Icons Tool
by Luis Guzman

IconsTool is the ultimate Windows tool for all the file types related with icons
for OpenGeneral and also for Panzer General II.

Panzer General II is copyrighted by SSI strategic games. 
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Requires Windows 95 or higher and a minimal screen resolution of 800x600
To install simple unzip the executable file wherever you prefer,  that's the only installation needed
DAT Tool features:
  • Can create new DAT files by repacking all files on a folder or just all SHP  files on a folder
  • Can unpack any DAT file (OpenIcons.dat , Panzer2.dat or anyone else)
  • Can extract any item file from inside DAT to disk.
  • Can remove any item file from DAT.
  • Can show icons as SHP,S16 or PNG
  • Can replace any SHP/S16/PNG file within DAT using another external file (same name) to update.
  • Can add external SHP/S16/PNG files into DAT file (one or several files at a time)
    All those features without needing to unpacking / repacking
  • Additional DAT  features:Save single icon or collage as BMP or PNG

  • Save All icons as BMP or PNG
  • Can load an external Palette file
  • Can Save current Palette to a file
  • Can report all icons to a text file
  • Can compare differences with another DAT  file to a text file.
  • Folder and files you use, will be remembered the next time you use the tool.
SHP Tool:
  • Allows browsing any folder to see all files allowed for OpenGeneral
  • Allow watching details for PG2's SHP files

Special options for SHP files

  • Insert icon on a specific position inside Shp file

  • Append icon at the end of Shp file
    For new icon image, you can pick a BMP file (no restrictions on bitmap file name - just pick it)

  • Remove icon from Shp file
    Icons can be shown as single, collage, zoomed or mirrored.

  • Can save single icons, all icons or collage view as BMP.
SHP Maker

Can  create a new SHP file picking Bitmap icons.

  • Select any bitmap icon to a Shp list..

  • Add remove any item just by double clicking

  • Change order moving items up/down  

  • ...  and Make the SHP with a simple click 

  • Includes also an Special Express mode:
    Allows selecting multiples bitmap icons to create a new Shp file for each bitmap on a single click. Each Shp file will hold 9 icons all with same picture than bitmap.

Remember that Panzer2.dat, requires SHP files to be 8 bits 256 colors (PG2 palette) bitmaps to work properly.
Although an internal palette adjustment will be made to convert from bitmaps 24/32 bits, it's highly recomended to use PSP or PhotShop to convert.
  Download To see on line
Download 3.xx   IconsTool
Download previous versions (deprecated)   PG2 Shp Tool Readme

Changes & fixes summary

  • Appending icons when fake icons were included, made the dat file to lose as many items as fake icons
  • New option to Create/Update datfile with a list of icons defined in an external text file
  • New option to extract icons as defined in a list to read from external text file
  • Dat tool reports tweaked to use the OpenGeneral's "OpenIcons.keep", so "fake" icons can be checked easier when comparing.
    Be aware that to use the .keep file, Openicons.dat matching OpenIcons.keep must be loaded in dat-tool, and then select another dat-file to compare
  • Can type ^ prefix (when filtering by icon names) to filter icons starting with the string you enter, so entering ^p won't include all icons having 'p' but only icons starting with p (similar to p*)
  • Disabled some buttons in toolbars depending icon format (png, shp, s16) and number or icons to avoid using wrong options for certain actions
    (my best guess of course)
Jun 2014
  • Catalog report was not working, it is fixed and now will include the files you see in the list of icons, thus allowing to filter.
  • Also can define to get a text report with the list of icons.
  • Compare tool for datfiles was not working properly either and has been reworked
  • Working with datfiles will try now to load a .csv description file (delimited fields) as Suite, allowing to filter using the same icon's with descriptions, allowing to filter icons by different fields
  • There is a new tool to crop png icon files to the standard size (240 x150)
  • There is a new tool to convert all png-icons included in list (either ShpView or DatView) as .shp compatible with PG2
  • A new "log filter" option is added to report the list of filtered items to a text file
Mar 2014
PG2 Shp Tool has been renamed as IconsTool to include in a future full support for SHP and S16 formats.
This release allows new posibilities to convert from Shp or s16 formats to either Bmp or Png, with all existing options that was available for SHP format only until this release (single icon, 3x3 block OpenGen compatible, collage, of files in a folder).
This tool is actually an expansion of previous PG2 Shp Tool, updated to support all formats for either Open General, PG2 and/or PeG (PNG, JPG, SHP and S16 formats.
To see PG2 Shp Tool's changelog please goto PG2 Shp Tool