploy units even if there are no more units to deploy or no more for same space
  • Ftp connection forced to be passive.
  • A few glitches fixes related with interception when flak unit has Camo Expert leader.
  • Camo Expert units was not surprising enemies if retreating from combat
  • Air units was revealing units with Camo Expert leader
  • Check & Download missing files can be interrupted now after as soon as current file downloading is completed.
  • Units dismounting after movement were spotting using transport spot instead of main.
  • OG allow changing sides in the middle of a campaign, as far as scenario is properly set.
  • Special attribute "NoZoc" is working now
  • When upgrading you can compare unit stats against items to upgrade. Just right-click on existing unit to show stats while selecting new unit.
  • There is a new button in HQ to allow review the map without units and showing DH hexes. [b]Need updated buttons_dlgs.PNG[/b]
  • Leader changes:
    • Denominations won't be customizable (from Units.txt) temporarily.
    • "Overwhelming attack": in addition, First enemy strength suppressed will become as killed (in addition)
    • "Bridging" : in addition, it will act as bridge also.
    • "Infiltration Tactics" : it won't act as bridge anymore but will does First Strike if initiative is won by margin >1, as well as ignoring entrench
    • "Skilled Assault" : in addition, it will be immune also to AA interception besides it unveils the flaks along the way if they had shot also.
    • "Ferocious Defender" : in addition, it will ignore suppression in combat (same as having NoSurrender attribute)
    • "Liberator": in addition, it allows unit to capture hexes regardless class or efile special attribute also
    • "Alpine Training": is renamed as "Mountain training" and will do the same than "Mountain" special, in Forest, Hill, Rough and Mountain terrain
    • "Skilled Recon" : will add +2 spot instead of +1
    • "Battlefield Intelligence" : in addition, it will add +1 to initiative, after all bonus have been processed
    • "Street Fighter", in addition, it will act as "First Strike" when defending in cities
    • "Extended Front" was unused, now it allows fire support to adjacent friend units, but always will use "range fire support" (strength halved)
    • Skilled Ground Attack: Added for flaks
    • Aggressive Maneuver: Disabled for air units
    • Infiltration Tactics: Disabled for ADs
    • Street Fighter: Disabled for ADs, added for flak, infantry
    • Overwhelming Attack: Added for flaks, ADs
    • First Strike: Added for fighters
OpenGen Version 0.68.6 (18-Jun-2011)
  • Units set as "All Country" was not country in fact and so, graphs according country was not drawn
  • Air units could not deploy if enemy ground unit was in the airfield hex.
  • Loading xsav/xcsv was changing file date (which was only needed if internal format had changed)
  • When a scenario uses the "Allow victory by #VH to hold", the AAR displayed a wrong after-scenario prestige award for the different victory types.
  • In campaign mode when scenario ends, map is toggled to strategic so you can have a look while starting info is shown before entering HQ window
  • Toggle to disable saving commands as xlog was not working properly
  • Disable auto-refit campaign option has been split as disable auto-reinforce / auto-resupply
  • New option to avoid reassigning protos raised on a given campaign's scenario. This protos can be upgraded (if scenario allows that) but not reassigned.
  • There is also a new option to avoid purchasing new units in a given campaign's scenario.
To edit those new campaign options [b]Suite 4.28q[/b] is required.
OpenGen Version 0.68.5 (15-Jun-2011)
  • Shock Tactics leader is excluded for units which already have lasting suppression.
  • Replacements from HQ didn't resupplied also if unit was un-deployed
  • When "disable auto-refit" was set, units didn't resupply fuel/ammo even when scenario didn't set "use ammo/fuel as defined"
  • AI was not moving artillery into mountain or forest under any circumstance.
  • Movement cost pop up, was cut under some resolutions.
  • Units having anchor scenario attribute, will not try to evade if also having efile's evade attribute
  • Fort class units having range >1 will not avoid defender to return fire anymore (Note if changes how Pg2 does)
  • Mountain movement/attribute was showing wrong positions to move, when a minefield was in range.
  • When an unit disembarking revealed enemy units, it could undo action yet.
  • There is a new option when picking save-games to sort by date. When option is selected list jumps to show the latest saved game. Date format is yy-mm-dd
OpenGen Version 0.68.4 (7-Jun-2011)
  • Can't reassign units feature is already added, although there is no way to use it. Campaign file will allow defining protos as cannot reassign and also for single scenario units.
  • Scenario can read an external text file .cfg defining custom side text for this scenario (later this file could override more text labels)
  • DLOF is only checked now for combat initiator, so friend units won't avoid defender's return fire anymore.
  • New autosave feature at the end of scenario, was saved before updating played scenarios list and counters, so reloading caused messed up played list, counters and dossier.
OpenGen Version 0.68.3 (3-Jun-2011)
  • In purchase/upgrade windows, movement table is shown now also for transport
  • When playing campaigns, a special savegame will be created automatically at the end of each scenario finished. It will be named following the pattern: Camfilename_ScenarioPlayedNumber_Victype.xcsv
  • When "Show spotted hexes" menu option is active, all hexes spotted by visible enemies are marked with red binoculars
  • When a hex is soptted a text is shown also on top banner
  • AI was retreating from VH when it was to be killed on next turn and there were another VH empty close enough
  • In unit dialog, tooltip for "Embark" gives a hint about why embarkment is not possible when unit is at port or airfield.
  • New option in Settings to define if JPG format should be attempted before PNG when any map picture needs to be downloaded.
  • Units producing long term suppression will show '/' on special atrribute help or '=' if also can do barrage fire
  • All UI settings have been moved to a new dialog, so Game Settings has only scenario settings.
  • Seed is not more restored from saved games except for replays.
  • Expert camouflage now will react when stacked and not on top.
OpenGen Version 0.68b (22-May-2011)
  • There were a glitch while reading xcsv created with 0.68 messing up played scenario list and erasing front/factions data. Writing was ok, but when reading again played list and fronts was not read. So if you saved after reading and your game use fronts, be aware they will be removed, otherwise only the list of scenarios played will be lost.
  • When a plane running out of fuel crashed, the game crashed also
OpenGen Version 0.68 (20-May-2011)
  • "#VH to hold" condition has became "#VH to own", so releasing restriction of being needed by enemy only.
  • Infiltration leader was painted as bridge when embarked in air transport
  • If a unit is set to dismount after it moves, it dismounted before getting surprised/overwatched.
  • While in main menu, efile's Menua/Menub music will take precedence, then music defined in Media Settings and finally efile's Music0_a/Music0_b
  • Ground units retreating from combat could enter ocean hexes having sea-mines.
  • Flak units with recon movement could not fire air targets after moving partially.
  • When "disable auto refit" is set, core units will carry over current fuel and ammo value depending on scenario settings "use fuel/ammo"
  • When cost to enter terrain was 254 fuel was wrongly reduced for ground units.
  • AAR didn't include unit with class 21 (Light Cruiser)
  • Playing pbem scenarios was read badly and sometimes players could not purchase units.
  • A subtle bug happened when no units was carried from previous scenario playing campaign mode. Units could no be selected by clicking until next turn.
  • Rugged defense won't be possible now if contenders are not on adjacent hexes
  • VH and SH side/player are shown in top banner (right side)
  • Interception by Flaks/AD was using standar combat, now planes won't fire back.
  • Planes fallen down because of fuel are now counted in dossier
  • Infantry not able to dismount when attacked, will say that in attributes help window.
  • Data defined externally (Terrain, Text,...) was not reset when changing efile.Now it is reset to defaults and then external txt files are checked and loaded
Note: to edit save-games made with this version you need new SuitePG2 version 4.28p available also, as file structure is half way to new formats
OpenGen Update 0.67d (20-Abr-2011)(0.67c used for testing only)
  • OG will play "OpenIntro" music at start, if found in main OPENDAT folder as mp3, vaw or mid file.
  • "Officlal" open Intro theme is included in [url=]OpenGenExe.rar[/url] package
  • Spot shown in unit's detail window was adding 1 instead 2 if unit had a recon leader. Now leader additions are shown with a '+' sign
  • Music will remaing sounding when you load a different game as far as no new music file is needed to load
  • Current music file loaded is shown in Media Settings window
  • Hotkey F6 will toggle music slot to play.
OpenGen Update 0.67b (15-Abr-2011)
  • Fuel consumption in frozen terrain was twice as it should, as I misunderstood the PG2 rule
  • Clicking on enemy unit will show range again (no need to Ctrl+Click, just Click)
  • Units using ground air units transport (helicopter) could fire in bad weather
  • Units mounted in helicopter could be stopped by hidden ground units
  • Units using having helicopters, could not use full transport movement after firing
  • Mines can be dropped now after movement
  • While PG2Mode, units retreating from combat will not be fired if entering over-watch leader range
OpenGen Update 0.67a (10-Abr-2011)
  • AI will not buy units it can't move
  • MSU units are highlighted in HQ.
  • Core MSU units cannot be reassigned
  • AI's paratroopers was flying over airfields without dropping.
  • Reinforces arriving at 0,0 will never deploy playing Pg2Mode, but playing OG-Mode will arrive on (1,0)
  • Cleaner routine, was cleaning every building in progress, not only the wrong ones.
  • If no player was AI no units could be bought.
  • AI's embarked on naval was reluctant to disembark if no good positions found.
OpenGen version 0.67 (6-Abr-2011)
  • AI was spending too long in the last phase, now that phase is merged with prior one, which makes it to finish faster.
  • AI sometimes entered endless loop when unit trying to resupply/reinforce failed on doing.
  • AI will use the "turn-entrench" rule, meaning a unit starting entrenched will hold its position for same turns than entrenchment. Anyway previous AI version is available at Game Settings using AI from combo selector
  • AI will reinforce for free when a file named Pg2AiMode.txt is found on Efile folder. This should make AI to be more difficult but will work better if campaign is designed with very low or none AI prestige.
  • When checking units resupply, planes flying over unit didn't count to cut supply.
  • Anchoring naval unit by giving a ground transport with no movement, didn't work.
  • Planes far out of action was not moving if scenario had no VH.
  • When building Airfields and Ports unit flag will be set also
  • Some map data was not reset when next scenario in campaign was played, making some building in progress status being carried on.
  • A clean routine has been added to remove those wrong building status when save-game is loaded.
  • From unit details window, available reinforce sp and cost is shown now when mouse is over refit button.
  • Building an airfield in a hex defined as SH avoided to deploy ground units.
  • When unit is selected and possible positions to move are highlighted, you can see the path to move by pressing Shift-key and then clicking mouse. This requires last image in new hex_grids.png included.
OpenGen Update 0.66e (16-Mar-2011)
  • AI weak/low ammo planes having recon movement not finding an airport/carrier to resupply, could keep trying forever.
  • I've revert last change, avoiding class Fortification to purchase ground transport because I found out PG2 does allow that. I didn't imagine that could work that way in Pg2 !
  • Small flags from shp-file were not loaded properly.
  • AT and Fort classes, with fire-range >1, can also do barrage fire when having bomber size >0
  • Range fire AI's units will fire now even having only 1 ammo, if max ammo is 1, they can't give fire support and cannot be attacked by ground units on next turn.
  • When game was saved before reinforced arriving, they lose leaders if any.
  • Some big icons were not shown on deploy window boxes
OpenGen Update 0.66d (13-Mar-2011)
  • Loading flags from external shp-file will load first flags*.shp found in folder
OpenGen Update 0.66c (13-Mar-2011)
  • Class Fortification units having movement leg, towed or mountain-leg could get a transport
  • Loading flags from external flags1.shp improved
OpenGen Update 0.66b (10-Mar-2011)
  • When cap was disabled AAR didn't tell that.
  • Leader Skilled Reconnaissance was increasing spot also when embarked.
  • PBEM: There was a bug making scenario do not finish if none contenters win
  • Ground unit could not deploy if enemy air unit was flying deployment hex
  • Sometimes during AI turn units with Forest Camouglage was not shown on map
  • AI logic regarding escorting bombers improved.
  • When units deployed using NTP and then game was saved before disembarking, NTP pool counter was counting wrongly after releading
  • AI prestige setting defined in campaign is also disabled when playing Pg2Mode
  • Carrier were not allowing to resupply air units over them
  • AAR was not showing correct prestige for each type of victory if Hold VH condition was defined
  • AAR didn't include units retreated from map
  • When upgrading units and units detail window was visible, reassign button was making troubles.
  • Core units entrench level was not reset when carried on.
  • Transport can be purchased for any non-air unit as far as movement method is 3,4 or 11 (leg,towed or mountain-leg)
  • PBEM: After replay, player was getting turn prestige again.
OpenGen Update 0.66a (23-Feb-2011)
  • Surprise contact was avoiding also interceptors and air defense.
  • Units lose its "anchor" role (set in scenario) when forced to retreat.
  • Scenario with more than 1000 names crashed.
  • New Equipment available was not checking if unit had expired when next scenario starts
  • New command "M" to manually reload the mapfile. If you make a save-game when a map is missing OG didn't try to reload the map again (it is also fixed)
OpenGen Update 0.66 (20-Feb-2011)
  • AI use of recon units tweaked, also AI time improved a bit, and some other minor adjustments.
  • Expert camouflage leader was misunderstanding when already revealed., so sometimes it over-watched when it shouldn't
  • When upgrading an unit, the country kept unchanged, instead of taking the new equipment country.
  • Ground units with movement naval highlighted deployment hexes at ocean even when they could not deploy.
  • Fuel/ammo shown in unit window has been reworked, as it could be easily misunderstood.
  • Now playing OG-Mode, paratroopers can only deploy air embarked if there are enough Air transport available in the pool
  • When deleting save game fro Save As window, list was not redrawn, and if clicking the trash icon again it crashed
  • Long leaders descriptions are wrapped to keep the tooltip window smaller
  • Existing map pictures in shp format were not found when checking campaigns maps
  • When player controlled all VH defined for its side, the "win-by-taking-any-flag" was not reset when a VH was taken by enemy
  • Now any unit can capture hexes owned by not active player (regardless that hex's player's side)
  • Over-strength option was not working properly.
  • AAR was reading map positions out ot picture boundaries, so some times prestige was incorrectly shown.
  • One glitch on INS key fixed (to cycle through stacked units)
  • Planes onairfield-units (having carrier ability) could not resupply automatically, only manually
  • Turn messages were not reset when loading any other not having turn messages defined
  • PBEM: Cancel button is hide now when turn finish, to avoid you can cancel by mistake, discarding your turn
OpenGen Update 0.65e (10-Feb-2011)
  • Fighters was not escorting other air units
OpenGen Update 0.65d (10-Feb-2011)
  • Ammo shown in unit window was wrong.
  • Planes was able to refit only by 1 point on sand terrain
OpenGen Update 0.65c (9-Feb-2011)
  • Port built by sappers can be used as SH if campaign enables OS and Upgrade units in SH
  • Game crashed after retreating any ground unit from map and then selecting any air unit.
  • Tips files can be read from efile folder (and will take precedence)
  • When unit was embarked, view unit window was showing fuel 0 for main equipment.
  • Units having CanAA attribute could not attack air units after moving even having remaining movement available (recon movement)
  • Tanks could overrun mounted or even embarked
  • Sounds effect for mines exploding or facilities being blown-up can be assigned differently, using mines.mp3 and blown.mp3 files in SOUND folder (files are included in OpenGenExe.rar SOUND folder)
  • There were yet some choice scenarios glitches - Why are they designed so strange ?
  • Sound effect for surrender can be customizing. Just put "Surrender.mp3" (not included) into SOUND folder
OpenGen Update 0.65b (6-Feb-2011)
  • campaign option to allow core units to OS and Upgrade, can be used also by planes if SH is also Airfield
  • OS in HQ was a bit annoying as selection jumped after each increment
  • Units with NoAiBuy special attribute was exclude from prototypes in Pg2Mode.
  • AI Carriers was too aggressive
  • If units has no ammo defined in efile, they no suffer no-ammo penalty on combat
  • Unit arriving as reinforces with leader Expert Camouflage was hidden but selectable at the time they appear.
OpenGen Version 0.65 (3-Feb-2011)
  • When any VH was also SH, game AAR was reporting prestige wrongly
  • AI won evade units regardless attribute if placed on any VH or SH
  • Units having Expert camouflage leader could be revealed by firing to it, now they cannot be fired until revealed.
  • New campaign option to allow core units to OS and Upgrade in SHs (need at least Suite 4.28i)
  • New rule for fighters with soft attack=1 and no hard attack (won't attack ground units unless can kill it or target is MSU)
  • New option to define in scenario the number of MSU needed to finish scenario. So now you can mark more MSU units than required to loss (need at least Suite 4.28i)
  • For scenarios using countries >31, OG can show proper flags in map by reading the new [b].smx[/b] file that Suite 4.28k will created when map has any flag for a country below 31 ([url=]Suite 4.28k is available too[/url]).
  • OG can read a turn message file (.tmsg) to display in info dialog. Suite 4.28k is needed also to make the [b].tmsg [/b]file
  • There were a bug related with VHs, making some scenarios to finish abnormally.
OpenGen Update 0.64c (29-Jan-2011)
  • New campaing options (need Suite 4.28h ... also available): No automatic refit (units don't get base strength in that scenario) No upgrade (units cannot be upgraded in that scenario)
  • Game crashed when HQ was entered with no units.
  • If load a save-game made from initial HQ, first turn prestige was not given
  • Evade special was using too low probability
  • I've changed default movement cost table to make "Mountain (Leg)" method to cost 1 on frozen roads instead of 2. Be aware if you have Terrain.txt in any efile folder, you would need to edit (or remove) to make this change working
  • Submarines evade probability now depends on ettacker/defender experience bars Probability is: 30 + Defender's exp_bar*5 - Attacker's exp_bar*5 (If attacker is air unit probability is halved)
  • I forgot to check a condition resulting self propeler units could move even if run out fuel
  • New scenario attribute unit-anchored now avoids AI moving that unit, even to refuel ...
  • Browsing for a file didn't work when full video mode (Ctrl+E, browsing for music, or avi,...)
  • There were a bug with Mountain attribute making transport to also use it.
  • When reloading a scenario using recent files, players human/AI were switched.
OpenGen Update 0.64a (26-Jan-2011)
  • First time reinforces arrives, message is showing on every turn.
  • Revised Cycling units system
OpenGen Version: 0.64 (25-Jan-2011)
  • In Purchase screen, selected class was reset when switching to another country.
  • Spotted hexes was reset when loading a save game.
  • Selected reinforce movement area disappeared after closing pop up message.
  • Expert camouflage leader do not hide the hex anymore, just himself!
  • When default music is not set in Media Settings, music0_a and music0_b will be searched on active efile SOUND folder first, and then on main SOUND folder and played. This method allow custom efile music to be played even before any scenario is loaded.
  • If unit with transport runs out of fuel, it can yet move by losing its transport (player will be asked) - This option is not enabled for AI though.
  • Naval units were not advancing when closer enemy VH was not port and enemy naval units were too far.
  • VH with no player defined was not used at all by OG, affecting scenario how/when scenario finishes. Also AI was malfunction when no owned VH was present.
  • Units set as anchored (need Suite 4.28g) won't move except when forced to retreat.
  • When deploy is opened, map won't jump to first available deployment hex on map, if any is already showed in screen.
OpenGen Update 0.63j (16-Jan-2011)
  • Very minor tweaks to AI
  • High/Last scores was not working properly.
  • Cost of reinforce/over-strength was shown using the old formula yet and button was sometimes enabled when no action was actually possible
OpenGen Update 0.63i (13-Jan-2011)
  • While building unit is automatically omitted from cycling
  • Custom shading was not properly retrieved from configuration file
  • New hex_grid available, including "source" psd file. Check OPENGUI folder into the rar file.
  • File 2017.mp3 was missing for SFX.7z. Rar file includes SFX folder with this sound
  • OPENLOG folder was not automatically created sometimes, now it is
OpenGen Update 0.63h (11-Jan-2011)
  • Built facilities are now always spotted by owner
  • I forgot to include a couple of settings when saving to disk
  • After renaming a unit, Mount button was always re-enabled
OpenGen Update 0.63g (10-Jan-2011)
  • Oops I added a bug on New Equipment available ... but I fixed already
  • After disembark units became un-selected and so you might re-select in order to attack, it is fixed
  • Ports, forts and airfields built by sappers was shown on map, regardless spotting status, now they show only when spotted.
  • In Pbem Ports, forts and airfields was built in just 1 turn.
OpenGen Update 0.63f (9-Jan-2011)
  • F/F was read after reading units, so in campaign mode, prototypes was checked with ended scenario values instead of scenario loading
  • Country#31 units could not be purchaded !
  • Settings can be stored in file or registry now. Multiple intalls can use different methods, so some can share common registry settings and some can use specific file settings.
  • New equipment was checking F/F always for main country instead of supporting countries
OpenGen Update 0.63e (7-Jan-2011)
  • Prestige for hidden hexes is not shown anymore. Besides only prestige for active player is shown in map
  • AAR prestige was not including proper values for VH being also SH, Airfield or Port
  • Pbem: game was saved before updating building/repair, so things that takes more than one turn were never completed.
  • In purchase window, available class choices were not updated when switching to another country
OpenGen Update 0.63d (5-Jan-2011)
  • Scenario intro was not working
  • Transport special "capture" is checked for units not having already that attribute and not able to capture.
  • AAR shows prestige and turns for each result.
  • Sometimes incomplete (due to download fault) jpg files, did crash the game
  • When changing efile, some units were read with bad coordinates and so moved to (1,1)
OpenGen Update 0.63c (2-Jan-2011)
  • After reasingning a unit in upgrade window, game crashed if you select a replacement without selecting first an existing unit.
  • While deploy is active units could embark. Now it is not allowed.
  • If picture map was bigger than 40x45 game crashed
  • Very minor tweaks in AI...
  • Units embarking while deploying was using transport pool, making it even negative.
  • Pbem: if player had units not deployed yet, player units status was not reset at start, so some weren't able to fire or move.
  • Replaying pbem game from strategic view, crashed the game
OpenGen Update: 0.63b (22-Dec)
  • Cost to overstrenght next strenght point is shown on tip from on initial HQ.
  • Hotkeys screen (F1) reworked to include all hotkeys
  • Units mouving with transports having capture hex special were not capturing hexes when mounted.
  • Xlog file can be used to allow your pbem opponent replay your last turn, so when you win you can send him last xlog to show how you won.
  • There were a slight difference in pp cost when unit reassign versus over strength. Now if you spend some pp to buy and then over strength and later you reassign the unit, your prestige will be exactly the same again.
0.63a (20-Dec)
  • Some choice scenarios was not working same than PG2
  • Engineers could still blow hexes in Pg2Mode
OpenGen Version: 0.63 (19-Dec)
  • Hotkeys B (turn info) and I (scenario intro) did not work during deploy mode. Now they work.
  • Prestige awarded for capture hex is shown on top banner
  • For campaigns & scenarios using equipment file (efile) not "openized":
    • OG settings are cleared
    • No new victory conditions will be checked
    • "Star Cap", "Start AI" and "Start Player" campaign's setting will work same than PG2
    • Prototypes will be same as PG2
  • Timer setting can be set at any value.
  • In HQ prestige awarded for each result is shown in addition of cap
OpenGen Update: 0.62b (14-Dec)
  • When Extended LOS rule is enable, unmovable units(bunkers, blocks and so) remain painted on map when get out of spotting although no stats can be checked and no strength is shown.
  • When any unit reveals a blown hex while moving, that unit cannot undo movement.
  • Game crashed on some scenarios when "N" or button to cycle to next units was clicked.
OpenGen Update; 0.62a (13-Dec)
  • Game crashed if logs were enabled.
OpenGen Version:0.62 (12-Dec)
  • Bridges could not be blown up
  • VH defined as hidden with no owner player, was ignored by OG, while they prevent capture-any-flag-to-win-scenario condition on PG2
  • NoAiBuy attribute was wrongly used when purchasing/upgrading transports
  • when the game shows the newly available equipment, it showed ammo halved
  • Arrow for supporting country was always dark as if there is no supporting country. Also I've added a tip
  • Old PG2 bug making units with range of fire 1, returning fire if attacked in close terrain from range >=2, is fixed.
  • When map is narrow, text on top banner was overlapping, now it is adjusted to window width instead of map width
  • Ai infantry with recon ability was moving to scout, losing its entrenchment, even if enemies are close.
  • Stacks can be cycled by using INSERT key
  • All PG2 hotkeys are working now, except Shift+R and Shift+F
  • New feature to report errors from the game : Ctrl+E hotkey pops up a form to fill and send... can also attach a save game from there
  • Fixed an issue with XEml not aborting when entering a wrong password.
  • Explosions uses now a new graphic file replacing explode*.png files. It is loaded at start so it should play faster.
  • Fire animations also uses now a new graphic files which are also loaded at start in order to run combat faster.
  • If you find then going too fast, enter Screen Settings and adjust delay for explosions and unit fire animations.
  • Game will abort if not enough video memory is available, but will switch to the one requiring minimal memory.
  • If file RaiseLeader2 (.mp3/.wav) is found in SOUND folder, game will use when enemy leader is raised instead of standard.
  • Units entering unspotted minefields always take damage 1..4 now, depending experience and engineer/sapper.
  • That issue when using Simplified Chinese Windows XP is also fixed
Tinyrodent's Installer is also updated and it is highly recommended to download [url=][b]Open General Installer[/b][/url] and run it to update. If you still want to do it [url=]manually[/url], remember to copy these png files to OPENGUI main folder: FIRE_GND.png, FIRE_AIR.png and Explosions.png
OpenGen Update; 0.61c (17-Nov)
  • Units starting embarked were not increasing the pull of transports when disembarking
  • Replaying while pbem sometimes crashed to desktop
  • Those scenarios including a kind of stamp were making troubles as OG uses that supposedly unused space. Now stamp is removed when loading
  • There is a new check-bob in Media Settings to allow playing videos using MCI instead of Direct Show
OpenGen Update: 0.61b (12-Nov)
  • Fix a bug making the screen locked when a plane with devastation leader moved and attacked
  • Alt+S to resupply unit withouth entering "View unit" is documented on Hotkeys help window
OpenGen Update: 0.61a (11-Nov)
  • Fix a bug with replay on pbem mode
  • Some user actions was not prepainted as fast as it should
  • Weather effects are normally painted again
OpenGen Version: 0.61 (10-Nov)
  • Units showing with only icon (hidden but known) do not allow to enter this position.
  • bridging engineer mounted in a truck stopped on a bridge of a river turned in a pontoon bridge when other units moved.
  • ESC key can also abort AI turn.
  • Experience gained on combat reviewed.
  • If any unit was building something and scenario finish, building status was not reset.
  • New option to show results for each contender on map. (Menu additional options / hot-key T)
  • Mechanized special attribute works also for units having CanAirAttack special attribute.
  • Units without movement or not able to attack any enemy are skipped from cycling
  • Units retreating were not updating spotting.
  • When AI recons were killed by units with over-watch leader having yet movement available, game crashed
  • Game won't prompt for names if Names.txt is not found, neither for Misc.txt file
  • When upgrading units, cost was not reset to 0 after upgrading
  • Windows task bar was yet showing as OpenPG2
  • Checking and downloading for missing files has been improved.
  • Win video mode is also saved/restored automatically now.
  • Units embarked on NTP could not resupply, even in ports.
OpenGen Update: 0.60.c (15-Oct)
  • Prototypes were assigned wrong fuel.
  • Units with no Hard-Attack showed as if they could attack hard target units.
  • Embarked units on NTP won't scuttle nor flee if attacked within ports, they will fight.
  • kill/suppression shown in screen for attacker revised as sometimes it was not accurate.
  • Blown hexes also limit resupply/reinforces to 3/4 of resulting value.
  • chance for leader is now showing true chance, not the value stored
  • "ALT+L" pressed at HQ causes crash of the game.
  • There were yet some issues taking actions from unit's dialog when deploy panel was active
  • Units cannot mount/dismount after moving
  • Units giving fire support from unspotted hexes but will be included on estimated loses after first fire. Also they will show up with just the icon but no stat markers and no details allowed to check. They will be considered as un-spotted but known
OpenGen Update: 0.60.b (5 Oct)
  • Game crashed when path-finder was not successful
  • explode_tank.png was missing from OPENGUI
  • hexes grids were shown messed up after changing efile folders
  • rotation animation has it is own slider on screen settings to set delay. Can set to 0 to avoid rotation animation
  • There were a bug on deployment routine, resetting deploy hexes if going to purchase window (on first deploy instance)
  • Checked all directx sufaces are properly destroyed before exiting.
  • There were a bug when a submarine evaded.
OpenGen Version: 0.60 (29-Sep)
  • New special attributes added, but you need Suite 5.0 (unavailable yet)to set them - "NoDirt" Planes can't use dirt airfields - "Torpedo" Planes can attack ground units within its range, not only the unit under the plane - "CutLOS" Unit cut enemy's LOS, so it hides units behind (same as forest, mountain and cities) - "LetLOF" Unit doesn't cut LOF, so either friend or enemies can fire throught it - "NoZoc" Unit doesn't exert ZOC, so it doesn't stop enemy units from moving - "Evade" Unit can evade, same than submarines this unit will try to evade combate randomly
  • If unit gets out of spotting when retreating, it becomes hidden.
  • During AI turn pressing Ctrl+L or Ctrl+S was allowed, now is disabled.
  • pop-up movement table was painted below Units list boxes on HQ, now it is fixed
  • When a unit with devatation fire leader was surprised by enemy with overwatch leader, on next attac it also fought as surprised
  • Sometimes multiple support fire sums (kill/supress) exceeding unit strength
  • When trying to disembark from Unit Details window and deployment was activated, units could deploy on wrong positions.
  • Agressive AI improved to pursuit objectives
  • There were a bug when checking LOF on fire support action, making to allow fire even when units were blocking LOF
  • Also units needing direct LOF had any unit blocking LOF, unit could not fire planes neither
  • Option "Allow bridges over impassable rivers" has changed to "Allow roads on any terrain" but if road is blown maybe it could not be repaired
  • Designers can place "bridge" units over impassable rivers at design time, acting as bridges until moved or killed.
  • Forest Camouflage has been converted to "Expert Camouflage" taking advantage of Forest,City, Bocage, Sand & Mountain, but it only overwatch if hidden
  • When units is sold, the value of the available prestige - shown on the top of the screen - doesn't change if option to see cost was active.
  • when Artillery uses Barrage/Bombard it is called "Indirect fire", and when Strategic Bomber uses Barrage/Bombard it is called "Strategic Bombing", so maybe when Battleships use Barrage/Bombard it should be called "Bombardment"?
  • Also then when pressing SHIFT it should again show in top lefthand corner "Barrage" instead of "Bombard"?
  • Planes was able to target adjacent hexes for Strategic Bombing without havin new Torpedo special attribute
  • On Game options dialog, you can double-click on any radio-button
  • New Equipment Screen also shows BomberSize on ammo tooltip.
  • New equipment and Buy/Upgrade windows now show also terrain cost for unit movement type. Also Bomber Size is shown on Ammo tooltip
  • In Buy/Upgrade window if you right-click to see existing unit details you can now toggle to see unit/transport stats.
  • In Buy/Upgrade window, if you right click to see existing unit details, the po-up window do not cover equipment one, so you can compare stats.
  • Leader attributes are shown now on a tooltip pop window
  • I've reverted default behavior of units not blocking DLOF for friend units, so scenario option makes now friend unit to block DLOF
  • Reinforces should take VHs if they arrives on any.
  • AI now detects if a landing area is in fact an island with no important hexes (VH/SH/Port/Airfield)
  • Units starting the scenario in air transport was counting against the number of available air transports while they should not (was solved already but it looks like it came back)
  • Units was shown AA value without brackets even if unit could not attack planes
  • when a unit with transport is upgraded, if the original transport is also available for the "new" type, then it is set "on" by default
  • AAR always show prestige for all turn in scenario
  • Infrantry defending on blown city gets efective defense increased +1 and attaker gets effective defense reduced by 1.
  • Prototype chance was not properly updated
  • After an artillery unit disembarks from sea transport, it can fire immediately to a hex which can be blown. But it cannot make a normal attack until next turn.
  • When next scenario starts, previous weather effects was not reset until deploy windows was closed.
  • On campaing, if next scenario defined more leaders, so total number was bigger then 15, some aux leaders were taking shared slots. Now exceeding leaders are removed.
  • In Unit window, target type is shown as tooltip when mouse is over left are of icon box.
  • Combat Support attribute works now same than combat Support leader
  • Test dice is no more available
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