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 17 Feb 2018

Welcome to my web site!

I set up this site to host tools for Panzer General II and Peoples General, and now it's also the home of Open General game. You can find also other documents, that should be useful both for modders and players.To know what does each tool and what are news/changes included on each release, go to the specific tool page, where you can also download the zip/rar file. To check all tools available go to Downloads page.
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2018, Jan 31  Open General released. This version uses SDL2 layer for graphics instead of DirectDraw (see change-log)
2018, Jan 12  Open General using DirectDraw. This version will be available in case someone using an older Win version cannot run SDL2 but will be updated only to fix bugs (OpenGenDD.rar)&     
2018, Feb 17  Open Suite for Open General
2018, Feb 17  Open Suite compatible XP - Notice the executable is OpenSuiteXP.exe
2017,font color="#336699"> Apr 16  IconsTools 3.51.2  (old PG2 SHP tool renamed and updated)
2013, Sep 21  PG2 SHP tool 2.7  released
2013,Sep 6  PG2 Suite 4.294
2012, Oct 294  Open Suite Manual: Chapter 2.-  Scenario creation
2012, Sep 5.  Open General beta released (using new formats)
2012, Jul 18  Open General School ... theme 4 already available in English
2012, May 25  Open General School. will be available also in English. First theme already available
2012, May 7.  Guille's document: "How to create a new scenario using the Suite" (downloads page)
2012, Jan 6  PeG Suite 4.19  released
2011, Sep 28  Nueva Seccion "Escuela de Generales para Open General
2011, Aug 3.  Maps repository moved  to SourceForge, and OpenGen packages moved back to my site (until Gilestiel site is operative again)
2011, Apr 20.  OpenIntro mp3 theme by Henry Case, available.
... 2011...  OpenGen  updates are announced at  JP's OpenGen forum . Visit  topic: Latest version available
2010, Ago 19.  OpenGen Graphic Modding kit by Juankar.
2010, Ago 1.  OpenGen  Sound-up available by Juankar.
2010, May 24  Datup 24-May-2010 and Graphics Switch 2.0d
2010, Apr 23.  OpenGen  Intro video available.
2009, Nov 6  Mel files converted to Mp3 can be downloaded ready to use
2009, Jun 1  Utility by Waitsnake to fix NVIDIA modern cards under XP
2009, Jan 9  LauncherPG2 tool by Gilestiel
2009, Jan 7  PG2-Sound-up 2008 available as 3 packages including all MELs ready to use
 (must use these packages if you run Vista 64 bits) 
2008, Oct 20  Alternate Datup Switcher 1.3 by Gilestiel available at download page (updated)
2008, Aug 25  David Bird's Excel editor, updated to latest patch 2.20
2008, May 4  Guia de instalación de campañas en Español.
2008, Apr 12  Site moved to much better host,  lot of space and monthly transfer rate.
2008, Mar 14  Added D3DWindower tool and a couple of useful links
2008, Feb 19  PeG Map tool 1.4 released
To those wonderful boys from SSI who made these games, they did a great job indeed.
To all people who have  been improving the game for years, making  patches, tools, maps, scenarios and campaigns,
they have done a really splendid work keeping  these games
And to all those guys who has made a donation to support my work.
I can't include all of them, so I'll mention only the top ones:
  • Csaba zsadányi-nagy
  • Edward Rutherford
  • Jurgen Smet
  • Pablo Cañamares
  • Brian Gosley
  • David Keprt
  • Kenneth Johnson
  • Ulrich Gerhard
  • Matthew Shepheard
  • Laurent Mennier
  • Matt Lind
  • Richard Lenar
  • Jeffrey Goldstein
  • Joseph Regan
  • Craig Miller
  • Farid Emam
  • Dirk Paulußen
  • Michael Leal
  • Marcos Martin
  • Carlos Garijo
  • Christian Lang
  • Vincent Froment
  • Yvon Yamniuk
  • Brett Johnson
  • Guillermo Bores Sánchez
  • Dirk Oberlin
  • Daniel Delmerico
  • Steffen Allhoff
  • Timothy Hart
  • Alexandre Karadimas
  • Jeff Savage
  • Alexandre Mabire
  • Jonas Baumann
  • Kamila Batorova
  • Michael Dows
  • Michael Ernst
  • Michele Beccari
  • Sherman Crites
  • Valeriy Nasyrov
  • Zhengliang Gu
  • Louis de Nijs
  • Vladimir Yaskin
  • ..
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