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CHANGE-LOG (List of changes made to executable)

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Note: Can get also the version using DirectDraw (OpenGenDD.exe version stable) from

OpenGen Version RC8  (29-October-2018)

  • When switching to any efile having Colors.txt not including lines for alpha values, those alpha values were not reset.
  • $air_carrier=1 was not working (didn't allow o embark land units out of airfields)
  • Added option for $ground_carrier (8), to allow embarking land units into naval-containers out of a port.
  • Improved all the functions checking for missing maps and files. Specially when no connected to internet to download files

OpenGen Version RC7  (26-October-2018)

  • New option in UserInterfaceSettings to use an additional row in hex_blend.png to mask hexes having air units when AirMode is enabled.
  • New hotkey (Alt+P) to toggle showing air units enhanced when Air Mode is enabled
  • 4th column of hex_blend.png cannot is not used anymore
  • Colors.txt allows defining the alpha value to use for 4th row of hex-blend.png (default is 125)
  • Land units could embark in naval carriers out of ports, when playing standalone
  • Added Ctrl+B to hotkey list
  • User Interface Settings, allows to define if windows dialogs use transparency or not
  • Added the possibility to set map pictures filenames starting with a number
  • Main server to auto-download missing maps will be and if any file is not found there current repository at my site will be searched
  • Alpha value for Air Enhancer was not read from colors.txt
  • Alpha value for hex_blend was overwritten by the alpha used for air enhancer
  • Alpha value for win dialogs transparency is reset when switching to any efiel not loading colors.txt

OpenGen Version RC6  (11-October-2018)

  • New option in User Interface Settings to use an additional row in hex_blend.png to mask hexes having air units when AirMode is enabled.
  • New hotkey (Alt+P) to toggle showing air units enhanced when Air Mode is enabled
  • 4th column of hex_blend.png is not used anymore
  • Colors.txt allows defining the alpha value to use for 4th row of hex-blend.png (default is 125)

OpenGen Version RC5  (4-October-2018)

  • CaptureVH and RaiseLeader2 should work now (also when the leader is raised by overrunning).
  • Air units attacked returned to their initial facing after attack
  • Fixed a bug allowing to barrage/bombard hexes having units. To attempt to blow this hexes, the unit placed there should be attacked.
  • When a container-unit was surprised while moving, it become unselectable until next turn ("ghost" unit)
  • Leader Deep Sea Hunter was not avoiding enemies' evading
  • LB with 1 or more bars could perform level bombing regardless Bomb-Size was zero.
  • Ships having air-support special was behaving as dir-airfield when deploying air units.

OpenGen Version RC3  (19-September-2018)

  • Multiplayer main menu option is used now to launch the campaign catalog.
  • Clicking the main menu "credits" option, will pop up a credits dialog now (instead of the campaign catalog)
  • Fixed a bug when undeplying a ground unit using ATP if there is another ground unit sharing the same hex
  • Units able to move over ocean are taken now as amphibious (so will ask for NTP when deploying) despite movement method
  • Audio system worked out completely. After testing several audio engines, I've found that FMOD is the best one, and so OpenGen audio system is now using it, so fmodL.DLL must be located in main game folder!. All audio issues should be fixed.

OpenGen Version RC2  (8-September-2018)

  • hotkey "s" can be used also when flying air mission
  • When moving air units, enemy hidden submarines' positions were indirectly revealed when another ship was selected, as it could not enter the hexes occupied by the hidden submarines.
  • When unit changed leader on upgrading because $upgrade_ldr was 1, its experience bars were not actually updated unless it had 5 bars already.
  • When moving a ship into an hex occupied by a hidden submarine, a surprise contact will happen now, instead of aborting movement.
  • Clicking a menu entry include a delay to allow watching it is clicked. That delay can be customized now from Screen Settings
  • When a core unit, having a leader, escapes using an EH, it got the leader' name replaced by the first name from Names.txt when carried over the next scenario
  • Routine to set initial ttf revised to ensure default .ttf are copied to game FONTS folder.
  • There was a bug when reading $evade, assigning to all classes the first parameter

OpenGen Version RC  (18-July-2018)

  • New $build_turn = 2,2,2,2,2, to allow setting the duration (turns) to build: Bridge, Airport, Port, Fort, Station
  • New $repair_turn = 2,2,2,2,2,2, to allow setting the duration (turns) to repair: Bridge, Airport, Port, Fort, Station, rest
  • Available attachments are now configured for each unit in the equipment file. These settings are not read from the equip.xeqp file though, a new file: "equip.xeqa" is used to allow working any executable with any efile version. If no "equip.xeqa" file is found default attachments settings are set for each unit.
  • 4 new attachments added: Bunker Buster; Fast Builder; Fuel Pods and Fast Speed. (the winners of the Poll at JP)
  • Fuel Pods can be configure as a percent, by defining also $attach_minfuel (having the minimum of fuel to add)
  • New $attach_defrules to avoid using attachments settings from the efile .
  • Rules for Attachments when buying or upgrading reworked.
  • Fast Spped can be configure as a percent, by defining also $attach_minmove (having the minimum of mp to add)
  • When bonus of an attach is taken as a percent, a % follows the value
  • End scenario dialog (OUTRO) can use also a bigger image to show (same filename than the outro text file).
  • Also a generic scenario's jpg/png image can be defined as default if no matching intro/outro image is available for the intro/outro text file.
  • New $air_noblock can be set to 1 to avoid air units blocking supply to adjacent ground units. Air units on top always block supply
  • Cost of the unit to upgrade is shown when dropping the unit details.
  • $allow_pontoon_ex can be set to 2 to allow using pontoons on terrain able to build, but with cost = road+1
  • New $newcores_use_scensettings to allow core-units added to skip cam auto-refit/resuply and make them using scenario settings instead
  • When $Sub_ex is defined only subs moving in water can be submerged (Deep Naval and Coastal move methods).
  • When selecting scenarios, if no intro picture is found, default scenario picture (same scenario filename) will be checked and eventually shown

  • Fixes:
  • Protos and units raised by triggers, didn't track experience gained in the scenario.
  • Recons (or any other land class unit) with air movement, could entrench.
  • There was a bug with strings making to show movement labels shifted. Also old .scn files were not loading the map names
  • Pool transport icons didn't show in the transport pool dialog
  • AI 2.0 tweaked to test if this version doesn't crash when the AI don't see any enemy and there aren't any VH in the scenario.
  • Fixed positioning of transports list when using some resolutions.
  • If the last unit to retreat was carrying the other last player unit in game, it resulted in a LOSS intead of a Victory
  • Any unit could enter an adjacent spotted minefield if not moved yet, regardless cost of underlying terrain.
  • Fixed a glitch making movement to lose 1 hex sometimes. Also Fuel consumption of towed/mounted units was wrong
  • Forward Observer was not working at all.
  • the old style pg2 "choice" scenarios didn't work because win-by-taking-any-flag was not working.
  • efile.txt was not loaded properly
  • Fixing the "win-by-taking-any-flag" issue triggered another bug not ending normal scenarios.
  • When loading games forcing to use tiled-maps, the engine didn't red the proper _sizeCR.txt file
  • Air units again block supply to adjacent ground units
  • Units bought during a scenario didn't show in AARs the experience they gained
  • Misiles (land class units using air) could not deploy in submarine's hangar when if $sub_ex was not defined
  • After finishing the scenario map is zoomed in to fit the screen. Now it is disabled if the map is smaller then the available screen.
  • When $blow_mask was not defined or set to zero,scenario allows to blow but $build_mask was set, the help was wrongly telling that nothing could be blown.
  • Factory was changing face when attacked. If unit's FaceOffset is set to 255, the unit won't change its face when attacked or fired
  • Videos didn't work using MCI. Now they work using DirectShow, but there is also the option to play the videos using your OS default media player
  • Added a customizable delay to close automaticallyt turn dialog when replaying XLOG files
  • Intro for xsch didn't show a picture
  • level bombers didn't show the barrage cursor (although they could bombard), and crashed the game if clicking to bombard when no enemy units below
  • Fixed a glitch when defining $weather_rain_snow, making units with zero movement to have 2 movements with bad weather.

OpenGen Version  (1-May-2018)

  • Videos can be aborted using ESC key (also clicking)
  • AI planes inside hangars didn't take off properly.
  • shores_rr was painted on every road/rail side , when having shore on any side
  • New $limit_move2set_bridge to restrict entering an impassable hex to build/pontoon, from another impassable hex.
  • New leaders for naval classes. See Jp's forum topic
  • Protos raised by triggers slightly changed to allow units activating the trigger when not belonging to any of the player countries.
  • LCruiser leader added +1 GD.
  • Leaders' tips are no more read from Strings-XX.txt files
  • Subs can now be assigned an organic transport to be surfaced (cannot buy transport yet, must be assigned at design time).
    Can use hangars for any class unit (land, air or naval).
    Land/naval class units can enter/leave either if sub is submerged or surfaced, but air class units can only enter/leave when surfaced.
    Subs can mount/unmount as far as they didn't moved. and can surface automatically if order to move longer than they can submerged.
    Transport icons is shown when moving surface.
    And they remain submerged/surfaced, they don't dismount automatically
  • maps as SHP files, disabled, only JPG and PNG allowed
  • Tooltip for "& Supply" was not shown
  • Scenarios using Hold. MSu or EH victory conditions was exiting if any side was controlling all VH defined to take
  • sub-carriers rules should work like this:
    * Neither not naval-class units, neither missiles (see below) can enter a sub-carrier with organic transport if submerged (not mounted)
    * Only naval-class units and missiles can take-off from a sub-carrier with organic transport if submerged (not mounted)
    The Engine understand as "Missile" (to the effects of sub-carrier +tra) any air unit not belonging to an air-class (class: 11,12,13,14 or 15)
    And remember than, same than before, no unit can enter an air-carrier out of airfields and no land unit (neither air nor naval) can enter a naval-carrier out of ports
  • The old glitch happening when moving through a friend units which is adjacent to any unspotted enemy, is now handled by raising a message to inform the player and revealing the enemy unit
  • The jet special was only checked in main units not in the transports when transported
  • New $sub_ex making submerged submarines (not mounted in organic transport) to be hidden until spotted by any ASW unit (Destroyers, TacBombers and units having ASW special)
  • Can add 64 to $blow_mask to allow blowing Shallow Terrain
  • New $sub_buytra allows for submarines to buy a NTP as organic transport. Sub requiere to allow naval transported
  • Probability to Avoid Combat for submarines "surfaced" reduced to 10% base and 1% for each sub bar, attacker keeps bonus of 5% each bar
  • Submarines surfaced cannot avoid combat if $sub_ex is defined
  • Attachment were lost after replaying the enemy turn in PBEM scenarios.
  • New $weather_rain_snow = R% , S%< br /> Being R% the percentage of movement allowance for Sea movement methods units (DeepNaval/Naval/Coastal)
    And S% the percentage of movement allowance for Air movement method units (Air/Helo)
  • AI will move subs submerged for a while
  • AI Artillery/AD will move sooner if far away from the OH
  • AI3 estimated casualties impact, are reduced
  • AI3 Recons will set same OH than in first phase
  • Alpha value to use with hex_blend.png can be set in COLORS.txt for any efile requiring different value for custon hex_blend.
    The value stored in settings will be restored when changing efile or exiting the game (except if changed manually).
  • AH changed to remember spotted enemies 2 turns only
  • New $know_ex making units retreating to unspotted hexes to remain demi-spotted until the next player turn.
  • Added hotkey Ctl+Shift+D as an alternative for Alt+F5 (Debug mode)
  • Game didn't handle $trigger_ex properly. Now it's fixed
  • $Attach_# vars can use a new parameter after fact-cost, to define the malus-type (penalty type) for each attachment
    the value of this new parameter can be: 0=Default (can be omitted), 1=Movement penalty, 2=Inititative penalty, 3=ammo penalty, 4=fuel penalty
  • Scenario intro can use now a image 500x500 pixels
  • New tool to report a bug, attaching a savegame, pressing hotkey: Ctrl+B.
  • Scenario and campaign selector increased in size to allow a bit bigger pictures
  • Units could not resupply if adjacent to 3 friend units
  • Fixed the bug, avoiding to win a scenario by capturing last VH. Actually the count of scenarios controlled at start was not counted properly.

OpenGen Version  (31-Jan-2018)

  • Scenario music was not playing
  • STRINGS_EFILE.txt was reset to default settings after loading.
  • When crossing a river using pontoon unit, the cost to enter the other side of the river, didn't use roads
  • Documents related to $allow_pontoon_ex are updated. Also behavior tested and fixed. Can define in CFG either -1,0 or 1 (-1 was not read before)
  • First draft to change resolution, but cannot be made dinamic, that is changed resolution doesn't take effect until next time you run the game
  • Fuel marks were not shown when there were no terrain airfield nor EH for air units, regardless there were containers for air units.
  • OpenGen Version  (12-Jan-2018)

  • When clicking "Review Best career" the dialog started bu not showing up, forcing to exist the game using ESC
  • Help for hotkeys "Ctrl+Shift+1...Ctrl+Shift+4" was missing the 'f'
  • The drop down "buble" for attachments were too wide
  • Units were spinning while moving
  • Some road/rail connections were a bit broken by shores with some settings
  • Units entering a container while moving was blocking their starting position for the rest of the turn. * Also fixed in OpenGenDD
  • Fonts are checked at start and copied default fonts from windows fonts folder if not found on game fonts folder
  • OpenGen Version  (1-Jan-2018)

    I've replaced deprecated DirectDraw graphic system with SDL2 layer for 2D graphics, which in turn uses D3D, which brings it brings more possibilities and stability to use with modern Win versions

    To Install this version, unzip all DLLs into your main game folder, and be sure to unzip also the files included on OPENGUI folder, as there are some new png files to include in main OPENGUI folder.

    This version requires these additional DLLs in your main game folder

    • SDL2.dll
    • SDL2_image.dll
    • SDL2_ttf.dll
    • libfreetype-6.dll
    • libjpeg-9.dll
    • libpng16-16.dll
    • zlib1.dll

    External TTF fonts

    • External font files (.TTF) to be placed in a new FONTS main's subfolder which will be created automatically if not found.
    • Windows' FONTS folder, includes a lot of TTF files used by windows, and the new Font's settings dialog includes an option to copy any TTF file from WINDOWS\FONTS folder into the main game FONTS folder. The zip file ( includes a ttf file in case Linux cannot use this feature
    • But TTF files can be downloaded from different sites ... is a good site to start.
    • Up to two ttf files can be used mow, one for normal text, and another one for text that appears in tables, like attributes, movement, and so. Anyway, the new engine can use just one font for all the texts.[/list]

    Resolution and zooming

    • Dev version always uses the resolution of the desktop, so no changes in resolution or video mode are enabled.
    • Zooming the map is done now with the mouse wheel while pressing the Ctrl key to get the map zoomed from 30% to 300%.[/list]

    Gui improvements

    • Fow, Deploy, and Movement shadows are done now by blending images from new hex_blend.png into the map, allowing to customize the alpha factor.
    • This hex_blend.png allows several columns to customize and first 3 cols area related to the ground condition.
    • New hex_marks and hex_outlines as alternatives for hex_grids.
      Both allow 3 columns for the different ground condition.
      Hex_outlines.png can include several grids that can be cycled by using Alt+8 / Ctrl+Shift+8

    Tiledmap improvements

    • Tilemap shows rectangular borders now (no holes on borders)
    • New tokens allowed in hex_tiledecors*.cfg ($noPortRoads and $noPortRails) to avoid drawing roads/rails on ports.
    • There is a new alternative layer for shores: hex_shore.png that can use 1, 4 or 19 rows (won't use 6th/7th row of hex_layers)
    • New support in Suite/Game to customize river connections, allowing to edit in Suite river connections somehow similar than road connections, to avoid ugly parallel rivers created by automatic connections.
    • Climate zone increased and normalized to 22 (0..21) areas to allow more types of tiled maps[/list]

    Misc new options

    • hotkey available to reload gui files
    • Added the possibility to keep intro image not resized by putting the file "no_resize_intro.ini" into the efile folder
    • Added option to export to tlog file the scenario's settings
    • Saving to text file Hotkeys and Scenario options, can be done using a button now.
    • Hiding hex_blend when moving / combat option is made optional from User Settings (default: NO)
    • And also a warning... Hotkey Ctrl+Q quits the game without asking to confirm, use ESC key to exit after confirming.
    *** Note:  I'll keep available this last version using DirectDraw, renamed as OpenGenDD, but it won't be updated anymore. ***

    *** OpenGenDD Version  (1-Jan-2018) available from

    • Units didn't change fave when moving.
    • Port were not drawn properly in tiled maps
    • When AI buys a plane who is assigned fuel exactly as 1/3 of its movement, it runs out of fuel at the end ot its turn, and has to wait to next turn to resupply
    • Fixed the blinking of FoW while AI turn
    • AAR was reporting first scenario played on every odd scenario played for scenarios havin more than 400 units
    • Wining the inititative was allowing defender to fire beyond range of fire
    • Executable version is included in AI log and Debug log.
    OpenGen Version  (12-Nov-2017)
    • Changes included in OpenGenTest
      • Spot was not updated after closing deploy window
      • Fixed loging as error in pause/resume when music is disabled
      • When unit is embarked/mounted, UnitDialog displys now range+1 for artillery units (having marksman leader) when swiching to view main equipment.
      • Finishing construction is no more checked for unit's side. Now engine checks for unit's player - so time is only update when unit's player is active
      • When an AI friend unit finishes building something that can show a flag, that flag is set for unit's country now, regardless it is an AI unit
      • Barrage fire is now activate with Alt+B instead of Shift
      • "Painted" terrain was not shown until spotted.
      • Hotkey for Debug-Mode added to hotkey's Help Dialog
      • Containers cannot have organic transport, neither can be embarked. Fixed some "holes" in logic, leading to weird effects
      • Containers can use transports now, but can only load, launch, supply and reinforce hosted units when neither mounted nor embarked.
      • Containers cannot move when mounted (using GTP) and hosting any unit
      • Purchasing/Upgrade allows containers to pick a matching GTP (if class/movement allow that)
      • Music engine removes spaces from filename when setting up the device alias, so music should work now even if filename has spaces.
        * But it's safer to rename music files removing any space or tab.
      • When upgrading a container, it could pick an available unit to host (blue box unit) as transport
      • No unit could enter a container if adjacent to enemy
      • Containers having GTP could not be used for deployment, even if not mounted.
      • Screen flashed randomly during AI turn, not it shouldn't
      • Units were adding 1 sp suppressed when mounting to move
      • If a recon unit start moving in a blown hex, its movement allowance is reducd, but after the first tranche it recovered initital base movement
      • New Equipment didn't check .buy file to show new equipment available
      • Clicking on an empty space of the list of campaings installed, always loaded AG campaign
      • If after pressing hotkey 'H' to embark, the embarkment was aborted, the grid was toggled.
    • Additional changes (not included in OpenGenTest
      • New $subcd_naval_only to avoid using CD if submarine is involved and defenders target-type is not naval
      • New $allow_country0_gtp to allow units defined in efile as all-country (country zero), to use GTP units defined also as all-country in efile as far as both match F/F set in efile
      • Bridging leader works properly now
      • Units launched from submarine's hangars could not re-enter after launched
      • Fixed a bug in AI making units having Aggressive Maneuver not moving because a data overflow
      • $blow-mask was not congruent with default $blow_any_terrain.
      • AM_RECON mission didn't deselect plane after returning to base, allowing it to perform the mission until manually deselected
      • For planes using Air Mission was able to select the RECON mission after first phased movement
      • Planes landed in hangars, didn't return to hangar after AM_RECON or AM_WILD
      • As .cfg files are loaded after scenario, units defined in scenario as having random leaders were not affected by $Vars restricting leaders.
      • '?' hotkey showing the scenario settings didn't warn the players when the $noldr_auxunits=1 (aux units can't get leaders)
      • Threshold to figure last valid row set to 25 pixels
      • When deselecting an air/gnd unit having an enemy unit in same hex, enemy's range of fire shows up now
      • Can use River's connections to draw rivers using Ocean or Shallow tiles instead of layers. Requires latest Suite.
      • Pg2Mode had a bug and units never lost GTP when embarking or disembarking
    OpenGen Version  (28-May-2017)
    • When matching hex_layers.png was not found in local efile opengui folder, it was not used. Now it is searched and loaded from main opengui
    • Choice scenario's map should not paint any icon from hex_grids.png, but in some rare cases it painted a station
    • AI was not using properly units embarked in helos. Now they follow a similar logic than paratroopers and will drop when within 3 hexes from OH.
    • Added $peg_firesup to restrict fire-sup/air-defence to happend only once per turn. 1 for fire support, 2 for air-defence, 3 for both.
    • Recon air units inside ai's hangars didn't launch to scout
    • Marks for hexes don't giving prestige was shown even if hex was not owned.
    • Air recon units was too passive when no airfields, not they will move more actively
    • EH will show which units can use it by hovering mouse over
    • No prestige mark, will only show when hex has owner and flag
    • Music system worked out, so it should work fine now.
    OpenGen Version  (23-Abr-2017)
    • Terrain.txt wsa readed wrongly, because the changes in internal data structured. Thus now it converted to TerrainEx.txt (when official is not found) and renamed to avoid further conversion.
    OpenGen Version  (11-Abr-2017)
    • Music and Sounds reworked, and also fixes a bug making the game intro not played.
    • New option to use improved tiled-maps (tiles 2.0). Please check Tiled-maps to read more details
    • New $upgrade_ldr used when leader random attribute is obsolete for new equipment.
      0 default, keeps the leader
      1 assign new random (according new equipment) but losing 1 bar
      2 remove leader and eventually reduce unit's exp and bars, as to be able to get another leader.
    • New $blow_any_terrain to let units to blow any terrain type- except: Ocean. River. MajorRiver and Shallow - if set to 1 (0 default same than before)
    • New $var: avoid_cbf, allowing aty/ships units having "Recon" special to avoid CounterBatteryFire as far as thety have remaining movement
    • New $air_carrier to allow air-container units (as modern helos) to host both ground/air units. Ground units enter the air-carrier hangar by moving to same hex than container, except if player hit Ctrl+K hotkey
    • New $wild_weasel_ex to allow planes enabled to fly wild-weasel mission in efile to attack AD/Flaks units firing first. Also if set to 2, it allows the same when flying this as AirMission
    • UI didn't show hexes blown by bombardment or mines exploding. Also these blown hexes were removed when reloading.
    • Built Airfields/Ports/Forts were not painted in map
    • Purchased units able to fire air units, showed AA bracketed until deployed.
    • When last unit able to retreat through EH exits the game, result was not checking turn properly, and thus text was not accurate
    • New hotkey: 'Y' added to show city/ports name in map.
    • Current map size policy was cutting bottom row in some scenarios having important data (like EH), so I've adjusted to allow bottom rows for even columns not being aligned with bottom edge of map.
    • Pressing twice 'G' hotkey, was leaving text on the main map, after closing the popup
    • sabotaged units could give fire-support, air-defence and CBF, now they cannot.
    • When clicking GOTO button (in HQ) for a unit belonging any active's allied player, that unit was selected in map, now engine shows in map, but doesn't select it
    OpenGen Version  (21-Feb-2017)
    • UI didn't show hexes blown by bombardment or mines exploding. Also these blown hexes were removed when reloading.
    • Purchased units able to fire air units, showed AA bracketed until deployed
    • Built Airfields/Ports/Forts were not painted in map

    OpenGen Version  (19-Feb-2017)
    • Planes could not drop sea mines. It's fixed now.

    OpenGen Version  (16-Feb-2017)
    • Airfields/Forts set as "paint" are no more painted with hex_grids.png when using tiled-maps
    • OG will try to load new UnitIcoMoves.png and UnitIcoTargets.png (splitted from UnitIcons.png) and if not found will load uniticons.png
    • When no hex_tiles nor hex_tiles_sides are found on any OPENGUI, game didn't reported which file was trying to load.
    • Road and railroad branched were painted on top of the city side tile
    • Ports between a river hexside and a island-hex having a road, looked strange, now the road is painted.
    • Can add a new row 40th in hex_grids.png for dirt-airfields.
    • Air units embarked on another air unit transport was showing out-of-fuel red markers
    • Roads/rails were still painted over city's sides when using tiled-maps
    • New user option to show movement cost on top-right banner.
    • Terrain marked as “Paint” is now painted when map is "strategic"
    • 40th row in hex_grids will mark dirt hexes now, both in picture and tiled maps.
    • Game allowed one additional half-hex at bottom of map
    • Increase size required to have last valid row having less than full hex size to 35
    • Clicking chat menu entry allow to reset Spot and Fow
    • Max map size increased. It can be now as big as 110 rows x 121 columns (last col = 120), being picture size up to 5400x5500 pixels. But map pictures bigger than 3120x3000 pixels won't be uploaded to MapFinder neither to server for automatic downloading
    • Replacement" trigger was only resupplying
    • flags and hex type (VH,EH,SH) was painted too small in strategic view.
    • Rivers adjacent to ports were drawn wrongly when using tiled maps
    • Kamikaze units could not do barrage-fire if having ammo=1 only
    • AirDropMines was not working properly
    • $allow_pontoon_ex was not working properly when set to zero. It still allowed pontoons on rivers/streams
    • Added more info to Debug-combat (Alt+C) report
    • Clicking on the Title (top row) of the Alt+C report (debubg-combat report) will launch default text editor with that repòrt content. (similar than can be done with AAReport)
    • When Suite saved map having roads/rails markers, OG didn't paint, but wrote on top that hex has any
    OpenGen Version  (1-Jan-2017)
    • AddCore is reset when core units are carried on
    • BYEAR was not properly read from equip.txt
    • aircraft pre-placed in a hangar/ship at scenario start, did not start in the hangar, if the hangar was not on a port hex or land hex
    • aircraft could not enter a hangar, if the hangar was not on a port hex or land hex
    • TB's Leader Class (SKILLED_ASSAULT) didn't avoid "out of the sun"
    • Doomed planes will fly to unspotted hexes using AI 0.91
    • New $noldr_auxunits, can be set to 1 to avoid P1 aux units to get a leader (when playing campaigns)
    • New $noldr_randtype, can define a list (delimited by commas) of random leader type numbers to disable ( >=9 and <=34 )
    • When killing the top unit from a stack having more than 2 units, GUI show the bottom unit stats for a while
    • Game was rising "Encountered an improper argument" and crashed during AI turn
    • OG uses new customizable base-strength.
    • New $build_start_ex, allowing to start build/blow/repair if unit can fire, regardless movement
    • New $build_terr_ex, allowing to build also in terrain: Mountain and Forest and also convert City in Port (if connected to sea)
    • New $noldr_auxunits, will work also for standalone scenarios (PBEM or against AI) as far as they include some units made-core
    • New $noldr_classunits, can define a list (delimited by commas) of unit's class type to disable getting a leader
    • R hotkey is now disabled when deploying, to avoid DH disappear when closing purchase window
    • Triggers always failed to deploy, thus were sent to HQ
    • Added new "Hovercraft" movement method (but not provided in uniticons.png atm)
    • When zooming 200%, map didn't cover the available screen.
    • Fuel markers were shown for planes even when located in airfield!
    • Carriers could never refit.
    • When launching air unit from an air-carrier upon a ground unit, that hex's status got messed (ground unit become ghost)
    • Rail tiles were drawn into ports in tiled-maps. Now they are only drawn if port has also a rail-station.
    • When using tiled-maps coastal hexes draw the adjacent water (sea or shallow) after drawing the coastal layer
    • Island ports improved
    • Rivers ending in ports are a bit improved when using tiled-maps
    • Attachment icons were lost from unit's list (purchase and upgrade views) after inspecting any existing unit. (closing inspect unit's dialog)
    OpenGen Version  (16-Oct-2016)
    • $allow_pontoon_ex needed to be 1 to allow pontoons work over hexes different than river or stream. Now it can be defined as zero too
    • New $AiRefitFree allow making AI refir for free (like in pg2) for any "mode" (replacement for Pg2AiMode.ini)
    • Embarked units able to build a bridge, were able to move embarked to hexes where where they could build. Now should disembak first.
    • Increased a bit the attraction of enemy VH for AI default when aggressive
    • When more than 2 players and last player was enemy commanded by AI, then all enemy AI units were reveled
    • When playing at zoom 200% unit's movement didn't pam screen and neither centered after a unit move.
    • After loading a savegame current player was alwys reset to player 0
    • Dialog after finishing a scenario includes a new button to review the map (it is same that HQ dialog, so no units are included)
    • F/F was not reset when loading next scenario using old-formats scenarios (.scn)
    • Fake deployment hexes were marked as available for air units in carriers located in hexes the air unit could not enter
    • Also containers not located at port were marked as available to embark ground units, unless it was not possible
    • When last valid column is 70, units located there was removed at load time
    • ame crashed when a recon tried to move on second phase over a friend unit in contact with enemy unit.
    • When saving from HQ, default filename proposed now uses xxxxx_HQ instead of xxxxx_t01
    OpenGen Version  (28-Jun-2016)
    • When switching from image (with incomplete right edge) to tiles, tiles show partial hexes on right edge
    • Units could not land into a container mounted in transport, but could launch units even when mounted
    • New option to show non-organic transport in a panel. Ctrl+Clik on a unit's icon in HQ, Purchase, Upgrade, and unit-details windows
    • Automatic pan when moving or arriving reinforces was not working when zoom was at 200%
    • purchasing a unit with Support Attachment didn't update unit's ammo
    • Description for "Fordward Observer" attachment changed to be clearer
    • "Fordward Observer" attachment disabled for planes, as only ground units can use it.
    • Coastal tiles are drawn slightly different
    • New check box in User Settings to select if coastlines should use row #7 or #8 from hex_layers.png
    • Air mission changing air-base didn't allow selecting a carrier
    • When green/elite replacement was allowed, it was possible to "overfit" a unit and to get almost infinite prestige
    • Scenario settings, always said that flaks have range=255, but that is true if no CFG is set
    • From now transparency of 255 will avoid the call to Win USER32.DLL' SetLayeredWindowAttributes() that causes some issues for linux users
    • Added core unit counted against the cap, when "core added are free" scenario setting was on
    • Fixed a subtle bug when an unit is moving over another friend and is stopped by a foe unspotted unit[/list]
    OpenGen Version  (15-Apr-2016)
    • Deploy button for strategic view was not always updated when toggling using mouse
    • Repaired and Built was not logged
    • Cancelling building/repairing was not logged
    • When using a custom .ai file and there were not items for a given class defined in the $buy_aggresive or $buy_defensive, game crashed/li>
    • Ctrl+TAB didn't update spot by enemy flagged hexes
    • Sound/Music system adjusted (rolled back to a previous implementation)
    • Campaign will use a new xproto file, whcih should be defined in the scenario eventually raising the proto. Anyway OG can use old .proto files, but new .xproto will take precedence
    • Save dialog reworked, now the line for a new file is always accessible, either by selecting or by clicking Add New button
    • Planes using air missions won't return to base at start of scenario now, so they can be defined covering units at start.
    • Waypoints was not working properly when barrage was enabled
    • The unit's cost when displayed at the top of the HQ window, was not updated after changing attachments.
    • When an intro text file was defined for Choice scenario, the title at top of dialog still wrote the title of the previous scenario
    • Entrench base and initiative cap is shown in top banner when option to show always terrain is enabled
    • Tiled maps ahow now full hexes (same than Suite does in last version)
    • Tiled maps will add river conections to edges
    OpenGen Version  (14-Jan-2016)
    • Tiled maps can use an additional png to make terrain less symmetric hex_tiles_sides.png).
    • When using tiled maps, OG can use zone (latitude) specific tilesets (hex_tiles#.png being # the latitude index)
    • Logging "Undeploy" immediately after a "place" will remove both entries in xlogs
    • new $player_sp_row available in .CFG files to define the row within unitinfo.png should use each player as the base-row for unit's strength
    • Bridge units don't provide pontoons if hex has roads (bridge), but they will do if Pg2Mode
    • Message when trigger: "Change stance is raised" is changed when there is only one AI player to be .. "AI stance changed from "defensive to offensive" or "offensive to defensive
    • When deploying air mode is set automatically on/off when selecting a unit in the list
    • New $player_sp_row can define active-core-row for each player unit's strength (see discussion at JP's forum: OG Questions & Bugs)
    • Intro picture files was always searched in the folder the text intro was found. Now they are searched in efile's SCENARIO also when scenario is in USERSCEN folder
    • Unit spot is recalculated after dismounting by player command (from unit dialog).
    • Reworked music and sounds, so no more lags should happen due to this issue
    • Bugs fixed:
      • Logging names is fixed regardless how you assign or remove unit's names. Entries will use the pattern "rename x $y" (being y empty if removing a name)
      • Units set to follow another unit in scenario file, were losing the link when scenario was played in campaign, because carried core units was not updating the links set at design
      • If you moved a recon unit out of a Naval container and moved back into container again in the same turn, you could not select the container unit no longer. Only after selecting another unit it working again
      • OH objectives set at design time was not properly released when unit starts turn within the range to release it.
      • AD units were not getting entrenchment regardless terrain.
      • There were possible to deploy into a container placed in Port when "Port don't act as SH" was set
      • Enemy spotted hexes were not updated sometimes after deploy or being killed (Ctrl+TAB can reset "red-binocular marks" manually if you find any instance yet)
    OpenGen Version  (2-Oct-2015)
    • When setting taskbar to hide, transport boxes show babdly at Purchase/Upgrade window
    • Auto-supply campaign option wasn't working when scenario used "keep fuel/ammo as defined"
    • If ignore_custom_ename = 1 is set, the Custom Names were also deactivated in HQ
    • Fixed a glitch making units contained in hangars to appear at HQ in scenarios version 24 and older
    • when an aircraft is above a container with content and attack and destroy the container, the container with content disappears, but also only a shadow of the attacking aircraft remains. The aircraft is no longer selectable until the next turn
    • Fixed a bug showing a shadow in hexes assigned as air-bases
    • Secenario setting "keep fuel as defined" was not working if scenario was played within a campaign.
    • Custom efile's dat file is checked first if available, and then main OpenIcons.dat. This way any efile designer can use a small custom dat file to add/replace icons from main OpenIcons. Fake icons table (OpenIcons.keep) is only checked on main OpenIcons.dat ... that is: after checking efile's custom datfile.
      Because Suite creates by default EquipIcons.dat as custom efile dat, the game will search first for EquipIcons.dat, then OpenIcons.dat and finally Panzer2.dat
    OpenGen Version  (31-Ago-2015)
    • Fixed a bug when a carrier hosting units in its hangar was arriving as reinforce
    OpenGen Version  (22-Ago-2015)
    • New "All-cams-browser" dialog will pop up when launching OG now. It can be disabled at any time and re-enabled from Settings dialog.
      This dialog requires to have a file "Campaigns.csv" in main root folder to work. First time you launch OG and that csv file doesn't exist, OG will prompt to create by scanning game folders. If you reject to create you wont be prompted again. This dialog can be launched again ata any time, by clicking the credits button on main menu
    • Added "OpenIcons.keep" file to improve management of OpenIcons.dat in main game folder
    • There was a subtle glitch giving very high prestige when buying
    • When Another subtle glitch returning more prestige than cost, when selling units with attachments and $attach_armycost is set
    • Colors for tiled maps in strategic view slighly changed to show clearer
    • Ammo attachment is shown properly when attachment is made/removed
    • Combat result when retreating last unit through EH, was reversed for some instances
    OpenGen Version  (9-Jul-2015)
    • New button added to main screen linking to JP's forum
    • Air units could deploy into air-containers not located in airport despite air2container_deploy was 1 and position was not highlighted
    • If a TB with leader ends his move next to a Flak and g2a_intercept_mode has 2, no interception happened. It is fixed
    • Plane was not intercepting if ending upon a Flak and g2a_intercept_mode has 2. It is fixed
    OpenGen Version  (8-Jul-2015)
    • When there were 15 core units having leaders and next scenario in campaign was defining aux units with leader, those aux didn't lose their leader as they should
    OpenGen Version  (2-Jul-2015)
    • Combat result when killing last MSU was reversed for some instances
    OpenGen Version  (2-Jul-2015)
    • Airports and Ports, built in game get a flag immediately after construction now
    • Fixed a glitch avoiding to launch units from hangars with some versions of savegames
    • When raising core units by triggers, scenario option to count against the cap was not setting the new core as free/cost
    OpenGen Version  (30-Jun-2015)
    • When purchasing/upgrading transport's name is now shown on bottom banner of screen
    • AI doesn't clear its own minefields now.
    • There was still a glitch making the hangar's content not entirely removed when the carrier was killed.
    • Flak Support leader was only giving fire support if adjacent to attacker. Now it will fire also if adjacent to dfriend defender unit
    • Special ammo attachment updates unit's ammo from the start (HQ) regardless "Use ammo as defined" scenario option
    OpenGen Version  (28-Jun-2015)
    • Units were not forced to abandon transport when moving further than transport's allowance
    • When last player's msu unit was destroyed in campaign, result was incorrect
    • Interception rule rolled back. Only unspotted units can intercept by default
    • value = 2 for $g2a_intercept_mode is reversed now
      • 0 * default:
        * Hidden AD/Flaks can intercept when plane is moving or finish movement in range 1
        * AD/Flaks can also do air-defense if plane attacks any friend unit in range
      • 1 * disables air-defense after interception
      • 2 * enables spotted Flaks/ADs to intercept planes finishing movement in range 1
      • 3 * 1+2
        * Disables air-defense after interception
        * Enables spotted Flaks/ADs to intercept planes finishing movement in range 1
    OpenGen Version  (26-Jun-2015)
    • When terrain.txt didn't use [rails] token rail movement for dry terrain become zero (infinite movement)
    • When selecting unit in deployment right list, map scrolls as needed to make first deploy hex visible in map
    • Red color in game, can be customized adding a line in Colors.txt (see sample within OPENTXT_SAMPLE folder)
    • Deployment routines reworked, as there were some glitches with some specials/options combos
    • New $g2a_intercept_mode to customize ground-to-air interception. Use a bitwise logic allowing these values
      • 0 * default:
        * Hidden AD/Flaks can intercept in range 1 when plane is moving
        * Hidden/Spotted AD/Flaks can intercept when plane ends movement in range 1
        * AD/Flaks can also do air-defense if plane attacks any friend unit in range
      • 1 * disable air-defense after interception
        * Hidden AD/Flaks can intercept in range 1 when plane is moving
        * Hidden/Spotted AD/Flaks can intercept when plane ends movement in range 1
        * AD/Flaks cannot do air-defense after intercepting
      • 2 * disable interception if not hidden, even in final position of plane
        * Hidden AD/Flaks can intercept in range 1 when plane is moving
        * Spotted AD/Flaks cannot intercept when plane ends movement in range 1
        * AD/Flaks can also do air-defense if plane attacks any friend unit in range
      • 3 * disable interception if not hidden, and air-defense after intercepting
        * Hidden AD/Flaks can intercept in range 1 when plane is moving
        * Spotted AD/Flaks cannot intercept when plane ends movement in range 1
        * AD/Flaks cannot do air-defense after intercepting
    OpenGen Version  (17-Jun-2015)
    • Still there was glitch with fuel.
    • if scenario was set to add core units and campaign was set to remove core units, the units added become aux unit
    • Terrain.txt include in OPENTXT_SAMPLE folder was wrong, now is fixed (see JP's OG Questions & Bugs)
    OpenGen Version  (16-Jun-2015)
    • Fixed bugs with Flaks at combat
    • Newly purchased units had no fuel
    OpenGen Version  (14-Jun-2015)
    • Units can also deploy in containers as far as these are in DH,SH or Ports (if they behave as SH)
    • New $flak_range to set air defense limited to range different than 1
    • Switching between normal/strategic view, made cursor to move to a different position
    • When hold victory condition was set and ai run out of units in map, player was losing!
    • When AI had units close to bottom map edge, those units rarely moved because pathfinding was broken.
    • Somehow engine were assigning duplicated leaders due to corrupted counters of leader in use. Now engine reset leaders' counters at load time.
    • When a unit is embarked to deploy and then it is undeployed and deployed again not embarked, unit result out of fuel
    OpenGen Version  (1-Jun-2015)
    • Leaders autofix didn't work fine yet
    • new $force_weather, to skip random weather at start of scenarios
    • Enemy containers' hangars could be inspected if carrier/container was spotted
    OpenGen Version  (29-May-2015)
    • New $trigger_ex added to allow triggers being activated by any unit regardless side and even if the hex is not owned.
    • Revised deploy planes in carriers, dirt airfields and containers
    • Fixed a couple of issues with leaders when no properly set by Suite (autofix mechanism)
    • If $evade_special includes value 8, options 1 and 2 only apply to ground units (air units can evade yet)
    • Windows dialogs' transpacency level can be defined in Colors.txt (recomended 220-255) adding a line with transparency level (see Colors.txt in templates)
    OpenGen Version  (24-May-2015)
    • All sounds channels are closed when any scenario is loaded to be sure there are no left any opened.
    • When a unit was embarked and had organic transport, Mount-Dismount button was not painted
    • Added $evade_special to further customize evade ability allowing these values:
      * 0 default, as it is now
      * 1 = evade is disabled when attacked from air
      * 2 = evade s disabled if attacked from range>1
      * 3 = 1+2
      * 4 = evade is disabled completely
    • When using air missions, enemy planes returned to base before active player checked end-turn-supply, so blocking enemy supply with planes was released before taht end-turn-supply
    OpenGen Version  (11-May-2015)
    • Any fault in DShow will pop up a message instead of show up a log when game is closed
    • Added a log when game is closed reporting if any sound channel is no closed yet
    • Range of fire were not shown for other players if friends of current active player
    OpenGen Version  (2-May-2015)
    • AI could attack and then clear mines
    • Way points are now set using CTRL+Click
    OpenGen Version  (2-May-2015)
    • Available hexes to move after setting a view-point in zoc of enemy is working properly now
    • Message when $upgrade_exp is active is rephrased
    • Planes could resupply if flying over a friend ground unit at the end of its turn.
    • units' names in HQ are cut to avoid overlapping
    • Fixed a bug in AI removing mines
    • Fixed a bug when AI was Allied, making to leave own VH empty and unprotected
    OpenGen Version  (26-Apr-2015)
    • Boarding RTP form a blown railway was possible
    OpenGen Version  (23-Apr-2015)
    • Units created by triggers, didn't show proper experience increase in AARs
    • Units with no movement in efile and no transport could cause a crash during ai turn
    • AAR option to include new units for each result, will take current scenario date to figure the time-frame
    • Planes didn't resupply in dirt airfields
    OpOpenGen Version (20-Apr-2015)
    • AAR taken fromEnd-Scenario-Dialog was not reporting proper unit's cost if next scenario have no-refit option
    • Land units could evade from attackes at range >1 and they shouldn't. It is fixed
    • Leaders used by aux units were not properly released when scenario finishes. It is fix.
    • Transport pool sizes (not availability) are included in scenario settings dialog
    • Current strength, ammo and fuel are shown for selected unit in deployment tooltip, if not full
    • Available ATP,NTP,RTP are shown for active player when mouse hovers Airfields, Ports and Stations.
    • Planes were not showing the fuel alert if more planes were in range
    • Default proto strength was not working, now it's fixed
    • Default zoom was not set to 100%
    • Healer units can refit for free adjacent units at the end of turn
    • New Jet special. Planes having this special can only be intercepted by ground units having also this special
    • Losing transport when entering a container, didn't work, unit was keeping transport, regardless player says to lose
    • Planes having "Carrier-deploy" could not deploy in carrier class units
    • If a proto is raised before xsch scenario, it was not shown in AAR played scenario's list
    • New $supply_ex added to change supply rules summing up options: * 0 disabled (default) * 1 units can only resupply if adjacent to depot * 2 units can resupply if located in/adjacent to, city or port * 3 units can resupply either if adjacent to depot or city/port * 4 depot will expend 1 ammo each turn it resupply adjacent units
    • Added scenario unit's attribute to blow hex when unit is killed
    • Last column of map was not "active", could not be selected and FoW was not painted
    • Overrun was not recorded in debug.log
    • Ammo shown in bottom banner was not properly set if unit didn't use ammo at all
    • Clicking on HQ's Inspect button (right side menu) when a unit in hangar is selected, will pop up carrier/container dialog
    • Clicking on unit icon from Inspect Dialog, will pop up carrier/container dialog
    • When buying, containers - units matching container will show up within transport area with 5th box (default as blue), same than with carriers/planes
    • Clicking on HQ's Inspect button (right side menu) when a unit in hangar is selected, will pop up carrier/container dialog
    • Clicking on unit icon from Inspect Dialog, will pop up carrier/container dialog
    • When buying, containers - units matching container will show up within transport area with 5th box (default as blue), same than with carriers/planes
    OpenGen Version (30-Mar-2015)
    • Playing PBEM: Player 3 & 4 could not use passwords, didn't get turn 0 pp, and after loading player4 turn, the screen froze
    • "Show terrain labels on map" was not saved to registry/disk
    • The icons that indicate a unit has not fired didn't disappear when the unit scrolls off the map
    • Saving from turn-dialog was saving next player turn, so I've disabled
    • New $air2container_deploy to restrict air-units to deploy into air-containers and naval-containers out of airfields/ports respectively
    • buttons18.png can be expanded to have 2 icons more: first added to show containers available for a given units when selected, and the 2nd to show a specific icon when a unit is sabotaged
    • Fixed a glitch when setting a wiew-point close to a friend unit
    • Hold until turn according initial entrench, was skipped by PG2 when AI is set to aggressive stance (thanks Leon). Pg2Mode now disables auto-hold by entrench rule for aggressive AI
    • Extended Front leader was not working at all
    • Disbanding units parked into hangars, didn't empty that hangar
    • Reinforces set at design to arriving into a container's hangar now is working
    • $ground_carrier expanded to allow combining different options
    • the small icons of bars, leaders, attachments were not shown while deploying units
    OpenGen Version  (25-Mar-2015)
    • airplanes are getting penalties for fighting over minefields
    • Ocean with SH didn't allow deployng ground units embarked in NTP.
    • Unit hosted in container, could be launched embarked in NTP and still move.
    • units in container were not omitted from cycling
    • When a ground unit moved into a container 2 or more hexes away, the initial position could not be enterd by another ground unit
    • Setting way-points failed if initital position was close to map edge and available movement were high (planes)
    • Ground units parked in hangars could not upgrade
    • When playing PBEM, and scenario had 4 players, last player's password was not checked properly
    • Units having NoDirtAP special cannot deploy now on dirt-ports
    • Containers (nor carriers) cannot enter another container/carrier ... atm
    OpenGen Version  (22-Mar-2015)
    • Fixed a bug reporting units placed at wrong positions
    • New $kamikaze, avoiding kamikaze units to resupply and killing also when running out of fuel
    OpenGen Version  (20-Mar-2015)
    • Units that can fire and units that have moved are now shown at HQ with small icons in boxes (from buttons18.png)
    • New Ctrl+N hotkey to cancel game and return to main menu
    • New $ground_carrier variable to include in CFG files
      • When defined to 1 or 2, ground-carriers (aka containers) are available for ground units
      • Ground-carriers can be any class except carriers and units having air-support special (as these can hold planes instead)
      • Units will enter container's hangar if available by moving upon the container (same than planes land in carriers now)
      • Units can be launched same than planes from carriers, and all possible hexes to move will be highlighted to pick any.
      • Units can be launched into an ocean hex, as far as there is a matching NTP to embark that unit.
      • When moving into/out trains having hangars, same restrictions apply than when embarking/disembarking in RTP
      • Units hold into hangars can provide fire support and air defense if $ground_carrier is 2.
      • Units hold into hangars can lend its bars to container if CS special or leader and $ground_carrier is 2.
      • Units entering a ground-carrier (aka container) will check if should lose transport it it doesn't match hangars' weight
    • New special "Sabotage" available in equipment files
      • Units having this special always will try to sabotage firs, and if no success normal combat will occur, and attacker will get 2 sp suppressed
      • When success, sabotaged units will lose actions during next turn (can't move not attack, but can fire if attacked)
      • Sabotaged units will combat using -2 in attack and defend
      • Sabotaged units in map, will show an additional icon
    • Ports set as no-SH can still deploy ground units
    • First draft for way-points (not completely tested though).
      Can set by clicking while Ctrl key is pressed. Once clicked the path up to the way-point is shown and next possible movements are highlighted
      There is no backward option, so might cancel selection and select again if you don't like your way
    OpenGen Version  (6-Mar-2015)
    • New $refit_base to allow limiting reinforces to be scenario defined default strength instead of unit base strength
    • Revised tooltips when unit cannot embark
    • defaults cost for building were wrongly set, resulting too cheap
    • There was a bug when plane was set to start in a carrier and using air missions
    • Pictures can be added also to "End of Scenario Dialog", splitting the text area according the image size
    • For any dialog showning a picture transparency is disabled
    • Replacement's trigger didn't refit fuel
    • Initial experience was not stored for units raised by triggers (so missing +exp in AARs)
    • Bridge units in transport didn't act as pontoon
    • Fixed a bug making reinforces not arriving in PBEM games
    • Full video modes are enabled again (as requested by some players). Dialogs cannot be moved though in that mode
    • First implementation of Sabotage special (requires last OpenSuite 39.0)
    OpenGen Version  (23-Feb-2015)
    • Unit's cost in efile is no more limited to 3036pp
    • When inspecting Carriers in game, planes were not updated if R-Clicking another carrier without closing before
    • Paratroopers didn't drop yet when uysing AI 2.0
    • Pg1Mode allow to deploy planes in DH hexes if initital deployment (same than original Panzer General)
    • game AAR can be exported to external default text editor with a click
    OpenGen Version  (18-Feb-2015)
    • Deploy panel did not close sometimes
    • When moving to next scenario, New-Equipment and/or Raised-Prototype dialogs didn't show up sometimes
    • AI 2.0 was not dropping paratroopers
    • AI $cap_list was not working properly
    • Scenario's units-purchase-cap was adding to next scenario cap, any remaining value.
    • Tiled maps didn't work properly with old savegames (because map size was figured wrongly)
    OpenGen Version  (28-Jan-2015)
    • $build_cost was not properly read from .CFG files
    • During AI turn, FoW was flickering
    OpenGen Version  (19-Jan-2015)
    • Zoom 200% a bit improved
    • New hotkey Ctrl+Z toggles zoom factor between 100% and 200%
    • HQ was showing up after loading any xsav file
    OpenGen Version  (11-Jan-2015)
    • Only "Win mode" is available from now (ddraw exclusive mode is disabled), but player can set window task bar hidden, to play in a full screen window, by using a new check-box in settings.
    • Strength can use additional rows to show different colors when more than 2 player.
    • When upgrading in a SH is possible, the unit didn't disabled further actions for that unit in OG-Mode.
    • Land units with "All weather combat" special attribute, disable bad-weather defensive bonus (bonus for rain/snow).
    • "Kill# enemy units" was not disabling "win by taking any owned hex" (thus setting one VH was required) to avoid scenario finishing by capturing any flag.
    OpenGen Version  (9-Jan-2015)
    • Hopefully fixing all issues raised with
    • Up to 800 total units (counting Deployed, Undeployed, Retreated and Reinforces) can be defined. So units / player can be up to 400, 266 or 200 if 2,3 or 4 players in game
    OpenGen Version  (6-Jan-2015)
    • When loading old-format og's scenarios, "#vh to control" flag was not properly read, so only PG2 victory conditions worked
    • When scenario units plus core units exceeded 400, the game crashed, as engine didn't check this at load time. Now storage is increased to avoid existing campaigns to crash, but player limits to buy are yet set at 200,133 and 100 for 2,3 and 4 players
    • Kamikaze units didn't "explode" when using its last ammo on blowing an hex.
    • As defining "turns/day=1" should not be used, executable will convert to "days/turn=1" to avoid freezing date
    • When map pictures is defined with a text instead of a numbre, "Checking miWhen map pictures is defined with a text instead of a number, "Checking missing files" didn't detected as missing
    • Zoom is restricted to even factors, as odd factors result in fractional number of pixels when scaling
    OpenGen Version  (27-Dec-2014)
    • Zoom feature can be used also to zoom out up to 50%
    OpenGen Version  (26-Dec-2014)
      Zoom feature can be used also to zoom out up to 60%
    OpenGen Version  (26-Dec-2014)
    • Zoom factor is remembered and restored next time you enter the game. Rotation is yet available using Shift+ and Shift- keys
    • AD and Flaks on air won't provide air defense to ground units (required for OpenPeg)terdiction special was trying to protect TB/LB
    • Can customize building cost using $build_cost in .CFG files
    • Can avoid naval unit to block bridges by using $naval_noblock_bridge in .CFG files
    • Can define probability to evade for each class using $class_evade in .CFG files
    • Can reduce probability of evading for each additional enemy on ZOC using $zoc_evade in .CFG files
    • New option to add a random range of experience to units at the start of a scenario
    • EQUIP.txt2 data shows up now at HQ,Purchase/Upgrade and bottom banner in game
    • End trigger turn added (needs Suite or higher)
    • It is possible now to define, in Suite, P2 as friend of P1 (same size) but commanded by AI. Note: If there is no enemy player when playing in campaign, the engine will change P2 side to become P1's enemy played by AI
    OpenGen Version  (7-Dec-2014)
    • Pg2Mode was using free replacements for AI/li>
    • When picking scenarios, default ai / human settings was not according scenario settings from Suite
    • For units set with a face offset, fire animation didn't point to target
    • When Upgrade and Overstrength in SH option is enabled, planes could upgrade but not overstregth. Also units with recon movement could overstrength after moving.
    • Tiled maps didn't work for scenarios using .map files, because that undefined map size when no map picture is found. Now enfgine scans the map data to figure a proper map size, and hence tiled map can be used. Although this map size could not be accurate, (any unused cell could have garbage), it is better than not allowing to play at all.
    • Server to download map pictures (maps repository) can be defined into external map_server.ini, to be placed at main game folder, which only valid line should be the server name to use, not including "www." nor "http://")
      Currently default server is set to "", at least while SourceForge is blocked (only jpg maps are available atm, but no need to change OG settings)
    OpenGen Version  (16-Nov-2014)
    • Old rule allowing to define some msu; Msu victory condition enable and no (zero) Msu to survive,
      thinking that OG will understand like: "all msu units must survive" won't work anymore.
    • AI ver 2.0 management of EH improved. retreating using EH is now a priority objective
    • AI (2.0) is able now to embark units in NTP, when EH to retreat is on sea
    • Ai units not able to use EH will not block EH now, leaving them empty to allow proper units to move into and escape
    • Ai artillery units when aggresive try to move closer to advance units and when possible keeping in range of fire as to provide fire support
    • Units can be set to use a face-offset when firing/fired (requires Suite or higher)
    • List of hotkeys can be exported to a text file from the dialog (so you can print if you want)
    OpenGen Version  (12-Nov-2014)
    • Tiled map is set up as a whole map in memory, so strategic view is available now for tiled maps too
    OpenGen Version  (7-Nov-2014)
    • When tiled map in use, "Rivers" was not painted if using a single hex
    • Turn messages were shown for every player, now they're for P1 only
    OpenGen Version  (4-Nov-2014)
    • New option to use maps made by tiles. This new optional view (Alt+T) will be used automaticaaly when map is missing and cannot be downloaded. But designers can also create scenarios without the map picture using latest Suite.
    • Default cost for wheeled movement in forest changed to 4mp (same than PG2) instead of 2mp as it has been for a while
    • There was a bug when replaying choice scenarios making chance for prototypes not being updated properly
    • Units could only deploy in Oean hexes using NTP.
    • When there was any unit at HQ, deploy window showed up even if no units were able to deploy. Now it only shows up if any unit can actually deploy
    • After playing a choice scenario, if you replayed another one, chance for prototypes was not updated properly
    • When bridges (roads) were blown, they were not repaired properly
    • New campaign option to change country of core units to be the same than its player main country
    • New scenario option to allow any class unit to have hangars and so can carry other units. But cannot detach any if using container and contained use same space (air/gnd)
    • A custom list can be configured to override default list of equipment items available to purchase for each player (.buy files)
    • OG allows now to beplay 2 different versions of AI
      • Existing AI included in OG, so existing scenarios don't need any adjustment.
      • A new version (2.0) with more options to allow wider customization at design time.
        a.- Objective hexes and follow/inherit from other unit are now fully functional.
        b.- Can define how close OH should be released
        c.- When OH is set from other units, can define if follow that unit or inherit unit's OH
      • New options to include in .AI files further customization of AI behavior when purchasing  See New entry in main OpenGen page
    • Designers can define which AI to use at design time, either in campaign and/or single scenarios (fefault is the "old" for backward compatibility of course).
      Players can change later which one to use (and that selection will be stored in savegames).
    • New Victory Condition to kill a given number of enemy units 
    • New options ($vars) to customize blow and build options:
      • $build_mask = value (0 default can build anything) ' allow to build only certain facilities (bitwise AND logic)
      • $blow_mask = value (0 default can blow anything) ' allow to blow only certain facilities (bitwise AND logic)
      Allowed values:  Bridge= 1, Airfiled = 2, Port = 4, Fort = 8, Station = 16 and City= 32  (Obviously this one is only meaningful for $blow_mask)
      Sample: to allow building only bridge and Station,  define:  build_mask =17 (1+16)
    These new options require OpenSuite or higher.

    OpenGen Version  (14-Ago-2014)
    • New toggle (Ctrl+K) to allow planes flying over carriers without parking in available hangar.
    • new $allow_pontoon_ex allowing bridge units to lay out pontoons on any terrain having allow-bridge setting in Terrain.txt Also it makes the cost to cross a river using pontoons, the same than using a bridge (road cost only)
    • capture hexes (H) was not shown in units details dialog banner
    • Pg2Mode was not resetting $upgrade_exp to 100, so unit's experience was set to zero when upgrading
    • Pg2Mode was allowing to "Abandon transports" using hotkey (Ctrl+T)
    • Unit-bridge icons was not centered in hex, showing misplaced to the right
    OpenGen Version  (22-Jun-2014)
    • Some units could not be selected from HQ
    • replaying xlogs, allow to set a delay after each action
    • new $sh_pg1 for standalone scenarios was not working
    OpenGen Version  (19-Jun-2014)
    • info about turns on map, will show now as relative to longer turn range, not necesary turns to TV
    • Attachments could not be assigned to units if no-upgrade options was set.
    • There is a new option to check and download all campaigns for any efile. New button islocated in "Select efile" dialog and will show a report after finishing.
    • There was a bug when moving units, that need to mount in order to move and its organic GTP is air unit and unit has DAM special ... then, the initial position's status (air/gnd) was not properly upodated
    • Bad weather avoid any Air Mission if exBad weather avoid any Air Mission if existing $am_atpcheckweather is 1 to all units having "all weather" special/leader
    • Added new Shallow terrain type , but I need to adapt graphics and movement cost tooltips. See Terrain.txt sample from OPENTXT_SAMPLE to see how customize.
    • Added "Avoid Mech-Landing" terrain qualifier for Terrain.txt Will allow to set any terrain type as impossible to land from NTP to units having movement method: Track, Half-track, Wheel, AllTerrain or Amphibious to land from NTP
    • Added $upgrade_exp=0 * 0 to disable, 1..100% or remaining experience for units upgrading (rest is lost).
    • Added $sh_pg1=0 Does the same than campaign setting but can be used for standalone games. Will be ignored for campaign games
    • Added $flak_ex2=0 * 0 to disable, 1 make flaks protect adjacent units attacked by planes from any adjacent hex
    • When reinforces was defined with specific leaders attributes, the was sometimes duplicatedFixed a glitch when loading savegames with planes in carrier's hangars
    • Score formula tweaked to increase penalty for core loses and increasing bonus for winning before BV limit.
      New score to win before BV limit (BV-x) is: score = (3*x+1)/2 + (x*10 + 5)/scen.turnBV
    • Unit depending on GTP to move and located in minefield can move to any of surrounding hexes regardless cost to enter, to avoid being stuck in the minefield
    OpenGen Version  (16-May-2014)
    • MSU markers was not shown when condition retreat only MSU was defined
    • Planes using Air Mission landed in multi-hangar carriers was lost when saved and restored
    • There is no need now to define planes starting scenario in carrier's hangar to be un-deployed.
    OpenGen Version  (5-May-2014)
    • country selector is disabled in HQ also if no support countries
    • country selector shows as clicked like rest of buttons.
    • Spot status should be preserved when reloading a save-game
    • Fixed a glitch while deploing units. units showing attachment icons, showed without attachment icons after righ-clicking to show unit's details.
    • Units flying recon or wildweasel missions and being killed was showing message and sound as if they were returning to base
    • Trigger option to "raise a proto", has become "raise a core", counting for cap or being free according the scenario option for added core units (Mythos's suggestion)
    • There were a glitch when deploying unit raised by a trigger, so if first adjacent empty hex was not allowed for new unit to enter, the raised unit was sent to HQ instead of checking rest of adjacent hexes
    • Engine will ask now for units deploying in ocean and having amphibious movement (either for main equipment or organic GTP) if player want to deploy embarked in NTP or not
    • If Air Missions are enabled and enemy captures any air-base, planes using that air-base were not withdrawn from map if those planes had not moved in its turn
    • Text for leaders adjusted to inspect dialogh width
    • $critical_hit value shown in Game Settings Window if enabled
    • CH formula had a glitch making lower values for attacker than it should
    • Only "I Cannot intercept air units" message will be shown for special "NoIntercept Air"
    • When enable, air units will be incercepted by spotted ADs if ending flight in adjacent hex
    • Deploying amphibious units in NTP required available NTP in pool. It is fixed
    • On big maps game crashed after deploying close to edges.
    • When last column in map is wide enough it is enabled for moving, same than last row.
    • When purchasing/upgrading planes/ships matching hangar-eights of selected main equipment are shown in transport area (New box*.png are included to show a different bacground color)
    • New options can be configured in .CFG files:
      • am_delayparadrop=0
        * 0 to disable, 1 to enable (only works if Air Missions are enabled)
        * when using Air Missions, set to 1 to avoid paratroopers to drop after moving.
        * They will drop after rest of players end turn in the hex it ended movement
      • am_atpcheckweather=1
        * 0 to disable, 1 to enable (only works if Air Missions are enabled)
        * when using Air Missions, set to 1 to avoid units to embark in Air transport
        * if weather is rain or snow
      • reinf_move=0
        * 0 to disable, 1..100 percentage of movement in the turn reinforce arrives
    OpenGen Version  (1-Apr-2014)
    • Country selector in HQ now filter units for suport countries. For main country all units are shown
    • Country selector when buying filters units for each suport country, regardless it use same country than main
    • New trigger type to raise specific proto unit (can define unit and optionally also a ground transport
    • New feature for naval units. Can configure naval targets getting a critical hit, making them to scuttle
      Must be enable by adding this line in .CFG files: critical_hit = N (0 to disable, >0 factor in formula)
      Formula is:
      Chance for critical hit (%) = C(firing) = ( NA(Firing) * (1+bars(Firing)) * SP(Firing) * N - D(Fired) * (1+Bars(Fired)) * SP(Fired) * N ) / 30
      • NA(Firing) is naval attack of unit firing
      • SP(Firing/Fired) is unit strength at start of combat
      • D(Fired) is GD or AD depending unit firing is Air/Gnd.
      Submarines always add 10% when firing (either attacking or defending)
      If C(firing) > 75 then C(firing)=75  and if C(Firing) < Dice(1,100) then critical hit, fired unit is sunk

      Critical hits are shown in top banner and also included in logs
    OpenGen Version  (29-Mar-2014)
    • Fixed a flag's glitch not showing up when playing campaign and flags for countries were not defined for any player
    • When playing single-Scenario human vs. human, it was possible to select aircraft from an enemy aircraft carrier / battleship and attack own units.
    • Game was crasing sometimes when AI checked for VH in danger
    OpenGen Version  (23-Mar-2014)
    • Choice scenarios changed according Gixian's suggestion.
    • New trigger type to raise specific unit (can define unit and optionally also a ground transport)Choice scenarios changed according Gixian's suggestion.
    • Air units arriving as reinforcements, now scan adjacent hexes if hex is occupied by another Air unit.
      If Air Missions are enabled or plane is defined to arrive in a carrier, no adjacent hexes are scanned.
    • Stations now allow to disembark any unit even if the unit cannot enter the terrain due to Terrain.txt table
    OpenGen Version  (1-Mar-2014) embarked in AirTransport when using Air Missions requered to re-select in order to disembark
    OpenGen Version  (14-Feb-2014)
    • When a save has no comment, a default comment including scenario file is added when saving game.
    • Blown bridge over an ocean hex was displayed as blown, instead of blown bridge
    • Hidden supply hexes was revealed when AI purchased units there.
    • When enabled to air mission, deploying any unit using air space was taken as an air unit and thus AM menu was pop up.
    • When resupplying using hotkey, unit movements were not reset
    • A warning message pops up when upgrading a unit with any attachment to a unit that cannot use attachments?
    • AI should handle airborne units starting or appearing embarked in ATP better now.
    • When trying to give green reinforces to a plane in hangar, rename menu was popped instead
    • Air missions bases are no more checked if scenario ends with AI victory
    • 'N' hotkey was not working to embark a unit in NTP, cycling to next unit instead.
    • Initial HQ status was not reset after closing HQ if there were no units to deploy.
    • Airborne units embarked in an air-transport with movement = 0 handled by AI, will drop as soon as any position is available to do.
    • Bridge units can work on hexes with blown bridges again and movement cost is 2 x road-cost.
    • AI was skipping "ports don't behave as sh" scenario option.
    • When terrain avoided full refitting, units could refit many times from HQ.
    • using E/G-Replacement and Disable Auto-Refit options, made units refitting after deployment from HQ to keep actions
    • AAR showed same value for all kind of victories when scenario was the last one in campaign
    • Pressing hotkey 'D' (to deploy) from HQ, was crashing the game.
    • Reinforcement in HQ, is notified to player, and deploy button is enabled
    • Ammo lost because LB attack was showed without halved in top banner
    • Hotkey 'D' was not working to disembark
    OpenGen Version  (27-Dec-2013)
    • When value for supply modifiers (rail, road, frozen,mud) started with %, it was not working
    • Negative values for supply modifiers was not working

    OpenGen Version  (23-Dec-2013)

    Bugs and glitches fixed:
    • Deselecting a unit when playing Pg1Mode didn't make unit to lose pending actions.
    • Resupplying planes in carrier's hangar crashed the game if only right-clicking on carrier (that is: if carrier was not selected first).
    • Planes within hangar was able to spot yet.
    • Resupplying from units window (right-click) was showing weird values for ammo/fuel to add.
    • After resupplying from units window (right-click), unit can move yet.
    • After resupply/refit from units window (right-click), unit can move/fire yet... sometimes.
    • Deployment list after initital HQ was sometimes not shown.
    • Single scenario titles saved with format 22 was not visible when picking or showing info.
    • In deployment phase, deploying unit and later undoing deployment, made unit to get full ammo and fuel.
    • In deployment phase, opening unit detail dialog for units with hangars and pressing launch button made crazy things.
    • Fixed a bug making "bridge" attachments not working same than "bridge" special.
    • Bridges could be built over existing ones.
    • There was a bug when aborting a repair in progress.
    • if you resupply or refit a air unit in hangar manually, then the unit lost fuel points to the next turn as if it being flying.
    • AI units set with specific stance at design time should work now.
    • Deployment of units from HQ, embarked in Train had display problems.
    • Coastal movement units deployed in port couldn't use adjacent river hexes for deployment; only ocean hexes.
    • Experience counter was not reset when next scenario start, so gained experience was always shown from the initital scenario.
    • "Ports don't allow deploying naval units" scenario-option didn't work properly, allowing using adjacent ocean hexes.
    • Units being embarked in ATP could not deploy on hexes occupied by other ground unit.
    • Unit having no movement, could embark, disembark and again embark in one turn using unit dialog.
    • In scenario having VH to control victory condition, was givin a lost if last AI unit was killed.
    • Kamikaze units running out of ammo are killed now.
    • Dirt airfields was not checking if ATP had "NoDirt" special.
    • When upgrading unit having attachments to another unit not allowed to use, attachments are removed now.
    • Fixed a bug when next scenario in campaign included units in a DH (to be removed at load time), making units with a higher unit number setting up wrongly and so making weird actions.
    • Fixed a bug when kamikaze units was attacked (attacker was destroyed !).
    • Wrong result when a friend player controlled by AI lose scenario losing last MSU unit.
    • When changing efile, menu_attachment.png was not refreshed until exe is restarted
    • Playing PBEM had a couple of problems, that are fixed now.
    New features/changes (some require OpenSuite 5.0.29) :
    • Efile folder now can include a MAP private folder for not official maps. Only png/jpg are allowed though.
    • First implementation of "Landing weights" ... Requires OpenSuite or later.
    • Default strenght and default experience is shown in scenario options pop up window.
    • Some improvements in AI's pathfinding.
    • Bridge units will show only as pontoon when in river or stream and no road already (that is when acting as pontoons).
    • Terrain.txt allow defining terrain limits to supply by a percentage instead of fractions. Values must be prefixed by % sign. Old values (fractions) will be converted automatically to percentages when file is loaded. Using these new %prefix, any terrain can be defined to avoid supply, by assigning %0 as parameter (no resupply allowed).
    • Token for frozen and mud ground condition supply bonus/penalty added:
      • [frozen-supply = +/- # ] ... sample [frozen-supply = - 10 ]
      • [mud-supply = +/- # ] ... sample [mud-supply = - 20 ]
    • Roads/Railroads supply can be also defined as bonus or penalty (prefix with minus sign)
      • [road-supply = %# ] ... sample [road-supply = %100 ] to make any road able to full resupply
      • [rail-supply = %# ] ... sample [rail-supply = %100 ] to make any rail able to full resupply
    • Menu attachement can use full 18px heigh now
    • New variable in config to define how Attachment count in ArmyCost (and so in the cap):
      • 0 Attachments don't count in ArmyCost
      • 1 Attachments count in ArmyCost
      • 2 Attachments count in ArmyCost only if no penalty defined
      Only meaningful for efile and campaign CFG files
    OpenGen Version  (22-Nov-2013)
    • Fixed a new game crashing
    • Naval units could only deploy in ports
    • Carrier window was not closed when carrier resupply or reinforce.
    • For units with fuel below efile level and ammo over efile level, resupplying made both to be efile level.

    OpenGen Version  (20-Nov-2013)
  • AI recons didn't lose actions after first AI phase if Pg1Mode
  • the os button doesn't change to dark grey (unavailable) when player buys an attachment for that pp which would be enough to os also
  • 3 pixels (red area) of the menu_carrier.png is missing when it's drawn on the dlg_carrier.png:
  • In HQ buy-units dialog; when adding attachments before buying, unit values redisplay with movement=0.
  • Core units leave the map by Air escape hexes still loses his battle honors BN6Core units leave the map by Air escape hexes was losing his battle honors
  • Air units got limited reinforces when doing on sand terrain
  • Game crashed when old-format scenarios was loaded

    Game crashed when old-format scenarios was loaded
  • OpenGen Version  (12-Nov-2013)ocated sometimes in same hex than another adjacent ground unit
  • "start in"-carrier option revised either for normal and reinforces
  • initial experience is updated again after closing HQ, so AAR from HQ can include yet increased experience
  • Airborne units when embarkd in ATP playing with air-missions enabled, could move only to airfield hexes
  • Inititally units in ATP were not moved to air-base/HQ if not deisembarked and air-mission was enabled
  • Fixed a bug in menus for attachments
  • After "inspecting" a plane from Carrier's Details window, you could close that window only with ESC key
  • If reloading any autosave made in first turn, prestige was added again
  • green/elite replacements from initial HQ don't diable actions after deployment
  • Fixed a bug, with air units appearing as reinforce in occuppied hexes
  • New options/changes
    • New option for reinforces to enter the battle at HQ, instead of deployed
    • Planes without fuel cannot be launched from carrier's hangers
    • Old "kamikaze" scenario options renamed as "fearless"
    • New efile special attribute "kamikaze"
    • Air units cannot drop landmines now, but any air unit can drop sea mines
    • New special "AirLandMiner", to allow air units having "Drop mine" special to drop also land mines
    • Now all hexes in last row having more than a half-hex-size are available to move into
    • If campaign option "Disable auto-refit" armyy cost is figured out based on actual unit's strength instead
    • Barrage fire can receive support fire/interceptors and now award some experience if hex is blown
    • OS button will full resupply as far as 1 sp can be "bought" by clicking, that is keeping current behavior than 90.30.

    Requires OpenSuite ver:

    OpenGen Version  (7-Oct-2013)
    • Escape hex (EH) can be defined for Air, Ground or both units type, so can be defined in same scenario EH for air units and also EH for naval/land units
    • Fixed a weird status when clicking game-options from HQ, then exit and then cancelling

    Requires OpenSuite ver:5.0.28

    OpenGen Version  (4-Oct-2013)
    • Fixing a glitch in Purchase/Upgrade window
    OpenGen Version  (3-Oct-2013)
    • There was a glitch avoiding planes in hangers to fly to the objetive AI figured to move
    • the "start in"-option for carrier aircrafts worked only in single scns and first scen og camps. Now it works properly
    • New option to restrict EH to air units. MSU can also be ticked to restrict to Air+Msu units only
    OpenGen Version  (27-Sep-2013)
    • In PG2-Mode, units having recon.movement leader, embarked could not disembark after moving, even if having remaining movement Paratroopers embarked could not diUnits having "AirSupport" special can hold several planes if configured with hangars, same than carriers
    OpenGen Version  (26-Sep-2013)
    • All units was showin class-icon as Inf or Tank in HQ or Unit's Details Window
    OpenGen Version  (24-Sep-2013)
    • First turn prestige was not giving sometimes after closing HQ
    • Sorting by date toggle is also available when saving savegames and seeing the list of existing files
    • Scenarios can be configured to use P2 or P3 commanded by AI - regardless side- when used in campaigns. Before this, assignment was done using P3/P4 side same than P1/P2
    • Units having "AirSupport" special can hold several planes if configured with hangars, same than carriers
    OpenGen Version  (6-Sep-2013)
    • Ai cannot buy anything due to a line I forgot to remove.
    OpenGen Version  (5-Sep-2013)
    • If defender was able to fire as CBF, it was doing also when attacked itself
    • When using maps with x>3135 or y>2975 game crashed. Now it won't crash, but effective max map size is 3135x2975 pixels now
    • Ships killed was included in AAR's killed summary only, not in units stats
    • SaveAs dialog allow to use loaded file or scenario file to use as default save game file name, and is always sorted by date
    • After upgrading any selected unit, it was able to move yet in PG1 mode
    • Prestige gained in combat is now affected by prestige modifier, when playing Pg1Mode
    • When purchase cap is enabled, unused slots are carried over to next scenario when playing campaigns
    • Inspect medal size was figuring out medal size wrongly sometimes as it was the number of columns read from inspect leaders/portraits, instead of the number of countries read from Nations/Gui97 text file
    • AAR include a new option to get the new units that will be available in following scenarios according result
    • AAR include kills/loses for all players in human side and a total kills/loses also
    • There was subtle bug when buying renaming units from purchase window and you right-clicked to select a new units (instead of left-click)
    OpenGen Version (17-Jul-2013)
    • Deployment had a bug allowing to deploy unit in hexes it could not enter.
    • Available NTP to deploy are now scanned with condition to enter hex to deploy, so now it's possible to deploy using NTP in custom terrain or any other reconfigured.
    • Ships using new ADS or "acting like a flak" scenario option were able to attack planes after move.
    OpenGen Version (15-Jul-2013)
    • Fixed a bug when map size was close to the bigger map size, making land detection routine to crash.
    OpenGen Version (11-Jul-2013)
    • Units embarking in ATP when Air Missions was enabled could not move
    • Revised extended range as defined in scenario to be sure it works properly for Air Missions
    OpenGen Version (15-Jul-2013)
    • Fixed a bug when map size was close to bigger size, making land detection routine crashing.
    • OpenGen Version (5-Jul-2013)
      • New Ooption in Media settings to play videos in a window instead of full screen. Window size will fit the video actual size. This option is disabled when not using DirectShow.
      • Available NonOrganicTransports are shown in unit details window when mouse is over embark button
      • Air units were not checking if they can enter the hex to deploy
      • AD attachment didn't work if unit had zero AA
      • $pg2mode was read reversed
      • Intros and text files defined in scenarios/campaign can use also an image with same filename than text file to be shown in game
      • New carrier type using up to 6 hangars, similar than pacgen ones.
      • New tutorial campaign (for OpenAk) included. First time you run OpenGen you will be prompted to play
      • New Tutorial pdf explaining tutorial campaign (both made by Guille)
      • Require OpenSuite or higher

    OpenGen Version (21-Jun-2013)
    • When upgrading units from HQ, unit's country was changed to player¡s main country
    • Attachmenst can be disabled in efile for any units
    • New special attribute: "SingleSupportFire", making unit to give fire support only once. Units with CBF can either do SF or CBF but not both. Extended Front leader is not affected
    • Campaign could already define up to 4 players, but now AI can use up to 3 players
    • Must define 3/4 th player for same side than AI player
    • AI stance for minefields slightly improved
    OpenGen Version (12-Jun-2013)
    • Pg1Mode fire support should not be resticted to only firing once
    • Tool to report a bug in SourceForge is not working now, and has been replaced by a message asking to use internet broser to go and create manually
    OpenGen Version (11-Jun-2013)
    • New $Variable: green_defexp was not working because of a silly mistake
    • Retaliaton fire was blocked if defender had no DLOF
    OpenGen Version (9-Jun-2013)
    • Some units requiring DLOF, could give support fire with DLOF blocked
    • CounterBatteryFire was not working
    • Support fire can be made only once per unit if Pg1Mode
    • When in a choice scenario next scenario is set to 254/255, that choice was hidden.
    • All Country transports are now available as transports as far as they are multi-country assigned and any of the countries match any of player's countries
    • Scenario.cfg is now check and read after campaign.cfg if found
    • CFG files allow new $Variables:
      - "no_lose_transport" .. avoids losing transport when transport can't enter hex to move (0..1)
      - "green_defexp" .. If green reinforces should come with default experience defined in scenario (0..1)
      - "sides = new_axis_text, new_allied_text" .. allow to use different names than default sides defined for efile
    • New Victory Condition modifier to limit only MSU units to retreat using EHs Require OpenSuite
    • When tutorial campaign is available, first time OG is launched it will prompt for tutorial to be played
    OpenGen Version (4-Jun-2013)
    • Combat results showing close to units are now accurate, as well as those included in Debug.log file
    • C hotkey (does same than T hotkey) is now documented
    OpenGen Version (3-Jun-2013)
    • AI can use a custom list of purchasable units, defined by external file
    • Special Munition attachement was giving advantages to the enemy rather than yourself
    • Automatic checking and download failed if no MAP folder was previously created
    • It was not possible to remove a unit after it has been purchased when in the purchase window yet
    • New setting to skip asking to confirm exiting initital HQ
    • Message to abandon transport was asked after acceptiMessage to abandon transport was asked after accepting to lose transport because lack of fuel if unit would enter an hex the transpor coun¡ld not enter anyway
    • Disembarking units, not requiring a rail-station to do, was in fact limited to hexes having rails.
    • AI destroyers should be now more aggresive seeking submarines to attack. AI submarines should be also more aggresive now
    • CFG files (Equip/Campaign) ca define now variable cost for tattachments as zero (new CFG samples updated)
    • Note: recommended OpenSuite or higher

    OpenGen Version (22-May-2013)
    • support attachment was not adding base-ammo on core units carried over next scenario
    • Combat odds are shown also in left banner showing comparative stats
    • New scenario option to skip first player turn
    • Pg2 Mode can be defined also in .cfg files by using pg2mode $variable = 1a
    • "kamikaze" units made more fearless also when moving
    • Note: requires OpenSuite or higher to configure

    OpenGen Version (18-May-2013)
    • Unit's attachments are optionally included in AAR
    • When playing pbem, second player could not set a password, needed to leave empty to go on
    OpenGen Version (16-May-2013)
    • Attachments can only be changed from initial HQ
    • When playing single scenarios or PBEM, HQ will also display at start to allow using attachments
    OpenGen Version (16-May-2013)
    • Fixed a glitch making $variables for default attachment not being properly read from cfg files
    • Unit cost is shown in selected unit detail panel when looking HQ window>
    OpenGen Version (14-May-2013)
    • Level bombers show fuel/ammo/suppresion on top banner now
    • Now is possible to allow zappers to repair a blown bridge while not allowing to build
    • A new EQUIP.cfg can be defined to set global efile options, then campaigns config files can override any of the options
    • Dirt terrain was not written in top banner unless option "Always show terrain in top banner" was enabled
    • Attachments are available if enabled in .cfg file and their parameters can be customized within config (cfg) files  
    • AI tweaked a bit to make "kamikaze" units more aggressive
    • PBEM was reading wrongly the player, making impossible to play


    OpenGen Version (21-Apr-2013)
    • Cannot undo movements when playing OpenPg1
    OpenGen Version (21-Apr-2013)
    • Flaks cannot give AD in Pg1Mode ...
    • When option "Ports don't behave as SH"; was enabled, Ports were shown as SH yet in top banner info
    OpenGen Version (19-Apr-2013)
    • New option to enable "Purchase cap" for players as scenario option and then can set for each player how many units can be purchased. Once scenario enables this option, player can purchase only that number and replace any unit lost.
    • Ground organGround organic transport can use now 16 different weights
    • Airfields/ports terrain can be marked in Suite so game will draw an icon on these hexes. Useful when designer needs  this terrain and background image doesn't show as that.
    • New AD support special attribute, making units (not AD,Flaks or air units) to be able to intercept and give air dedense to adjacent units. (AA can be bracketed)
    • Scenario option "BB, BC,CV & Cruisers can fire as Flaks", has changed to "DD, CV and LC can fire as Flaks" and it makes DD, CV and LC as if they had the new "AD Support" special
    OpenGen Version (6-Apr-2013)
    • Green autorefit defined in new cfg file was not working properly
    • Remove_leader when bars drop to cero, defined in new cfg file was not working properly
    • Formula for prestige in combat (pg1 mode) was wrong
    OpenGen Version (1-Apr-2013)
    • Neither Overwatch not Camouflgae Expert leaders was firing after deployment or when unist disembarked
    • Old scenario.cfg external file defining alternative sides denominations is now deprecated and funtion is integrated in new .cfg file format
    • Extended campaign/scenario features available by using Campaign(or scenario)FileName.cfg external text file.(sample template is included ) New features that can be defined are:
      • green replacements enabled
      • cost percent for green replacements (relative to standar cost)
      • percent of green replacement taking coming with same experience than unit
      • If automatic refit use greens (thus reducing experience)
      • cost percent for elite (normal) units (relative to standar cost)
      • experience cap for units
      • factor to decrease experience gained in combat according bars
      • If Leadfactor to decrease experience gained in combat according bars
      • If Leaders must be removed if unit loses all bars when using green replacements
      • Sides denomination can override efile defaults for a given campaign or single-scenario when played standalone
    OpenGen Version (24-Mar-2013)
    • Password was not working for PBEM
    • After a new choice (xsch) scenario, screen always reset full-screen mode
    • The scenario intro text wasn't accessible during a PBEM game, except for initial turn
    • weather was not checking to change for PBEM games at the end of a turn
    OpenGen Version (18-Mar-2013)
    • Recon special abilty was transfered to air/naval transports
    OpenGen Version 0.90.24 (17-Mar-2013)
    • Score for prestige modifier 100% was giving extra score instead of zero
    • When purchasing units from initial deploy window, DHs was reset after closing that initial purchase window
    • Average Summary was not including last 3 Cruiser classes
    • Editing scenario options from game was buggy (actually obsolete) hence random options was changed. It is disable at the moment
    • Submarines could fire through land hexes even with extended naval rules option enabled
    • When showing Dossier from HQ and game map in strategic view was narrow, then dossier's window appeared expanded with a wrong layout
    OpenGen Version (11-Mar-2013)
    • Fog of war was not restored properly for PBEM
    • Unit with Mountain/Alpine Training was not moving properly on some terrains
    • When using AirMissions, air-tranported units could not disembark after fly>
    OpenGen Version (7-Mar-2013)
    • 2 more weather zones added (requires Suite
    • Leader AlpineTraining was avoiding to use rails
    • Destroyers could not attack subs
    • Leaders don't borrow their bonus to no-organic transports (naval/air/train/helo) when embarked"
    Version (1-Mar-2013)
    • Explosions for minefields damaging units was not shown and neither sound
    • 4th parameter (Allow Bridge) for terrain in Terrain.txt was only read for CUSTOM and IMPASS-RIVER terrain.
    Version beta 0.90.23 ( 27-Feb-2013)
    • if choice scenario define any intro it is played (text, music and/or video)
    • Reworked how choice scenarios show in screen
    • Units having ASW special could attack submarines from range > 1
    • Repairing was taking longer than building, now it takes the same
    • "ports dont behave as Supply Hexes" option, was not working properly. Now only units with naval movements can deploy
    • Movement table when unit has leader AlpineTrainign or Mountain special attribute will show real cost to enter FOREST, HILL, MOUNTAIN and ROUGH terrain
    • Weather was not set as defined in scenario when starting a PBEM game>/li>
    • Units can only move and disembark if unit has Marine special or transport (naval/air) has recon special
    • Note: Defining intros for choice scenarios require Suite or higher

    Version beta ( 19-Feb-2013)
    • Undoing movement when unit had abandoned transport to do, was not restoring unit's transport.
    • Artillery units could not get a few leaders, like recon movement leader
    • "point of no return" marks (small red plane), drawn on map to warn about planes not able to refuel on time, was not working properly with "carrier" type units
    • After moving unit location with OpenSuite to any unspotted hex in a savegame, that unit could not be selected until next turn
    • When a tank was getting a new bar while overruning, it do¡idn't register the medal
    • Setting negative prestige in choice scenarios was not working as expected when player prestige was lower
    Version (11-Feb-2013)
    • Was impossible to get a Shock Tactics leader
    Version beta 0.90.22 ( 10-Feb-2013)
    • Now you can group any number of efile folders within another subfolder. Can create as many groups as you need, but only one level of groups is possible.
    • Agressive AI is tweaked to behave less passive when distracted by enemy units
    • Note: Use Suite 5.0.23 or higher, to use new efile folders grouped

    Version beta 0.90.21 ( 28-Jan-2013)v id="wrap">
    Version beta 0.90.21 ( 28-Jan-2013)
    • Map shown before starting scenario (Map PreView) was showing blown deploy-hex as normal deployment hexes
    • When selecting efiles, efile.xml is checked and eventually shown. And also campaigns for that efile
    • Fog of War was not restored propely
    • Note: Require Suite 5.0.22 or higher, to edit save-games made with this version

    Version beta ( 24-Jan-2013)
    • Last version savegames was not updating FoW
    Version beta 0.90.20 ( 22-Jan-2013)
    • Loading savegames was buggy
    • total kills/losses didn't change when killing units
    • air and naval transports with recon move, did not recon move
    • All Weather level bombers did not remove any fuel or ammo in bad weather
    • When reading a savegmae made with former versions, Kills/Loses for Fighters were recorded as for Bunkers (Forts)
    • Fuel was reset for embarked units when reloading savegames
    • Fuel was kept as defined in scenario even if scenario had not set that option
    • if map image was defined starting with zero (02 instead of 2), map image was not downloaded automatically
    • Spotting and FoW was not reset when loading another savegame
    • Submarines could evade even when surprise contact happened

    Note: Saves made with Suite 5.0.20 are corrupted, use new 5.0.21 or higher

    Version beta (19-Jan-2012)
    • When any plane run out fuel game crashed too
    • roads require now connection branches on the side unit is crossing and if any side is blown roadway is broken
    Version beta 0.90.19 (18-Jan-2012)
    • Turn prestige from hexes was not working
    • Scenario initial experience was not updated properly so AAR was not showing accurate experience gained in last scenario
    • Bombers could bombard hexes having enemy ground unit when bad weather.
    • When embarking units with country not included in scenario,only transports from primary countries were used instead of its own
    • Revised Special attributes help text, shown in game according Nashtorn suggestions
    • PBEM replay was showing explosions produced by enemy engineers blowing up things in unspotted areas
    • Reinforces arriving at ocean could not get naval transport to appear
    • Dossier reworked and now it will record kills/losses for each class, although all 3 cruiser's class will be conted together
    • Spot data was reset after reloading xcsv files same than Pg2 did, although data was stored!
    • Note: Saves made with this version requires OpenSuite 5.0.20 or higher

    Version beta (9-Jan-2012)
    • Improved how AI use airfield-units and carriers
    Version beta (8-Jan-2012)
    • Hide fuel markers for planes setting was not stored in registry/configuration file
    • A weird crash sometime happened when starting savegames and selected unit had no actions available
    Version beta 0.90.18 (7-Jan-2012)
    • LBs with "All Weather" special/leader could not remove any fuel or ammo when it attacks in rain/snow weather
    • MEDALGEM/MEDALUSM (for axis/allied) will be played when result is BV and no video is defined for BV result in cam file.
      If result define also "After video" it will be played (pg2 plays Medalgen/Medalusm instead)
    • Picking xeml files was not showing properly flags and prestige modifier even crashing sometimes.
    • A few Air Mission glitches was fixed.
    • Units already embarked (ATP/NTP) could not deploy on hexes if main unit could not enter.
    • Units having "NoNeedStation" special could disembark without losing ground transport regardless tranpsort had no that special too
    • Some icons inusing .shp format was converted with a few transparent pixels.
    • Toggle lasting suppression special, was not working for TBs
    • Units purchased in scenarios was not saving initial experience to show later prestige increased in AARs
    • From initial HQ it is possible now to get AARs showing increased prestige gained in previous scenario
    • When terrain.txt define any terrain with fractional resupply, reinforces are also limited by that fraction
    Version beta (26-Dec-2012)
    • When using Air Missions un-deploying didn't release the air base
    • When using Air Missions un-deploying was setting fuel for that plane, making it to crash later. Air missions don't use fuel !
    Version beta 0.90.17 (24-Dec-2012)
    • Fixed a bug when converting default strength from pg2 scenarios
    Version beta 0.90.16 (23-Dec-2012)
    • Turn 0 prestige was wrongly given before initial HQ, now it is done after closing initial HQ (before deployment)
    • Overrun routine was not checking properly hidden artillery
    • Units abandoning transport for any reason, was not resetting fuel, limiting further movements sometimes.
    Version beta 0.90.15 (20-Dec-2012)
    • Player 2 could not deploy units at HQ if playing PBEM

      Note: Saves made with this version requires OpenSuite or higher

    Version beta (16-Dec-2012)
    • There was a bug with "No Intercept" special ability.
    • "Depot" ground units were able to resupply air units as well; but they shouldn't.
    • Air units were able to blow ground structures; it's fixed as they must bomber instead.
    • Barrage was possible when target had spotted enemy; now it's fixed and normal combat is performed
    • There were a bug in LevelBombers special attack routine, and they could not steal ammo/fuel nor lasting suppression
    • New AAR option to show experience gained for units
    • Note: Saves made with this version requires OpenSuite or higher

    Version beta 0.90.13 (3-Dec-2012)
    • When units involved in combat have big strenght (i.e 200 or so) game crashed while logging combat results (string showing dice's resulted too long)
    • ASW special added to allow any unit to attack subs, like TB and Destroyers
    • Rail wont avoid from building
    Version beta 0.90.12 ( 22-Nov-2012)
    • Saving settings as local, was throwing a fatal error
    • Old formats campaigns was not properly set as campaign type when starting
    • Pressing Shift key while selecting a unit (click on a unit) limit possible moves to only spotted hexes
    • Flag for rail-stations is painted on top instead of beneath
    Version beta 0.90.11 ( 20-Nov-2012)
    • Units attacking from air, cannot make defenter to retreat/surrender, regardless attacker class.
    • When using AirMissions, air units are able to deploy in Air-Bases
    • AAR was not reading xscn titles properly
    • Check&DL from campaign browser, was not understanding new xscn files
    • Units returning fire when attacked at range>1 was checking DLOF, but they shouldn't
    • AI units was not purchasing sometimes because it didn't check deployment hexes properly
    • For hexes not allowing full ressuply of ammo/fuel, top banner will show supply factor
    • Entrenchment was lost when dismounting, even if no movement/combat was done.
    • Custom movement units can use ground transport now
    • Tooltip for resupply button in unit dialog, inform how many ammo/fuel can resupply unit
    • In PMEM file name is restored to same format than before (only 3 last chars are replaced)
    • New equipment available was not showing at the end of the scenario when using xscn
    • Blown SH and Airport don't allow deployment in that hex nor in adjacent hexes.
    • Prestige awarded after scenario was not added properly if next scenario was a new xsch (choice) type
    • Hotkey ? now show current scenario options, including terrain's supply factors
    • hex_rails.png and hex_roads.png has been improved by Csaba (aka lvjtn)
    • Units mounted in transports with recon move, can dismount after moving if the recon transport has at least one move left.
    • When replaying oponent pbem turn, units showed mounted when they wasn't
    • PBEM replay was sometimes too fast and it was difficult to see all opponent's moves. I've added a custom delay.
    • Reinforces appearing in owned EH was making impossible to enter that EH until saving and reloading
    Version beta 0.90.10 ( 9-Nov-2012)
    • Artillery with bomsize was stealing fuel and ammo like LBs.
    Version beta 0.90.9 ( 8-Nov-2012)
    • Units being attacked with strength being 100% suppressed, was retreating/surrender when was 0-0. Now at least 1 sp must be killed/suppressed
    • Units "on-air" won't get terrain bonus regardless their class is not air superclass.
    • Air missions was not properly recorded in xlog files
    • Fixed a bug when Choice(.xsch) was the first scenario in a campaign.
    • Fixed a bug with prestige when Choice(.xsch) was the first scenario in a campaign
    • When Choice(.xsch) was the first scenario in a campaign, core units could not be defined as any located in DH was removed for next scenarios
    • Turn prestige for units was not working
    • Fixed a bug with Level Bombers's lasting suppresion based on bomb size
    • Level Bombers's lasting suppresion based on bomb size is now random
    • Level Bombers can now use special efile attribute "Lasting suppression" in normal combat too
    • Revised how weather is started/set when playing pbem
    • New parameter added to custom terrain in terrain.txt to allow defining if sappers can build bridge in custom terrain. Must define all 4 parameters though.
    • Bridge units/leaders will work only in stream and river terrain.
    • Units able to build bridges are allowed to enter that hex, so cost is reduced from 255 to 254 if needed
    • Change stance trigger, allow to define a turn to expir (valid until certain turn)
    Version beta 0.90.8 ( 20-Oct-2012)
    • The table used to check possible leaders had a missing entry (rail transport), making AD units to get leaders that only fighters should get
    • When a LB was flying a WildWeaseal mission and was intercepted by a hidden plane, it was not aborting the mission
    • Units using an air organic transport was yet able to mount if having another plane in same hex, causing weird things to happen
    Version beta ( 19-Oct-2012)
    • Disabled allowing to deploy/arrive on impassable hexes for Pg2 Mode, when hex has also roads/rails
    Version beta 0.90.7 ( 19-Oct-2012)
    • When a trigger was entered changing AI stance, a wrong message was frrezing/crashing the game
    • Planes coud not drop mines.
    • PBEM games were not creating .xlog files
    Version beta 0.90.6 ( 13-Oct-2012)
    • Transport could be upgraded when set as standalone units
    • Minefields could remove full remaining strenght from a unit, although not really killing
    • Xlog was not working properly if end of scenario occurred while replaying
    • Pause/Resume options added to XLog replay (P to pause and Ctrl+P to resume)
    • Units arriving into a hex they cannot move into but having a transport that can enter the hex, will arrive mounted
    • Game was freezing/crashing if Alt+L was pressed while AI was running.
    • Expert Cammo. and Ext.Front leaders are now disbled for Pg2-Mode
    • Battlefield Intelligence leader is now disabled for units with "Partizan" special
    • Shock Tactics leader is disabled if unit does already lasting suppresion
    • Unitinfo.png can be expanded to show unit strength above 20
    • Marine special allow unit to move after disembarking, regardless the transport it used (air, naval, helo or train)
    Version beta 0.90.5 ( 4-Oct-2012)
    • When upgrading, units country was changed to be same than new equipment country
    • PBEM games was not saving at the end of turn.
    • AI was crashing when checking some embarked units.
    • Ground won't change to mud when snowing it will become frozen without being muddy before.
    Version beta 0.90.4 ( 30-Sep-2012)
    • Bridge units was not working properly
    Version beta 0.90.3 ( 28-Sep-2012)
    • Changed behavior of AD, from now they won't make defender to retreat like in Pg2
    • Air units do not require direct LOF to fire, regardless class.
    • AI didn't check properly remaining fuel when scanning movements/attacks and a good target was withing minimal consumption range (short fly)
    • When using Air Missions, AI planes getting mission 0 never move. That happend when AI received air units as reinforces in 0.90.0
    • Units with DAM and "Exploit Success" specials, could not carry their transport if exploiting combat success after moving using the transport
    • Unit transported on trains was not handling properly movement on minefields occupied by friendly unit
    • AI units was skipping losing transport when moving to hexes where transport could not enter
    • Custom movement method can be customized by adding to Strings_Efile.txt a new [[movement2] section following the custom movement method.
    • A supply factor penalty can be defined for Custom terrain by adding a number following custom inititative cap (i.e: 4 to be same than sand)
    • Planes with recon movement could execute, attack mission (if not very far), and then can execute recon mission with rest of his range
    • Building time was raised to 3 turns, but that was not intended, it is 2 again
    • Units embarking on helo transport will lose organic transport it that is not able to use helo-transport
      As with rest of embarking, organic transport's weight are not checked against non-organic transport's weight
    • MSU units killed by minefields was not recorded
    Version beta 0.90.2 ( 20-Sep-2012)
    • AAR shows caps for the different choices when scenario to follow is a xsch
    • AAR can include the list of scenario settings
    • When playing standalone scenarios with reversed sides, the game freezes when a popup window with new equipment appears
    • When playing PBEM turn prestige was not allocated properly at the beginning of each player turn
    • Turn messages are written in yellow now to enhance a bit
    • When victory condition is Exit Units - after saving and reloading- the number of exited units was reset to scenario defined number
    • The rail station icon was drawn twice in the map (on top of each other)
    • During bad weather, if Air Missions are enabled, mission 0 was always highlighted in the menu and planes could not change base
    • Trains was not excluded from protos.
    • Random leader attribute was changed sometimes by game when loading a savegame.
    • When typed VH was defined but no VH was needed for a given result, game was ending with that result
    • Sometimes un-named core units got a name from the auxiliary or even from enemy units after scenario ends
    • Some intro text files starting a row with '_' character was throwing strange errors, so now engine will replace '_' with '-' those lines, to avoid the issue and also the need to edit existing text intros using that character
    Version beta 0.90.1 ( 12-Sep-2012)
    • Autodownload of missing maps was not working properly, now it's fixed (also fixed OpenSuite)
    • Units set as reinforces and also as deployed, will become deployed when loaded and reinforce-turn will be cleared
    • Hotkey N <next unit> - didn't work.
    • Using Air Missions, air units (reinforces) not arriving in a valid air base are moved to HQ to be deployed manually.
    Version beta 0.90.0 ( 6-Sep-2012) using new formats
    • Enabled loading custom prototypes from external .proto file (requires new Suite)
    • After scenario save now include the prestige modifier in the file name
    • When #VH to hold is defined, turn info will show how many VH player has under control at any time.
    • Campaign and scenarios made with new formats (xcam, xscn) can be loaded already
      --- New formats features ---
    • PBEM now checks if player loading xeml file is running same version of OG and also tries to detect if using same efile
      This checking is rather simple and doesn't prevent from playing right now, only a warning pops up.
    • replay section for xeml files has been changed to use same system than xlog files.
      So current xeml files created with a former version of OG cannot be loaded with this version
    • New rail-transport system is possible already when using xscn format
    • Also map variable prestige bonus is enabled when using xscn files
    • Games started from xscn files can define a bigger map and no mapfile is required to play
    • New scenario option to make ground condition to change according weather
    • Campaign can define up to 100 scenario slots (twice than before)
    • Default experience for new units is no more stored as prestige for turn 40
    • For scenarios with more than 39 turns, you can define in last prestige/turn slot (40) prestige bonus for rest of turns
    • Special attribute for units to give prestige per turn (to be set in scenario units)
    • Special map attribute for VH and SH to give prestige per turn. the amount of turn prestige must be defined in scenario
      It is not affected by hex's modifier, so it is possible to disable prestige for being captured
    • New Air System
    • Triggers hexes
    • CounterBatery fire
    • New choice scenario type available
    • New scenario option for "Extended naval rules" enabling these:
      • - Battle ships return fire to art.& forts.
      • - Ships cannot attack subs from range >1
      • - Destroyers will escort naval transports against sub attack like Fighters escort Bombers
      • - Submarines need direct LOF to attack

    For even older releases check Older releases up to (19-May-2012)  


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